6 Top-Rated Best Tennis Ball Machines Under $500 for 2023

Last Updated on March 8, 2023 by Robert A. Foreman

Probably the most logical and fastest way to see our improvement in tennis skills within a short time. That’s why the Best Tennis Ball Machine Under 500 is becoming a hot topic over the years.

The tennis ball machines deliver more than 600 balls every hour that’s not humanly possible and if you can play 600 or more balls per hour into a specific drilling session, no doubt you will be mastered the particular shot.

That’s why here we are with the best tennis ball machines at a good price and we will let you know about the features and advantages they come with.

Our Top Pick


Top 6 Best Tennis Ball Machine Under 500 Reviews:

Here, we’ll make the acquaintance of most about my experience with the various tennis training systems. Also, I went through the player’s preference lists and beginners’ presence lists by reading the comments from different online markets, and finally here is my list. Let’s get started.

1. Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Pro Tennis Training System (Best for Learning Various Shots)

Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Pro Tennis Training System

Billie Jean King’s tennis ball machine comes with the revolution in the tennis training system. No matter what professional or fun tennis player, you’ll love this machine for both training and having quality time in tennis alone.

For Whom It Is

Professional cub players and tennis training institutes must require a tennis training system. The Eye Coach from Billie Jean King focuses on the overall improvement of players and their mental block for not getting succeeded against any particular shot.

Features at a Glance

Diagnosed By All Experts:  Eye Coach was designed by experts from different professions like tennis experts, motor-memory specialists, and eye specialists. So, comfort ness is the first priority for this ball machine.

Varieties of Shots: This ball machine can teach 18 different shots, and 30 ball striking skills and it is adjustable to 4 different heights.

Training at Home

17 instructional videos will be unlocked, for faster improvement hotline is available for personal training support. 

Build Confidence: yes, building confidence is its feature, because 100% time the training from this ball machine increase accuracy, and power. Balance footwork and negotiation as well as apply topspin.  

                           Pros                              Cons
1. Trains you with the skills that control the entire game.
2. Perfect for all ages tennis players.
2. Portable and fits inside a carrying bag.
3. Keep your eyes on the ball
4. build muscle memory.
1. Not suitable for heavy training.

Tester review

The features Eye Coach is offering are really good in this price range. It trained me well and helped me to come out of my lack of eye contact on the ball problem. Yet, for a professional player, I feel like it’s not heavy and sturdier than it is supposed to be. For beginners, there’s no issue.  


2. Furlihong 3809BH Tennis Ball Machine (Best for Angle Shots)

Furlihong 3809BH Tennis Ball Machine


Furlihong is more about heavy-duty tennis training. Doesn’t require collecting balls after a few shots and makes the training more like a drill session. It saves a lot of time compared to other ball machines and throws balls max 30MPH, which is also faster than others.

For whom It Is

For players who are looking for a ball machine for ground stroke practice, definitely, Furlihong 3809BH ball machine would be the best because it has an extended capacity for holding more balls.

Features at a Glance

Angle shots Practicing: this machine is able to throw the ball from adjustable angles at a fast pace, thus helping us to practice volley, slice, backhand, flat, and forehead ball after ball.

Different Power Options: the machine runs on 8D batteries and a 12-volt AC adapter. So three power options are available: portable power, AC adaptor, and dry adaptor.

 Various Intervals for Ball Throwing: The interval of ball-throwing time is adjustable from 3 to 6 seconds.

Distant Thrower: It can throw from 65 ft distances at 30 MPH speed.

                           Pros                              Cons
1. Sets perfectly on the ball tosser.
2. More hits between reloads.
3. More power options make it a perfect option for anywhere.
4. Portable because a carrying handle is available. 
1. The battery doesn’t Include in the package.

Tester Review

I think this ball machine is good for practicing ground strikes 10 times in a row. The extended ball holder can hold up to 36 balls which is great for breakless training. The warranty covers 180 days parts warranty.

3. AnBt Tennis w Machine (Best for practicing Numerous Drills)

AnBt Tennis w Machine

The AnBt Tennis Serving machine is very lightweight and portable in the market right now. It gives the feeling of doing actual practice with someone else. Your hand will never feel different about this machine hit.

 For whom It Is

Players who need some basic drills like backhand exercises, volley practice, and forehead exercises and want to have to toss from a long distance, can have this machine. Ideal for beginners, kids, and intermediate players.

Features at a Glance

Hold Enough Balls: this machine can hold up to 30 balls at a time. So, no need for pick-up balls often. 

Adjustable Throwing Distance: AnBt comes with the feature of 4 different throwing distances for the ball. So, it almost covers all the shot practices required to come to the ball at different distances.

All Kinds of Tennis Balls: This machine can hold all the different tennis balls for throwing except the one that exceeds 7.5 diameters.

Plug-in or Battery power: The ball thrower gets its power from 4 type D batteries. Also, you can plug in the connection with the electric source and run the machine.

                           Pros                              Cons
1. Lightweight.
2. Holds enough ball to practice a drill effectively.
3. Paddle balls fit in the machine.
4. Cheap one is available that holds fewer balls.
1. Not a Fast thrower of the ball.

Tester Review

Using this AnBt ball thrower machine was satisfying overall. But definitely, it’s not for professionals. Beginners and kids feel comfortable using this ball machine.

4. SCIFANTA Portable Tennis Ball Tosser (Best Portable Tennis Ball Machine)

SCIFANTA Portable Tennis Ball Tosser

Scifanta Portable Tennis ball machine is called a “feed buddy” and is considered as more than a tennis ball machine because it’s not only about practicing you drills that you need but it makes you accurate in every skill you learn for this machine.

For whom It Is

This feed buddy is suitable for all ages tennis players even the one who never touched a tennis bat. But ideal ball machine for beginners, kids, adults, and intermediate players.  

Features at a Glance

Refine Skills:  The skills you already have like forehead, backhand, short balls, footwork, baseline, and volley, all get finetuned by accurate delivery.

Accurate Throw:  A ball machine’s first and foremost task is to throw the ball accurately. The machine does it excellently. Never shakes a bit.

Regular Features: It fits every ball less than 7.5 in diameter and the throw distance is adjustable between 5-10 feet. The intervals between two ball delivery are 4 seconds.

Portable: Already know it is best for portability. It has a breakthrough and pattern design that helps to assemble it in a short time. Adjustable height and ball holding capacity.

                           Pros                              Cons
1. Can hold the pickle, pressure less, green and orange balls. 
2. It delivers 900 balls per hour.
3. Lightweight but durable.
4. Budget price.
1. No batteries are included.

Tester Review

This tennis ball machine is okay for the house garage, backyard, driveway, and garden wherever I tried to practice with it. Less than 7 hours of operating time for 4D batteries.

5. AnEssOil Tennis Ball Machine (Best for Oscillation Ball Delivery)

AnEssOil Tennis Ball Machine

The overall performance of the ANEssOil Tennis ball machine is extraordinary. It is adjustable and portable like other tennis ball machines but its premium feature is the Oscillation ball launcher.

Whom It Is For

Professional players who have few wise spaces around their house and need a quality practice session use this tennis ball machine. Its hand feels while negotiating the ball is exactly like you are playing against a player.

Features at a Glance

Hold Enough Balls:  This tennis serving machine can hold 30 balls for multitrack. So, you don’t need to pick up the ball often.

Adjustable Throwing Distance: 4 different distances are available also 3 shot frequencies ensure different requirements of beginners and professionals. 

Can Hold Larger Balls: This tennis ball machine can hold balls up2.95-inch diameter.

                           Pros                              Cons
Adjustable tossing frequencies. Left and right rotary motion. Both batteries and plug-in power are available. 3 serve angles.It weighs a bit heavier.

Tester Review

This tennis ball thrower is different in a sense to me, it offers multiple options in almost every feature and the application of the angled ball throwing was just like I needed.

6. FXEEXD Portable Tennis Ball Tosser (Best for Beginners)

FXEEXD Portable Tennis Ball Tosser


Fxeed Portable Tennis ball tosser is small in size and suitable for courts, homes, garages, parks, and any smaller places.

For Whom It Is

The company says this tennis ball machine is suitable for teenagers and novices. That’s why it is smaller in size. Professionals and intermediate players can cope with it.

Features at a Glance

Basic Things:  it can hold 30 balls, and the ball-throwing interval is 4 seconds. Adjustable distance up to 10 feet.   

Additional Ball Stacker: This doesn’t come with the package but is available in the market. Per track holds 4 balls, and you can add extra 3 ball stackers.

Various Balls:  It holds 7.5 cm regular tennis balls, green and orange balls, and pressure-less balls.

Lightweight: It weighs 4 lbs. and is considered the lightest tennis ball feeder on the market.

                           Pros                              Cons
1. Robust build and does not tend to break.
2. Safe for kids. An additional ball stacker can be added.
3. Operates 5-7 hours on 4 new D-size batteries.
1. Limited use.

Tester Review

As the company already said this tennis ball machine is not for professionals, that’s why I couldn’t try it thoroughly. Kids enjoy playing with the ball it throws.  

What to Look when buying for the Best Tennis Ball Machine Under $500

Understanding what you need from a Budget Tennis Ball machine is important. Most of them under $500 doesn’t come with an App feature or any smart features. Still, for under $500, it’s possible to ensure the features must need for the improvement of your tennis skills. Let’s go through them.

Understand your Skills Level

Tennis ball machines are available for professional players, intermediate players, and beginners mostly they are for kids. So, beginners can use the small tennis ball thrower and learn about very basic skills for training using a small tennis ball machine.

For intermediate and professional players, they need the bigger and adjustable height tennis ball machine. Here, I’ll talk about from the point of intermediate and professional players.

Using Time

The tennis ball machine surely is an expensive one. So, if your plan is to use it once or twice a year then my recommendation is to avoid purchasing this machine. Because one or two sessions will never be going to help you. If you are passionate about tennis and learning the skills, only then go for it. Otherwise buy a used tennis ball machine.

Ball Holding Capacity

All tennis ball machines can hold like 30 balls at least. But under $500 it’s tough to find out one can hold more than 30 balls. So keep in mind you’ll never go for the machine that holds less than 30 balls.

Feed Rate

Feed rate means how much time it takes between every delivery of the balls. I suggest you have an adjustable feed rate tennis ball machine. Like 4-6 seconds adjustable interval time. As an intermediate player, you’ll start with 6 seconds intervals and end the drill with 4 seconds intervals.

Horizontal and Vertical Oscillation

Avoid the tennis ball machine cheap rate price, because they mostly don’t offer feed balls to both sides and over the head. So, ensure the ball machine you choose has both horizontal and vertical oscillation to make you good at both normal hands and backhands and also high balls.  

Delivery Speed

Again, my vote is for an adjustable-speed delivery tennis ball machine. But make sure the top speed is over 30 MPH. Because in professional tennis it’s the average speed we all deal with.

That’s all you must ensure in a tennis ball throwing machine. Some other things are essential but if they cross your budget, you can avoid them, like portability and lightweight feature. Different power options and video training subscriptions.


How many balls can a tennis ball machine hold?

– Tennis ball machines for teenagers and novices can hold 12-20 balls, but for professional practice, almost all the tennis ball throwers can hold 30-150 balls.

What are drills we should practice with the tennis ball machine? 

– Forehead, backhand, short balls, footwork, baseline, volley, and high shots over the head are the basic drills in a tennis ball machine. You must all your own drill to with them.

What is the best tennis ball machine? 

–  Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Pro Tennis Training System
 – AnBt Tennis w MachineFurlihong 3809BH Tennis Ball Machine
These are the best tennis ball machine under $500, but you can also buy used tennis ball machines at a lower price with so many premium features from any others who want to sell.


No doubt, for our own improvement we need to have tennis ball machines at home. Because they deliver the perfect balls to learn any drills perfectly even trainers can deliver that exquisitely manually. According to the editor’s choice, Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Pro Tennis Training System is the best one under $500.

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