How to Overgrip a Tennis Racket: Master the Technique for Maximum Control!

how to overgrip a tennis racket

To overgrip a tennis racket, align the grip tape with the bottom of the handle, wrap it tightly in a diagonal pattern, and secure the end with adhesive tape. Properly overgripping a tennis racket can greatly improve your comfort, control, and overall performance on the court. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, … Read more

Best Clay Court Tennis Shoes [Men & Women] of 2023

Best Clay Court Tennis Shoes

Clay court tennis shoes are famous for their unique performance and maximum comfort. That’s why every tennis player out there wishes to grab the best clay-court tennis shoes. But are clay court tennis shoes worth it? We will specifically recommend it if you frequently play in local or club courts. After all, they can help you … Read more

Best Tennis Replacement Grip – [A complete In-Depth Buying guide] of 2023

Best Tennis Replacement Grip

Embarking on a quest to discover the perfect tennis racket grip, I soon became punctured, realizing that not always premium grips support my playing style demands. Then, I delved into the world’s best tennis replacement grip and tried many.  Here I’ll discuss the replacement grips and review some of my top priorities. Thickness and tackiness are variable … Read more

Slinger bag tennis ball machine review: (Tested & 2 Month Experience)

Slinger Bag Tennis Ball Machine Review

Tennis ball machines are not a new idea, yet they used to be owned by clubs and schools. Even 5-6 years ago, our thought was so restricted we couldn’t even think, why can’t every single player own his/her ball machine?   By this time, I got to know about the revolutionary Slinger tennis ball machine. Then everything … Read more

Lobster Elite Tennis Ball Machine Review: Take Your Game To The Next Level!

Lobster Elite Tennis Ball Machine Review

The things I always consider for a Tennis ball machine are how many balls it can hold, battery support, flat, backspin, topspin, etc. Alas! I can’t even imagine getting all these features under one umbrella! Lobster Elite Liberty ball machine has made this wonder come true.  Here in this Lobster Elite Tennis ball machine review, I’ll share my real-life … Read more

Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty Review for 2023

Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty Review

Penn balls are one of the champion contenders if you consider their durability. Pro Penn extra duty tennis balls are no different, excellent for hard pitch. So, the name Marathon has validity with performance.  As a tennis player, I think it’s my duty to do a Pro Penn marathon extra duty review and let other tennis players know about … Read more

7 Best Tennis Racket for Left-Handed Players for 2023

best tennis racket for left handers

Tennis Racket companies always look for further improvement like other sports instrument companies. And recently companies are trying to produce special rackets only for individual tennis players. The Southpaw tennis players demanded special designs for them based on their speciality and weakness.  Southpaw tennis players believe that the grip must be unique, so they need … Read more