8 Best Cream for Tennis Elbow with Our Expert Recommendations for 2023

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Only the sufferer knows how desperately he or she needs to get relieved from tennis elbow. Maybe at first when you apply cold water to the tennis elbow, temporarily the pain will go away. No wonder the pain will come strongly the next time. That’s where we need the best cream for tennis elbow. 

What’s the benefit of using tennis elbow creams? Do they release the pain? Yeah, they do, these creams either make your sore muscles and skin numb for immediate pain reduction, but also their ingredients contain lots of traits that we normally don’t see in other creams. Those ingredients ensure a faster healing process.

Here we would love to review the various tennis elbow creams. Each cream has different expertise sections and ensures a smooth healing process.  

Our Top Pick

Comparison Table:

Top 8 Best cream for tennis elbow Reviews:

We researched each and every cream in this review section and customers are positive towards them. Also, each cream is pretty different from others either in using ingredients or in the healing process. 

1. Penetrex Joint & Muscle Therapy – 4 oz Cream (Best for versatile Applications)

Penetrex Joint & Muscle Therapy – 4 oz Cream

Penetrex has been considered the best topical cream for tennis elbow in recent times. It uses Methylsulfonylmethane originally brought by Dr. Stanley Jacob. The main job of MSM is to give support to the connective tissues like ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Penetrex joint and muscle therapy cream reduces muscle and joint discomforts effectively.  

For whom It is

 No wonder this cream of premium formula with vitamin B6, Arnica, and MSM of them helps to recover muscle and joint soreness in the back, neck, elbow, hands, and feet. But people who are okay with mixing natural elements like Arnica and Boswellia Serrata with pyridoxine and MSM can use this cream on tennis elbow. 

Key Features at a Glance 

Non-Greasy and Non-Sticky: non-greasy cream effectively keeps your skin dry. So there’s no chance you’ll get a strain on your clothes due to applying the cream. 

Burn-free and Freeze Free: there’s no effect of burning or freezing the muscle but this cream effectively erases the pain. 

Versatile Application: It means the cream is applicable for joint, muscle, and bone pains. Certainly, it works anywhere under the skin to subside the pain. No need for a doctor’s prescription on using it on the back, neck, knees, elbow, and feet.  

Sesquiterpene Lactones:  The major element to release the pain in the elbow, comes from the Arnica flower. This plant is well known for assisting in 100 different remedies. 

                    Pros                    Cons
1. Whole body therapy cream.
2. Reasonable price.
3. Works better than a painkiller.
4. Penetrates deep into the muscle and joins,
1. It rarely causes swollen elbows.

Tester Review 

As a point of use, not considering how premium elements are present in this cream, we must say it gives hope when you finally accept the rest of your life will go through this pain in your elbow. Within 20 minutes you’ll get to see the result. 

2. Myo-Natural-Natural Pain Relief Therapy Cream, 3oz (Best for Penetrating Into Tissues:)

Myo-Natural-Natural Pain Relief Therapy Cream, 3oz

Completely a natural pain relieving cream, MYO 3oz cream is widely popular among users to control Arthritis. Applying it 3-4 times a day on your tennis elbow for 30 days will bring out the best results for your elbow. 

For Whom It Is

Firstly the cream has been made to keep in mind the US weather conditions and nature. So many people use it in the US without having second thoughts. You must show patience to get out the result of applying this cream. Specially Tennis elbow and joint stiffness pain subside using this cream. 

Key Features at a Glance 

Reduce Joint Inflammation: Myonatural erases joint inflammation and works as an anti-inflammatory. 

Not Like Magic Spray: This cream works right under the skin and heals the damaged tissues. 

Lubricates Cells: This cream carries water-based and oil-based ingredients into the sore tissues and reinforces them. 

Heals and Repairs: Unlike other tennis elbow creams, this cream works on a cellular level to reduce inflammatory pain and ensure cell recovery. 

                    Pros                    Cons
1. Reduce and recover muscle soreness.
2. Noticeable improvement after using several days. 
3. Heals damaged tissue.
4. Ensure long-lasting recovery
1. It Needs a bit of time to heal the tissues.

Tester Review 

Though this cream doesn’t use Arnica like most of the creams, yet works faster than elbow joint and tennis elbow. Daily 3-4 times use of it on tennis elbow makes your sore elbow natural even before passing a week. But the supplements it uses have not been evaluated by the FDA yet. 

3. ALO Pain Relief Cream Therapy For Tennis Elbow (Best According to the Professionals )

ALO Pain Relief Cream Therapy For Tennis Elbow

Most of the doctors suggest the ALO pain relief cream for immediate action within 2-3 days. Though the cream is completely natural, evaluated by the FDA, and doesn’t harm the skin. Moreover, it improves the blood flow under the skin and you actually feel soreness. 

For whom It is 

People who are looking for the best tennis elbow cream suggested by professionals must know the name ALO pain relief cream. Maybe you have not only tennis elbow but sciatica, Arthritis joint inflammation, and acute pain but need one cream for them. No 

better options are available than ALO. 

Key Features at a Glance 

Odorless: Scentless cream that penetrates under the skin where you feel the pain. 

Dermis layer:  The cream controls the nerves working in the dermis layer of the skin to erase the pain. 

Elements:  it combines histamine dihydrochloride, MSM, and menthol. So your sore area will have a freezing-like feel after applying the cream. 

Approved by a Wide Range of People:  No legal notice from FDA about this cream. Even professionals like Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and trainers use this cream. 

                    Pros                    Cons
1. Penetrates under the skin.
2. Versatile application.
3. Doesn’t hamper blood flow.
4. Cleans out cellular toxins.
1. Costly for monthly use.

Tester Review 

No greasy or oily effect, so no one will understand seeing your skin is going under some treatment. Though ALO uses menthol, no strong menthol odor. Overall a win if you can’t tolerate the pain anymore. 

4. Tennis Elbow Grease Pain Relief (Best for Immediate Pain Release)

Tennis Elbow Grease Pain Relief

A topical cream for tennis elbow and elbow-related injuries. Unlike other creams, it takes action immediately and gives the sore tissues a heat and cold feel to release the pain. 

For whom It is 

Muscle soreness and tennis elbow pain relief is the main thing to do with this cream. Those who need immediate pain relief more than the recovery of the sore muscles will feel blessed using this cream applied to the red zone.  

Key Features at a Glance 

Ingredients: Uses most ingredients are available, but Capsaicin Menthol does the starting job for the pain release. 

Penetrates Deep: Deep penetration is available for all creams. But Tennis Elbow Grease cream delivers 10 ingredients into nerves, ligaments, and muscles. 

 Immediate Pain Release:  This cream takes action for subsiding pain immediately. So most athletes use them. 

                    Pros                    Cons
1. Faster pain release.
2. Many Ingredients.
3. The sore area doesn’t get swallowed
4. Heals muscle in the long run.
1. It has a strong smell

Tester Review

The supplements weren’t reviewed by the FDA, so no professionals suggest them. Still no case of itchy skin after using the cream. Keep the cream with you if tennis elbow is your regular incident. 

5. Pain Relief Cream by PurMEDICA 3 Oz Tennis Elbow (Best for Quality)

Pain Relief Cream by PurMEDICA 3 Oz Tennis Elbow

Another well-made cream from PurMEDICA is suitable for kids to older people. Pain Relief Cream uses so many ingredients to ensure a faster action as well as to keep your skin grease-free and odorless. 

For whom It Is 

Though the cream has used so many ingredients, still they say the cream is for minor sores and pain. So this cream is not for long time use. Keep this cream with you if you are an athlete. 

Key Features at a Glance 

Fast Acting: just use it wherever you feel pain and this cream will penetrate deeply to relieve your pain within a few minutes.

Lubricates Muscles: The water-based and oil-based ingredients penetrate deep into the muscles to increase mobility. 

Guarantee Policy:  This is certainly a new thing because we never see any cream to give a guarantee after you open the seal. The 90 days guarantee makes it worth having a try. 

                    Pros                    Cons
1. Immediate pain release.
2. Combines natural and factory-produced ingredients.
3. The pain goes away completely for several hours. 4. Quality Guarantee.
1. Not suitable for the recovery process.

Tester Review 

For immediate action, you can keep this cream with you but it’s a bit costly in price. Overall a good cream for tennis elbow but doesn’t work for back pain, neck pain, and Arthritis. 

6. Activene Pain Relief Cream (Comes with Best Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients)

Activene Pain Relief Cream

Popular for treating tennis elbow but physiotherapists mostly use it for arthritis. As professionals use the Activene Pain Relief Cream, so you can keep your trust in this cream for your sore tennis elbow. 

For whom it is 

For people who want a quality cream from a well-known brand and want to make sure the cream has no staining effect or odor then Activene Pain relief cream is for them. 

key Features at a Glance 

Various Uses:  Though this Activene Arnica cream works great for tennis elbow, people suffering from arthritis, tendonitis, and shoulder pain also use this cream. 

Refreshing: This cream is not like a typical moisturizing cream. The gel cream has a refreshing mint fragrance. 

Anti-Inflammatory: It uses anti-inflammatory ingredients to stop inflammation. 

                    Pros                    Cons
1. Fast act pain release cream.
2. The cream is absorbed within minutes. 
3. Useful treatment for various body pains.
4. FDA registered.
1. Expensive. 

Tester Review 

The anti-inflammatory ingredients reduce inflammation and increase circulation. It works fine on the tennis elbow but other than joint and muscle, applying it directly on the knees doesn’t help that much. 

7. Arthritis Pain Relief Cream: (Best for Simple Application)

Arthritis Pain Relief Cream

Arthritis Pain Relief Cream from Owell Naturals is in the recent trendy arthritis pain release cream lists. It uses Beeswax, Castor Oil, Methyl Salicylate, Menthol, Safflower, Sunflower, Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus Oil, Cinnamon, Camphora bark Oil, Abies Sibirica Needle Oil. So no doubt this cream offers some true pain-relieving traits, 

For whom It is 

Normally older people or people who face arthritis use this cream, but if you need a cream with no requirements for timely use and you can apply it whenever you feel pain for immediate pain release, then this cream is more suitable for you. 

Key Features at a Glance 

Quick in Action:  It absorbs the pain pretty quickly and releases the pain soon. 

Various Application:  This cream penetrates the joints and muscles, bruises, and even muscle strains. 

Simple Use:  Just apply the cream over the skin where the pain lies and wait for the magic to happen. 

                    Pros                    Cons
1. Quick and accurate pain release.
2. Penetrates through the muscles effectively.
3. Greaseless formula.
4. Excellent for pain releasing from tennis elbow.
1. Very runny.

Tester Review

 It works great on sore muscles, especially on tennis elbow when you have pain on more of the muscle side than bones. Use it before bedtime; you will have a painless sleep. 

8. Dermal Therapy Hand Elbow Knee Cream (Best for Elbow Skin:)

Dermal Therapy Hand Elbow Knee Cream

If you are looking for more of an ointment for tennis elbow then Dermal Therapy Elbow Cream is for you. It deals with rough, itchy hands and sore knees but still penetrates through the dry tissues. 

For whom It is 

It is for all of us, but there are people who can’t use all the creams because of not having FDA certification and don’t know if the cream is good for the skin or not. For them, Dermal Therapy Elbow cream brings the revolution.  

Key Features at a Glance 

Encourage Natural Heal:  The cream makes dry skin moisturized and softens rough skin to penetrate more quickly. 

Smooth: It never feels cheap. Smoothen our skin and keep our skin non-oily or greasy. 

Keep the Skins Nourished: It actively restores moisture and erases your cracked skin. 

                    Pros                    Cons
1. Keeps the skin smooth.
2. Suitable for both elbow and knee.
3. Not oily.
4. Keeps the skin moisturized for the whole day.
1. It uses too many chemical products rather than using natural ones.

Tester Review 

No doubt one of the best for your elbow skin, but not the best for elbow plain releasing. If your elbow dry skin has some pain, then this cream will be worth it to buy. 

What to look for when buying the Best tennis elbow cream

Choosing tennis elbow cream is a critical task for everyone. Because Almost all of us have some doubts about how the cream can penetrate our skin. So if we can’t find the best one for us, then there is a high percentage of change. Our best ointment for tennis elbow may not work. Let’s go through the criteria we must meet for tennis elbow cream. 

Healing or Reducing Pain

Now, do tennis elbow creams have healing ability? Certainly, they have! Yeah, it sounds so surprising, because it never makes sense how a cream can penetrate through our micron are size skin pores and starts the healing process. Modern technology has reached this far now when creams penetrate through our skin. 

So, in the healing process, creams mostly go under the skin layer and heal the tissues. But in reducing the pain process, creams mostly make the sore numb by applying menthol freeze or any heat effect. Normally we use quick pain-reducing creams for immediate recovery but for long-term recovery healing creams are important. 

Natural Supplements or Man Made Supplements

Natural ingredients come directly from Arnica, Boswellia Serrata, and other natural sources. These creams are just smooth blends of different natural sources. Sometimes companies add man-made ingredients to them to improve their quality. 

In contrast, some creams have no natural elements in them, yet they work so well

But both natural and artificial creams can give quick reactions to reduce your pain. But sometimes pure natural source creams make our skin itchy and greasy. 

Lubricating the Inner Muscles 

Sometimes our sore muscles under the elbow skin get a lot of friction and the pain never goes away. In those cases, water base and oil base ingredients are really important. Because both cream penetrates the muscle gradually if you apply them regularly, SO for long-time use, the lubricating property is a must. 

What is the fastest way to cure tennis elbow?

The fastest way to cure tennis elbow is to rest the affected arm and avoid activities that cause pain or discomfort, physical therapy, over-the-counter pain medications, and apply 10-15 minutes of ice to your elbow to reduce inflammation. Steroid injections are a treatment option for those suffering from severe tennis elbow pain that has not responded to other forms of treatment.

Some people may also benefit from wearing a brace or strap to support the elbow and reduce strain on the tendons.

Get rid of tennis elbow in 5 minutes


What cream helps with tennis elbow?

Having a tennis elbow and how to heal it has been a concern for us in recent times. Because all of us mostly work on computer keyboards and it causes tennis elbow too. The creams use menthol and many other ingredients to penetrate through the skin and mostly work for tennis elbow. 

What helps tennis elbow heal faster?

Healing completely depends on your physical ability to heal. Different people heal differently. But the creams will penetrate through the skin and will lubricate the dry muscles and joints. That’s how tennis elbow heals faster. 

Is Voltaren cream good for tennis elbow?

Voltaren arthritis pain gel works well on tennis elbow. But the cream doesn’t have the ability to penetrate through the skin. 


Our suggestion is to follow professional suggestions about using cream first and then use the FDA-certified creams. It’s tough to find out the best cream for tennis elbow, everyone requires slightly different treatment from others. To find out what you require, a long-time heal cream which or an immediate pain-reducing cream.

We suggest ALO Pain Relief Cream Therapy For Tennis Elbow cream if you are very much confused about what you require. Because it works decently to reduce immediate pain and works great for healing the muscles. 

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