The 7 Best Cheap Tennis Ball Machines for Beginners- [Budget-friendly Winning Practice]

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As a beginner player in tennis, you need to practice a lot. Because Practice makes a man perfect, but you may not find a suitable partner daily. That’s why it will be worthwhile to invest in a tennis ball machine. 

The tennis ball machine is the ball tosser that can be a great component in your solo training session. It helps to improve your serving techniques and level up your playing level. But you may not spend a lot of money on the machine. 

That’s the reason you should check this post, where you can explore the 7 best cheap tennis ball machines. I have explained their features and functions in detail so that you can make a worthwhile purchase on your tight budget. Also, check out the complete buying guide before shopping. 

Our Top Picks

A tennis ball machine is the best equipment for personal use. It can play an important role in developing your tennis playing skills. But don’t compromise with efficiency. So take a quick look at the best affordable tennis ball machines. 

Top 7 Best Cheap Tennis Ball Machine Reviews:

Since the cost of a tennis ball machine affects the functions and compatibility, I have dug out such tennis ball machines that offer decent ball tossing features, easy power adapters, and at the same time portable and durable. Check these detailed reviews. 

1. Sports Tutor Tennis Twist Machine: (Best Overall)

Sports Tutor Tennis Twist Machine

Sports Tutor tennis ball machine is a famous piece of training equipment for tennis players of all levels. Especially it is designed for beginners yet effective for both intermediate and pro players. This is a portable twist tosser ball machine and offers high-impact tennis practice. 


  • Dimensions: ‎24.96 x 11.02 x 9.84  (L x W x H) inches
  • Weight: 11lbs
  • MSRP: 299
  • Ball Speed: 10-15 MPH
  • Ball Feed Rate: 5 secs
  • Ball Capacity: 28 Balls
  • Play Time: 8-10 hrs.

Key Features: 

  • Battery-powered: This tennis machine has six new D-size alkaline batteries providing eight to ten hours of working time. 
  • Adjustable speed: The ball toss can be adjusted maximum of 15 MPH, which can throw a ball 12 to 20 feet away. 
  • Lightweight: This is a lightweight machine with a weight of 11 lbs. It can hold 28 tennis balls.  

What customers say: 

Sports Tutor offers quality tennis machines at an affordable price range. They are portable battery-powered tools that can easily carry and move around the court to serve different types of shots. Moreover, the machines are made of high-impact injected molded plastic to make them durable and long-lasting. 

But some customer claims the battery power decreases gradually and doesn’t serve the advertised working time. 

Tester Review: 

This is a nice beginner tool. The throwing balls bounce adequately. I think kids and adults both can play with this tennis ball machine. The battery backup is also satisfying for me.  

2. Furlihong 2 in-1 Baseball & Tennis Ball Launcher Machine: (Best For Kids)

Furlihong 2 in 1 Baseball & Tennis Ball Launcher Machine

Furlihong offers the most affordable tennis ball machine for beginners. It is a portable machine that gently tosses balls that are safe for kids. The training machine is simply a perfect component for your tennis court. Beginner adults also can use this, you just need to put it on a table to adjust your height. This is a 2-in-1 machine. That means you can practice tennis and baseball at the same time. 


  • Dimensions: 14.57 x 12.05 x 7.8 (L x W x H)inches
  • Weight: 1.94 Kilograms
  • Ball Feed Rate: 5 secs
  • Power Supply: 4 D Batteries
  • Playtime: 4 hours

Key features: 

  • Safe toss: The machine gently tosses balls at 3 to 5 ft high, which is perfect for kids and beginners. 
  • Feed rate: The feed rate is 5 sec. of this machine. So anyone can serve balls at high speed without hurting. 
  • Versatile machine: You can easily adjust toss speed, angle, and launching interval. That means it is the best tool for training. 
  •  Extendable Ball Holder: The twisting ball tunnel is expandable, and you can load more balls at a time. 
  • 3-type power adapter: The machine can run with 3 types of power adapters like 4 D batteries, AC power adapters, or any portable power adapter.   

What customers say: 

Furlihong is your best training component. It makes your training time more effective and joyful. Its feed interval is just perfect and allows you to play for a long time without being tired. The customizable options are great for setting the speed according to your playing level. 

Yet the build quality is quite flimsy which is a drawback. 

Tester review: 

This machine is worth buying as I have practiced both tennis and pickleball with the same equipment. I found it very easy to set up and carry around the court. However, it is only suited for beginners or kids. 

3. AnBt Tennis Machine: (Best Lightweight Machine)

AnBt Tennis Machine

AnBt is the most compact tennis machine which is so convenient to carry and use. It lets you play tennis anytime individually. The machine is suitable for all playing levels as it has a wide range of ball-throwing distances. So the age and ability of the players don’t matter. Beginners, kids, and intermediate players can practice repeat shots and level up their game. 


  • Dimensions: 25 x 33 x 44cm ( L x W x H)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 30 Tennis Balls
  • Frequency: One Ball/4 Second
  • Throw Distance: 4 Kinds
  • Total Weight: 4.8 lbs
  • Power Supply: AC110V/AC220V/4 Batteries

Key Features: 

  • Four Throwing Distance: It features four throwing distances that can be adjustable. The distance is about 2.4m/7.87 feet and the height is 1.25m/4.1 foot. However, the ball’s pressure and size impact the distance. 
  • Two Power Supply Methods: You can run the machine with batteries or a power adapter. It uses 4 type D batteries and offers 6-7 hours of playtime. 
  • Wide Application: You can use all types of tennis balls in this throwing machine except a diameter of 7.5cm.

What customers say: 

AnBt tennis ball machine is suitable for both indoor and outdoor playing. It is battery-powered and also runs with a power adapter. The machine has a decent capacity that holds 30 tennis balls at a time, so you don’t need to fill the machine frequently. 

But some customers claim that the machine doesn’t throw the ball with power. 

Tester Review: 

I love this machine because 

  • Lightweight
  • Convenient to use
  • Actual combat feeling
  • Enough ball capacity
  • Accurate & efficient feed
  • Four-throwing distance.

4. Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Pro Tennis Training System: (Best For Improvement)

Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Pro Tennis Training System

Billie Jean King’s Eye is a popular tennis training system. It is widely used by beginners to professionals. It is a multi-purpose tennis trainer that helps to develop proper contact and balance. You can easily improve your game by reducing mental blocks. Further, this tennis partner adds more fun to the court. 


  • Dimensions: 32.6 x 7.6 x 5.1 (L x W x H) inches
  • Weight: ‎6.21 Kilograms
  • Ball capacity: 1
  • Ball feed time: 5 sec. 

Key Features: 

  • Ideal tennis trainer: The tennis machine helps to develop the balance between contact and moves. It removes metal blockers and improves the game. You can practice 17 different shots with it. 
  • Improves visual contact: This training system assists in finding sweet spots, expanding eye contact, and building confidence. 
  • Height adjustability: You can adjust the height of the machine in four stages to match your height and play efficiently.  

What customers say: 

Billie Jean King’s Eye is the right tool to practice tennis at home. It is a compact tennis training system that fits in a bag and can be carried anywhere you want.  This kit helps to develop better technique and muscle memory. You can improve your power, spin control, accuracy, and confidence as well. 

But the machine is not well-made claimed by some consumers. 

Tester Review: 

Actually, I recommend this tennis machine because it is so fun to play with and you will have some exercise too. Also, I can play maximum tennis shots with this training system. 

5. Elite Trainer Tennis Rebound Ball Set : (Best cheap tennis ball machine under $100)

Elite Trainer Tennis Rebound Ball Set

Elite Trainer Rebounder is a great product that lets you play tennis both indoors and outdoors. For solo training sessions, this is the right equipment you are looking for. Using the tool, you can work on every technique including, serving, backhand, forehand returns, slices, drill, etc. You can use it to practice advanced techniques. 

The concept of the ball set is so simple. The tennis ball is bounded by the base with an elastic rope. You need to serve the ball and it will come back again to the base. Thus, you don’t have any hassle refilling balls or gathering the balls. 


  • Dimensions: ‎11.5 x 11.3 x 3 (L x W x H) inches
  • Weight: ‎1.23 Kilograms
  • Material: Plastic & elastic rope
  • Included ball: 3

Key Features 

  • Innovative design: This kit features a unique anti-slip base that is weighted enough to keep it down whether how powerful your shot is. The heavy-duty base is easy to use and handle. There is also a velcro strap in the base to secure the ball when not in use. 
  • Quality builds: The training system is great for solo practice. The base and elastic rope both are robust and allow you to use the kit for a long time. 
  • Portable design: The ball kit has a very portable design that is very convenient to use. 

What customers say: 

The Elite trainer set actually works excellently. Anyone can use the kit from entry-level to pro players. Whether you are learning various types of servings or working to develop advanced techniques, this tool will give you superior support. 

However, a few said that the ball was not bouncy enough. 

Tester Review:

I chose the tennis ball kit for its innovative design. There is no hassle to play with this kit like filling water or sand. The base is heavy enough for stability. 

6. SCIFANTA Portable Tennis Ball Tosser: (Best portable tennis ball machine)

SCIFANTA Portable Tennis Ball Tosser

Scifanta is an automatic system of tennis tossing ball machines. It features a simple, portable, and reliable structure. You can practice tennis with more efficiency and accuracy. Due to its small size, lightweight, and battery-powered feature, this tennis ball machine is easy to transport and you can play anywhere at any time. 


  • Dimensions: ‎12.44 x 11.97 x 7.09 (L x W x H) inches
  • Weight: ‎1.59 Kilograms
  • Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 30 Tennis Balls
  • Frequency: One Ball/4 Second
  • Throw Distance: 4 Kinds
  • Toss adjustment: 5 to 10 feet

Key Features: 

  • Refine Your Techniques: This automatic system releases tennis balls every 4 seconds. You can practice more techniques like forehand, backhand, volley, etc, thanks to its accurate ball feeding and you won’t feel tired. 
  • Suitable For All Levels and Ages: This personal feed buddy is suitable for players of all ages and levels. You can customize it in 4 different settings and adjust the ball toss distance. 
  • Easy to use: The innovative design of this tennis ball machine is very easy to use and compatible with most types of tennis balls. The ball capacity can be extended up to 30+ balls. 

What customers say: 

Scifanta tennis ball tosser is simple and easy-to-use equipment that is suitable to meet your expectations. It has reliable build quality and accuracy in ball tossing and feeding intervals. So you can practice tennis precisely and learn advanced techniques. It can move easily and you can play anywhere outdoors or indoors. 

The brand advertised that this is a versatile tossing machine but it doesn’t work well for pickleball.

Tester review:

Scifanta is the best automatic tennis ball machine. I have tried many serves like Forehand, backhand, volley, baseline, short balls, etc., and had a nice experience. 

7. Teloon Solo Tennis Trainer: (Best For Solo Training)

Teloon Solo Tennis Trainer

Teloon solo tennis trainer is a non–powered tennis ball machine. This is the best choice for those who don’t go through the hassle of powering the tennis tool. Just you need to put water or sand on the base for stability and then start hitting the ball. Don’t worry, when the base is full, it will be heavy enough to hold your swing.

This tennis training system really effective for improving your shots and skills. From entry-level to pro players can use this system and have good practicing time. 


  • Dimensions: ‎8.5 x 3.62 x 11.85 (LxWxH) inches
  • Weight: ‎0.31 Kilograms
  • Ball capacity: 1
  • Need to add: water or sand
  • Anti-wrap hook: yes

Key Features: 

  • Anti-skid bottom: The bottom of the base has a unique anti-skid design so that the base stays in place. 
  • Special tennis ball: The included tennis balls are not the regular ones. They have a thicker core than normal balls. So they give a better feel and the build is more durable. 
  • High elasticity rope: The high elasticity and wear-resistant rope is able to short the rebound force and it is great for forehand and backhand servings. 

What customers say: 

Teloon tennis training system is very portable and light. You can easily carry it anywhere in the portable mesh bag. It is great for solo training, just pick the ball and start playing. The automatic rebound feature is impressive to knock off the tangled rope. 

You need to add water or sand to the base which may be a hassle for someone. 

Tester Review

As a cheap tennis tool kit, it is amazing. The rebound system works exactly as I expected. Pro players can invest in it as you can try advanced shots with this system. 

What to Look for When Buying The Best Budget Tennis Ball Machine

While buying a tennis ball machine for the first time, you should consider some essential factors. So that the features of the ball machines meet your needs. So they are: 

Playing skill: 

It is an important fact to consider what your playing level is. Because there are many types of tennis ball machines that are suitable for various levels of tennis players. But you may not get advanced features in cheap tennis ball machines.

Still, the cheap ball machines that I have reviewed are capable of customization and you can play a wide range of shots. By the way, beginner players don’t require a lot of features because they need to practice more forehands and backhands and enhanced groundstrokes. 

Ball Capacity and Feed Rate

The number of balls a machine can hold and its feed rate determines the pace and intensity of your practice. Consider your practice goals and how frequently you plan to use the machine to determine the ideal ball capacity and feed rate.

Build quality: 

Choose a tennis ball machine that is well-built and withstands some environmental conditions like wide. Moreover, heavy-duty construction lets you use the machine for a longer time. Portability also is considered. Because you may need to move your ball machine around the court to find the right place. 

A Portable and lightweight tennis ball machine is easy to move and convenient to carry. Small machines easily fit in a small storage space. So you should consider the machine size adequately. 


Speed consideration is another important factor before buying. Speed means how fast the machine feeds the tennis ball. Different machines have different feeding times. However, choose a machine with a speed customizable feature. It allows you to simulate real match play.


The powered tennis machines run with two types of power adapters: AC or battery. You should choose the right energy source according to your location of using the tennis ball machine. If you are using it outside, the battery-powered tennis ball will be perfect for you. Either choose an AC adapter when playing indoors. 


The tennis ball machine should have enough functions that allow you to play tennis with efficiency. Consider the oscillation of the tennis ball machine so that you can hit the ball in multiple directions like in real matches. 

Moreover, consider the customizing feature to control shoots, speeds, positions, and throwing distance. It is helpful to try advanced levels of tennis techniques. Also, the tennis ball machine should have high capacity and you can save time and increase productivity. 


Is it worth getting a tennis ball machine? 

Yes, you will benefit from buying a tennis ball machine. It helps to improve your playing techniques and servings. You can level up your game by practicing using the ball machine. 

What is the most reliable tennis ball machine?

There are many quality tennis ball machines that can meet your requirements. However, you can check out my first pick Sports Tutor Tennis Twist Machine which is the most reliable tennis ball machine at an affordable price. 

What should I look for in a tennis ball machine? 

There are certain things you should look for like the build quality of the machine, efficiency, tossing adjustment, height adjustment, and capacity.  

Can you use normal tennis balls in a ball machine? 

Most tennis ball machines have wide compatibility and normal tennis balls can be used on them. You can also use pressureless tennis balls and green and orange balls. 

Final Words

Training and practicing is the only way to enhance your skills and techniques in the tennis game. But a good tool can support well in practicing. Tennis ball machines are specifically designed as practice partner that is most suitable for beginner players. 

You have already known about the best cheap tennis ball machines in this article. So you can pick one of them. Sports Tutor Tennis Twist Machine and Furlihong 2 in 1 Baseball & Tennis Ball Launcher Machine are my favorite tennis ball machines. So you must have a look at it. 

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