Are Badminton and Tennis Shoes The Same for 2023

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Can you wear tennis shoes for badminton? Or, can you use badminton shoes for tennis?

Well, in the perfect world the answer is “NO”. But it varies.  No matter what kind of games or sports you are playing, the right shoe is a must.  Right shoes will not only keep your feet safe from injuries but also will boost your movements. As each sport is played differently, shoes are also designed differently.

Here in this content, we will share the distinct features of badminton shoes and tennis shoes. Then, it will be easy for you to find the similarities and differences among them. So let’s get started. 

what is the difference between tennis and badminton shoes?

Tennis and badminton are two great racket-type games requiring good skills and stamina to play.  Both of these games have similarities in nature and movements. So it is natural to have common traits in their shoes as well. 

Despite all the similarities, it is best to find the perfect, particular shoe for a game that you wish to play. There are differences between badminton shoes and tennis shoes- 

Differences between badminton shoes and tennis shoes DESIGN


Badminton shoes are light in weight and versatile. They are designed especially for indoor wooden court surfaces and unique movements. 


Tennis shoes are heavy with raised heels. Again, they have more padding around the heel area.  This help to give support to your joint as you run through the court. 



While playing Badminton, you have to make sudden movements. For this badminton shoes have thinner soles to lower the center of gravity. This helps to reduce injuries while moving. Also, badminton shoes are made with a gum rubber sole for providing traction on wooden courts. 


You can play tennis on various types of court surfaces (hard, grass, clay). Each type of court has particular shoes.  So try to wear specific shoes for a particular surface for getting the best grip, not more or not less. So it can be said, the sole of a tennis shoe can be softer or harder which totally depends on the court surface. 


Weight is the key factor for fast footwork.


Agility and speed are two main things in Badminton. You need to choose a particular type of shoe that doesn’t slow your movement. So, badminton shoes are light in weight. 


Tennis shoes are heavier than Badminton shoes. Because they have more padding and raised heels to provide support while moving on the court. 


Grip patterns will be different for Badminton and Tennis for the difference in courts.   


You will be moving the whole court while playing Badminton. So the grip pattern of Badminton shoes will be designed Radially. This will give a good grip in all directions, anywhere friction is applied. 


Tennis shoes have different types of grip patterns. As tennis is played on different courts. For example, grass-court shoes have pimple patterned grip to provide fabulous hold on slippery grass, Hard-court shoes are non-marking for avoiding scuff. Again, Clay-court shoes have grips that allow sliding. Nowadays some brands offer shoes that can handle three types of courts. 



Badminton requires shoes that will allow you to move your ankle freely. 


This is completely the opposite of Badminton shoes. Tennis shoes will ensure less movement of your ankle to avoid injuries while making movements. 


Though both the games are racket based, their playing style is different. 


If you are an attacking player, your shoe must have low profiles and great responsiveness. If your game is to play near the net, your shoe must provide support and stability for quick movements. 


If you are a baseline player, your shoe must have string support, durable soles, and cushioning. And if you have to change your position frequently after service, your shoe must be lightweight, have a durable toe cap and be more flexible at the balls of your feet. 

So, what kind of sport you are playing doesn’t matter if you have the best tennis shoes on your feet. 

Can I Wear My Badminton Shoes While Playing Tennis?

No, it is not recommended to wear badminton shoes when playing tennis. Badminton shoes are designed to provide maximum grip and flexibility for the quick, agile movements required for badminton, while tennis shoes are designed with a more durable rubber sole and cushioning to provide stability and comfort for the longer, more forceful strides of tennis.

Badminton shoes typically offer less cushioning and support than tennis shoes, and the thinner soles don’t provide the same shock absorption and stability as tennis shoes. This could lead to an increased risk of injury to the feet, ankles, knees, and lower back. The grip of badminton shoes is also too aggressive for tennis, potentially leading to slips, falls, and other accidents on the court.

How do you choose a badminton shoe?

What differentiates a badminton shoe from the other? Certain features and characteristics should be present in a good pair of badminton shoes.

Traction and grip

Badminton courts are made of hardwood, PU, or cement, providing traction and grip. For wood or PU courts, shoes with gum rubber soles are excellent. Gum rubber soles give excellent traction, but they gather dirt readily, making the shoe slippery after a time. Traction is also provided by a sole with deeper grooves.


As an agility sport, light shoes are preferred to avoid slowing down your movement.

Good Support

A good cushioning system can absorb impact and let you move fast in all directions around the court. To avoid injury and reduce joint damage, make sure your feet are safe and stable.


 A good shoe will help your feet to stay cool and dry while also preventing stink.


Shoes that allow for flexible ankle movement are more suited since they allow the ankle to move freely, allowing the player to move more freely.

Thinner sole

A thinner sole lowers your center of gravity, lowering your risk of injury from sudden movements.

How do you choose tennis shoes?

It’s a little more difficult to choose a tennis shoe! There are a few things to consider, such as what kind of tennis courts you usually play on. What is your playing style, as well as the shape of your feet?

Hard Courts

Hard courts can be tough on your shoes, and your shoes can be tough on the court, too! To avoid scuffing the surface, most hard-court tennis shoes are non-marking.

tennis hard court

Shock absorption and cushioning are prioritized in their design to provide you with comfort and support on the rougher surface. In the United States, many tennis shoes come with a six-month outsole durability guarantee.

Clay Courts

Clay courts are softer than hard courts, requiring the use of a softer shoe. Clay-court tennis shoes often include synthetic uppers, a herringbone tread pattern that won’t clog with clay while still allowing for sliding, and a reduced weight for increased speed and maneuverability.

Grass Courts

tennis grass court

Grass-court tennis shoes, like clay-court tennis shoes, are designed to reduce court damage and have a nub-patterned sole providing improved traction on potentially slippery grass. Uppers are usually constructed of a mix of synthetic and mesh materials.

All Courts

Most brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Asics, and Babolat, now provide all-court tennis shoes that can handle the nuances of all three court types. These multi-purpose sneakers may be your best bet if you aren’t looking for a specific surface type.

Badminton vs Tennis Shoes

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Are tennis shoes used for badminton?

Both games have different types of shoes. You can use tennis shoes for badminton but it is not recommended. As tennis shoes don’t have the non-marking gum soles that are needed for badminton on indoor wooden courts. Again tennis shoes are heavy with pads, which makes it hard for badminton players to move for overhead clears and smashes. 

What shoes do you wear to play badminton?

Your badminton shoes are the most important equipment you need, after a badminton racket for a successful game. In choosing shoes to play badminton, you must consider some things. Such as Choosing a shoe that has a good grip, a thin but hard sole, cushioning, and is light in weight. Remember also the shoe must be made with breathable material. 

Can you wear tennis clothes for Badminton?

 Yes, you can wear tennis clothes for badminton.  Only make sure you are not wearing tracksuit pants or long-s; even T-shirts. As you have to move faster and more freely. 


As we already said, tennis and Badminton are two great racket sports. Both of the games have different sets of rules, and techniques of playing, requiring skills and so shoes. From our content, you will notice that different types of shoes are required for different types of courts in each of the games. And getting the best shoe is important for you to give your best while playing any of the games.

However, thank you very much for staying with us till the end.  We hope this little content will be useful for you to choose the best shoe for your game. Till then, have a good day!

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