Difference Between 16 And 17-Gauge Tennis String: Which One Should You Choose?

Difference between 16 And 17 Gauge Tennis String

Tennis is largely a game of precision and power. Selecting the right tennis string will greatly affect your overall power and control. And for strings, two popular options are 16 and 17-gauge tennis strings. At a glance, beginners will hardly find any difference in 16 and 17-gauge strings and will likely use anyone they get … Read more

Are Pressureless Tennis Balls Good For Practice? Ultimate guide for 2023

Are Pressureless Tennis Balls Good For Practice

Choosing the right tennis ball for practice is crucial for players and trainers. Following it, most beginners will face a dilemma between pressurized and pressureless tennis balls. However, you may have heard that beginners should start with pressureless tennis balls. So, are pressureless tennis balls good for practice? What are the benefits of practicing with … Read more