How Do You Stop Toe Dragging In Tennis Shoes? for 2023

How Do You Stop Toe Dragging In Tennis

The game of tennis requires both skill and technique. Every aspect of the game has unique challenges, from serving to volleying. Therefore, players need to be technically sound on the tennis field to improve their performance and scoring chances. Unfortunately, most beginners will find themselves bogged down due to toe dragging. It happens when the … Read more

Should I Use Tennis Overgrip for Better Performance? The Ultimate Guide!

Should I Use Tennis Overgrip

Tennis is largely a game of skill, finesse, agility, and strategy. It requires players to have excellent hand-eye coordination and the ability to make precise shots accurately. The right grip on the tennis racket can significantly impact a player’s performance. Tennis players often choose standard grips, but many also opt for the overgrip option. But, … Read more

Are Pressureless Tennis Balls Good for Practice? Yes, and Here’s Why!

Are Pressureless Tennis Balls Good For Practice

Choosing the right tennis ball for practice is crucial for players and trainers. Following this, most beginners will face a dilemma between pressurized and pressureless tennis balls. However, you may have heard that beginners should start with pressureless tennis balls. So, are pressureless tennis balls good for practice? What are the benefits of practicing with … Read more

Do Creams Help Tennis Elbow? Discover the Power of Topical Treatments of 2023

Do Creams Help Tennis Elbow

Creams can help alleviate symptoms of tennis elbow, but they do not cure the condition. Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is a common overuse injury that causes pain and inflammation on the outside of the elbow. While creams and topical ointments can provide temporary relief by reducing pain and inflammation, they do not … Read more