Best Tennis Ball Machine Under $500: Top Affordable Picks

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Probably the most logical and fastest way to see our improvement in tennis skills within a short time. That’s why the Best Tennis Ball Machine Under 500 is becoming a hot topic over the years.

The tennis ball machines deliver more than 600 balls every hour that’s not humanly possible and if you can play 600 or more balls per hour into a specific drilling session, no doubt you will be mastered the particular shot.

That’s why here we are with the best tennis ball machines at a good price and we will let you know about the features and advantages they come with.

6 Best Tennis Ball Machine Under 500 Reviews:

1. Furlihong 3809BH Tennis Ball Machine

(Best for Angle Shots)

Furlihong 3809BH Tennis Ball Machine

Enhance your tennis skills with the Furlihong 3809BH Tennis Ball Machine, featuring a maximum speed of 30 MPH and adjustable launching angle. The stepless speed switch allows for a seamless transition between speeds, ensuring a tailored training experience. This versatile machine can be powered by a battery or AC adapter for convenience. The stacker is extendable, providing a continuous supply of tennis balls during your training sessions. Elevate your game with this advanced tennis ball machine designed for comprehensive and effective training sessions.


  • Elevates Practice Sessions: With adjustable launch angle and interval, it enhances player’s skill development during training.
  • Versatile Power Options: Can be operated by battery or AC adapter, providing flexibility and making it suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
  • Customizable Speed Control: Stepless speed switch allows players to adjust the ball speed according to their needs.
  • Easy Portability: Lightweight and stacker extendable design makes it easy to carry and store.
  • Improves Performance: Offers a maximum speed of 30 MPH, perfect for simulating game-like conditions and improving on-court performance.

Our Recommendations

I recently purchased the Furlihong 3809BH Tennis Ball Machine and I’m beyond impressed. The adjustable launching angle and speed switch add variety to my training sessions. The battery or AC adapter options make it flexible and convenient to use. The stacker extendable feature is a game-changer. This tennis ball machine has truly enhanced my game and I highly recommend it.

3. AnBt Tennis w Machine

(Best for practicing Numerous Drills)

AnBt Lightweight Tennis Serving Machine

Experience precision tennis practice with the AnBt Tennis Machine. This lightweight serving machine is easily portable and can be powered by plug-in or batteries. With the capacity to hold up to 30 balls, it ensures uninterrupted training sessions. Its compact design makes it convenient for players of all levels to use. The machine offers the flexibility to adjust the ball speed and trajectory, allowing for customized training. Elevate your tennis skills with this versatile and user-friendly tennis toss machine.


  • Experience the following advantages and benefits of the AnBt Tennis Machine:
  • Elevate your game with consistent ball delivery, enhancing your tennis skills quickly.
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to transport, offering convenience and flexibility.
  • Enjoy the convenience of the plug-in or battery options, ensuring continuous play without interruptions.
  • With the capacity to hold up to 30 balls, you can focus on your technique without constant refilling.
  • Improve your serving and toss accuracy, perfect for solo practice or coaching sessions.

Our Recommendations

I purchased the AnBt Tennis Machine and it has transformed my training sessions. Easy to set up. Lightweight and portable design is convenient. The option to use batteries or plug in is advantageous.

The machine holds 30 balls, perfect for solo practice. Serving and tossing features are incredibly accurate. I highly recommend this tennis machine to all players.

4. SCIFANTA Portable Tennis Ball Tosser

(Best Portable Tennis Ball Machine)

SCIFANTA Portable Tennis Ball Tosser

Experience the ultimate convenience with the SCIFANTA Portable Tennis Ball Tosser (3.7lb) – a game-changer for tennis enthusiasts. Perfect for self-play or for beginners, kids, coaches, and home-court use. This accurate and efficient ball launcher is suitable for all levels and ages, making it a great addition to any tennis practice session.

Powered by AC and batteries, it offers versatility and ease of use whether on the court or at home. Elevate your game with this must-have tool that promises hours of fun and skill development.


  • Enhances Tennis Skills: Helps players of all levels improve their game through consistent and accurate ball feeding.
  • Easy to Use: AC and battery powered, making it convenient for use in various settings.
  • Great for Self-Play: Perfect for solo players looking to practice their skills without needing a partner.
  • Suitable for All Ages: Ideal for beginners, kids, coaches, or anyone looking to enhance their tennis game.
  • Efficient Feed Buddy: Provides accurate and efficient ball feeding for a seamless practice experience.

Our Recommendations

I recently purchased the SCIFANTA Portable Tennis Ball Tosser for my kids to improve their tennis skills. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use. The accurate and efficient feed buddy feature is perfect for players of all ages and skill levels. The AC and battery-powered options provide flexibility for outdoor and indoor play. The self-play capability keeps my kids engaged and active. Overall, this ball launcher is a great addition to our home court.

5. AnEssOil Tennis Ball Dropping Machine

(Best for Oscillation Ball Delivery)

AnEssOil Tennis Ball Dropping Machine

Experience the ultimate convenience with the AnEssOil Tennis Ball Dropping Machine. This lightweight tennis serving machine effortlessly feeds 33 balls for uninterrupted training sessions. Elevate your tennis game with this efficient tennis ball feeder that offers consistent ball delivery. Ideal for solo practice or coaching sessions, this tennis machine is a game-changer. Enhance your skills and elevate your performance with this cutting-edge tennis ball dropping machine. Say goodbye to manual ball feeding and embrace the ease and efficiency of this innovative tennis accessory.


  • Enhances Practice Sessions: The AnEssOil Tennis Ball Dropping Machine improves players’ skills by allowing consistent ball delivery without the need for a partner.
  • Versatile Serving Options: This lightweight Tennis Serving Machine offers various serving techniques to help players develop a well-rounded game.
  • Convenient for Solo Practice: With the Tennis Ball Feeder, players can enjoy solo practice sessions and improve their game at their own pace.
  • Consistent Ball Placement: The machine’s ability to deliver 33 balls in a sequence enables players to focus on their accuracy and footwork.
  • Time-Saving: By reducing the need to manually pick up and feed balls, this machine allows players to maximize their practice time and efficiency.

Our Recommendations

I recently purchased the AnEssOil Tennis Ball Dropping Machine and it’s been a game-changer. The lightweight design makes it easy for me to transport. The feeder effortlessly serves up to 33 balls, providing consistent practice. It delivers accurate serves and helps me improve my game. I highly recommend this tennis machine!

6. Sports Tutor Tennis Twist – Ball Tosser for Kids

(Best for Beginners)

Sports Tutor Tennis Twist – Ball Tosser for Kids

Looking for a fun way to get your kids active? The Sports Tutor Tennis Twist is a battery-powered ball tosser designed specifically for kids. It’s perfect for teaching tennis fundamentals in a playful, engaging manner.

This user-friendly device is lightweight and portable, allowing for convenient use indoors or outdoors. With adjustable throwing distances, it’s suitable for all skill levels, making it an excellent training tool for young tennis enthusiasts.

The Tennis Twist encourages kids to develop their coordination and love for the game, making it an ideal addition to any family’s sports equipment collection.


  • Enhances Tennis Skills: Provides continuous ball tosses for kids to practice their tennis strokes.
  • Fun and Interactive: Engages children in a playful way to improve hand-eye coordination and agility.
  • Convenient and Portable: Battery-powered design allows for easy setup and use in any location.
  • Time-saving: Offers an effortless way for young players to refine their techniques without constant supervision.
  • Affordable Training Solution: Allows kids to develop their tennis skills at home, saving on expensive coaching fees.

Our Recommendations

I recently purchased the Sports Tutor Tennis Twist for my kids. It’s amazing! The battery-powered tosser is perfect for beginners. Easy to use and great for practicing. My kids love it and it’s helping them improve their game. A must-have for any young tennis enthusiast!

7. Furlihong 6802BH 2 in 1 Tennis Ball Launcher Machine

Furlihong 6802BH 2 in 1 Tennis Ball Launcher Machine

Enhance your child’s baseball and tennis skills with the Furlihong 6802BH 2 in 1 Ball Launcher Machine. This innovative device features adjustable launching angles, speeds, and intervals for customized practice sessions. Powered by a battery or AC adapter, it’s convenient for both indoor and outdoor use. The stacker is extendable, accommodating kids of all heights, making it suitable for players of various ages. Give your child an edge in sports with this versatile and easily adaptable ball launcher.


  • Enhance Batting and Catching Skills
  • By providing consistent and adjustable ball launches, Furlihong 6802BH helps kids improve their baseball and tennis abilities.
  • Fun and Interactive Practice Sessions
  • With its two-in-one design and adjustable launch settings, the machine offers engaging gameplay for kids to enjoy.
  • Versatile Power Options
  • The ability to operate on batteries or AC power makes the machine convenient and adaptable to various settings.
  • Extendable Stacker for Continuous Play
  • The stacker feature allows for extended play without the constant need to reload balls, keeping the fun going.
  • Customizable Speed and Launch Angles
  • The adjustable speed and launching angles cater to different skill levels, providing a customizable experience.

Our Recommendations

I recently purchased the Furlihong 6802BH 2 in 1 Baseball & Tennis Ball Launcher Machine for my kids. It’s amazing! The adjustable launch angle and speed make it perfect for their skill levels. Plus, the option to power it with batteries or an AC adapter is so convenient. The extendable stacker is a great bonus, allowing for continuous play. My kids are having a blast and improving their baseball and tennis skills at the same time. Highly recommend this product!

What to Look when buying for the Best Affordable Ball Machine Under $500

Understanding what you need from a Budget Tennis Ball machine is important. Most of them under $500 don’t come with an App feature or any smart features. Still, for under $500, it’s possible to ensure the features must need for the improvement of your tennis skills. Let’s go through them.

Skills Level

Tennis ball machines are available for professional players, intermediate players, and beginners mostly they are for kids. So, beginners can use the small tennis ball thrower and learn about very basic skills for training using a small tennis ball machine.

Intermediate and professional players need a bigger and adjustable height tennis ball machine. Here, I’ll talk about from the point of intermediate and professional players.

Ball Holding Capacity

All tennis ball machines can hold like 30 balls at least. But under $500 it’s tough to find out one can hold more than 30 balls. So keep in mind you’ll never go for the machine that holds less than 30 balls.

Feed Rate

Feed rate means how much time it takes between every delivery of the balls. I suggest you have an adjustable feed rate tennis ball machine. Like 4-6 seconds adjustable interval time. As an intermediate player, you’ll start with 6-second intervals and end the drill with 4-second intervals.

Horizontal and Vertical Oscillation

Avoid the tennis ball machine cheap rate price, because they mostly don’t offer feed balls to both sides and over the head. So, ensure the ball machine you choose has both horizontal and vertical oscillation to make you good at both normal hands and backhands and also high balls.  

Delivery Speed

Again, my vote is for an adjustable-speed delivery tennis ball machine. But make sure the top speed is over 30 MPH. Because in professional tennis it’s the average speed we all deal with.

That’s all you must ensure in a tennis ball throwing machine. Some other things are essential but if they cross your budget, you can avoid them, like portability and lightweight features. Different power options and video training subscriptions.


How many balls can a tennis ball machine hold?

– Tennis ball machines for teenagers and novices can hold 12-20 balls, but for professional practice, almost all the tennis ball throwers can hold 30-150 balls.

What drills we should practice with the tennis ball machine? 

– Forehead, backhand, short balls, footwork, baseline, volley, and high shots over the head are the basic drills in a tennis ball machine. You must all your own drill to with them.

What is the best tennis ball machine? 

–  Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Pro Tennis Training System
 – AnBt Tennis w MachineFurlihong 3809BH Tennis Ball Machine
These are the best tennis ball machines
under $500, but you can also buy used tennis ball machines at a lower price with so many premium features from any others who want to sell.


No doubt, for our own improvement we need to have tennis ball machines at home. Because they deliver the perfect balls to learn any drills perfectly even trainers can deliver that exquisitely manually. According to the editor’s choice, Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Pro Tennis Training System is the best one under $500.

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