9 Best Tennis Overgrip for Sweaty Hands – [with Buying Guide] of 2023

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When it comes to playing tennis, one of the most important things is to have a good grip on your racket. If your hands are sweaty, it can be difficult to keep a firm grip on the racket, and this can lead to poor performance. There are a variety of overgrips available that can help you keep a better grip on your racket, even when your hands are sweating.

Some overgrips are made from absorbent materials that help to wick away sweat, while others feature specially textured surfaces that provide extra traction. Some overgrips come in different thicknesses.

When selecting an overgrip, it’s important to choose one that will fit your racket snugly and won’t slip during use. Here are some ins and outs of the best tennis overgrip for sweaty hands:

9 Best Overgrip for Sweaty Hands Reviews:

1. Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip (Best sweat-absorbing tennis grip)

Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip

The number one brand that has won the hearts of many professionals is this Tourna tennis overgrip. Although many brands claim to provide tacky overgrips, Tourna is the only brand that has succeeded in keeping that promise.

It comes in a signature blue color, wrapped in a vinyl wrapper. There are 30XL grips in one package, which should be enough to last for a long time in the case of regular players. It is an overgrip with sweat-absorbing capabilities. 

So, while playing in hot and humid areas, your hands will not get slippery from the sweat; rather, the tennis overgrip will absorb it entirely.

2. Gamma Supreme Power Overgrip, Black -(Best Performance)

Gamma Supreme Power Overgrip, Black

This one from Gamma is for amateurs and newbies. Although it does not have celebrity endorsement, it has all the features to satisfy a regular tennis player. It is black and comes with a single grip.

Despite having any adhesive on the inner surface of the grip, it sits very well on the handle. The thick overgrip keeps the fingers settled just right onto it. It has been made with technology that provides you with a long-lasting product.

The overgrip also has ridges on its outer surface that make it even easier to hold while on the court.

3. YONEX Super GRAP 30-Pack Racket Grips – (Best overall)

YONEX Super GRAP 30-Pack Racket Grips

This Jones overgrip comes with a 30-strip pack. It has two spools filled with 15 strips each. All of the overgrips are equally durable for use. 

It is the perfect overgrip to use on the tennis handle for a hot summer day. People have praised using it in warm areas like Florida and even for years without having it worn out.

It comes in a variety of colors so that you can choose accordingly. The overgrip has moderate tackiness and sweat absorbency. Once after buy this product, it can protect both your tennis handle and palms from the slippery mechanism.

4. HEAD XtremeSoft 30 Pack Tennis Overgrip – (Best thinner overgrips with absorbency)

HEAD XtremeSoft 30 Pack Tennis Overgrip

This overgrip is for professional players with some aesthetic sense. It comes in various colors with amazing features to prevent it from slipping away from sweaty hands. Regular players with higher expectations can also use it for their endeavors.

It comes in 30 packs with two spools containing 15 strips each. The main reason behind its extreme tackiness and sweat absorbance is it is made of the last polymers. This material gives the overgrip to have enough pores to suck sweat inside, instead of letting it bottle on the palms.

It is a multifunctional overgrip. So, you can even use it for other sports such as golf and squash as well.

5. ADV FeltTac Dry Tennis Overgrips – (Best Professional grip)

ADV FeltTac Dry Tennis Overgrips

It is an ultra-absorbent overgrip targeted at people who have naturally sweaty palms. It is another brand that has been endorsed by numerous pro players due to its FelTec technology. This technology allows the overgrip to absorb extra sweat while having tennis on the hands.

It provides a naturally dry grip with extra tackiness. It has PU material in its fabric that gives extra smooth and relaxing strokes. You can now say goodbye to blisters. It does not feel heavy on the grip while playing with it.

It is a three-layered overgrip that has top-notch durability. The PU compounds make it tear-resistant as well.

6. Tourna Mega Tac Extra Tacky Overgrip – (Best for Dry hands)

Tourna Mega Tac Extra Tacky Overgrip

Another splendid one from Tourna. The Tourna grip is coming over repeatedly in the list because of the high-quality product they use. No wonder it has been used by professionals for years.

It has a 30XL grip per pack that comes in a zipped vinyl pouch. So, you can keep them all inside your tennis bag without getting disorganized. It has all the special features Tourna has to offer including extra Tac. 

It is a multifunctional overgrip that can be used in other sports such as golf, pickleball, squash, etc. This USA tennis warehouse made overgrip has taken place over many.

7. YONEX Dry GRAP Tennis Overgrip – (Best Dry Grap Overgrips)

YONEX Dry GRAP Tennis Overgrip

Yonex has been the kind of over-hyped brand that has exceeded all the satisfactory mark lines for tennis players. In other words, this dry grap from Yonex after the launch of Super Grap has been an absolute favorite to tennis players of all kinds.

If you love the super grap, then this product is just for you. The dry grap is targeted at people whose palms sweats not only during play but also at other times as well. It gives a dry and tacky feeling even in a humid summertime.

It comes in black and is well protected inside a pouch. If you are looking for something simple yet good quality, then this one is it.

8. Senston New Racket Grip – (Best Absorbent Tennis Overgrip )

Senston New Racket Grip

Sensation might be a lesser-known brand in the field of tennis overgrip, but they are not any less qualified than the others for that matter. This overgrip is well-perforated and has a raised edge on the surface.

All of these have been designed to provide a smoother grip while on the court. It ensures the highest safety for both the handle and palms. The overgrip has been made in a way to prevent slipping away from sweaty hands.

It is made of polypropylene honey core to make it even as thin as a hair nail. It has an amazing surface for easy refund and replacement.

9. Head 282009 Prestige Pro Racquet Overgrip – (Best tacky grip with a soft feel)

Another one from Head but this is not the extremely soft one. The prestige pro overgrip is more targeted at people who are thinking of having their first go with tennis overgrips. It may not have all the magical features as the professional ones, but it is a good one for first-timers.

It comes in black. Most of the overgrips in this price range do a horrible job of getting back with moisture. As soon as your hand starts to sweat, the grip gets slippery.

But this overgrip has elastomer in its material that helps to absorb the extra moisture your palm is producing. The grip also has long-lasting durability.

Consideration when choosing the Best Tennis overgrip for sweaty hands

Sweat absorption:

The overgrip has to be made with materials and fabrics that have the capability of absorbing sweat. Most of the players get sweaty palms while playing tennis. If the overgrip does not absorb the moisture and returns it to the palm instead, the handle may become slippery.

To avoid such hassle, buy an overgrip that absorbs sweat as soon as it starts to be secret. It will not only protect your hand but also prevent any other accidents that may be caused by the slippery handle.


Many overgrips give tears while playing. Tennis is a serious sport where you have to put constant pressure on the handle. In such a case, it is very much necessary to buy an overgrip that does not slip away or tear down after 2-3 sessions.

Before buying an overgrip, make sure it is sturdily built to tolerate enough pressure for a longer time.


It depends on the area you live in. If you are living in a hot and humid area, then you have to go for a product that has sweat-absorbing capability.

If the region you are living in is more on the lesser sticky side, then you have to go for a product that has a dry surface.


The overgrips with the cushion-like structure are the more comfortable ones to handle. It has to be made with a design that does not create blisters on the hand even after extreme sweating.

Overgrips with edges on the outer surface are such lifesavers in this regard. These overgrips are sturdily built with a structure that causes the fingers to relax during strokes.


The simple formula is that the more tackiness an overgrip has, the more grip it will provide. Sweat from the players makes the overgrips sticky, enabling them to control the racket effortlessly. However, this stickiness fades over time.

So, before making a purchase, ensure that the over-grip you want has sufficient tackiness. However, some people dislike sticky situations. They can easily go for an overgrip with a dry finish.

Different Types of Tennis Overgrips?

While original grips come with the racquet, players use additional overgrips over the original one for various purposes. But what kind of overgrip you should use? The answer depends on your personal preference and hand types.

But before this, you should know the various types of overgrips as each of them has distinct advantages and drawbacks.

One will find Three types of overgrips in the markets depending on the softness and texture. I have mentioned each of their detailed features below:

Tacky overgrips:

As the name suggests, tacky overgrips offer a gummy or tacky feeling in your hand. These overgrips are suitable for players with sweaty hands. Some players have naturally sweaty hands while others suffer from humid and hot weather.

One of the biggest challenges for tennis players during matches is sweaty hands. Sweaty palms make racquets more likely to slip off, resulting in unstable delivery.  If you are facing these issues, then tacky overgrips can get rid of these problems.

Tacky Overgrip is highly effective in providing a stable delivery due to the stickiness it offers. The tackier the overgrip will be, the stickier it will be to the hand. It will ultimately reduce the instability of the racquet in your hands.

Moreover, these overgrips are heavier and therefore, last longer compared to other overgrips.   If you want to make a long-term investment in your overgrips, tacky overgrips are a cost-effective choice.

Key features of tacky overgrips:

  • Tacky overgrips provide a gummy feeling
  • They are more condensed or heavier than other overgrips
  • They are durable and last long.
  • It helps to provide stable shots
  • They are suitable for sweaty hands

Dry Overgrips:

As I mentioned above, the choice of overgrips depends on personal choice. some players want their sweaty hands to be stuck with the racquet and choose tacky overgrips for perfect shots.

In contrast, some prefer overgrips that will dry out the sweat quickly and keep the hands fresh. Dry overgrips are for the second group of players.

Dry overgrips have an excellent capacity to absorb sweat even on the hottest days of matches. They will make sure that your dry hands have enough control over the racquet to deliver consistent shots. Moreover, sweat-free hands also keep the players comfortable.

However, these overgrips are thinner, light-weight, and wear out so easily. So, players must change them repeatedly.

Key features of dry overgrips:

  • They quickly absorb sweat and moisture from the hands
  • dry overgrips are thinner and more prone to wear out
  • They require frequent changing
  • They are suitable for players with sweaty hands

Textured Overgrips

Textured Overgrips do not have an even texture and incorporate little grooves on them. The grooves help the player to tightly hold the racquet. Like tacky overgrips, textured overgrips are also thicker and heavy.

Regarding durability, they are not as durable as tacky overgrips. They are neither less durable than dry overgrips.

Key features of textured overgrips:

  • They feature grooves on the surface
  • They are thicker
  • Textured overgrips are more rigid than dry overgrips

When to Change Your Overgrip?

Firm grips are the key secrets to better performance. Overgrips help to ensure firm grips on racquets. Players also need space to control the racquet. So, overgrips must balance the stickiness between the hands and racquets.

However, overgrips lose their efficacy over time and require changes. How to understand when you need to change your overgrips? Some factors indicate changing times. I have mentioned some of the most crucial factors that will help the readers to understand when they need to change their overgrips:

Wear and tear:

Fresh overgrips feature maximum grips, comfort, and elasticity. However, the more you play tennis, the sooner they lose their elasticity. Moreover, thinner overgrips tend to wear out quickly. If you notice any damage or reduced performance in the overgrips, immediately change them.


hands will sweat naturally when you play tennis. Moreover, dirt accumulates on the overgrip’s surface over time. Bacteria can develop sweat and dirt, resulting in blisters and other skin issues. If your overgrips get dirty, it’s better to change them.

Tips: If you purchase bright color overgrips, you can easily understand when you need to change the overgrips.

Frequency of playing:

Changing time also depends on the frequency of playing. I have mentioned below the changing time of overgrips based on the frequency of playing:

Occasional player

If you are not regular at tennis and play between one and four hours per week, changing overgrips once a week is sufficient. If you play for less time than that, still you should replace the older one. Always remember, once you have put the overgrip on the racquet, it starts to lose its elasticity and tackiness.

Club players:

Club tennis players generally spend more time in tennis with their fellow mates. The more you play tennis, the sooner the overgrips will lose their effectiveness. So, try to change the overgrips two to three times per week if you play tennis in local clubs or play local tournaments more frequently.

Advanced player:

All pro players don’t use overgrips. Those who use, usually change their overgrips every time before playing to exploit the maximum benefits from their overgrips.

How does the sweaty hand affect play?

How does the sweaty hand affect play

Sweta is not a big concern for all tennis players even though everyone sweats while playing tennis. However, sweat bothers those who sweat excessively. A sweaty hand can affect your performance in several ways.

Slipping off racquets:

Sweaty hands become slippery and non-grippy. Therefore, racquets tend to slip off the hand while trying to shoot the ball.

Poor delivery:

Effective control over the racquet is essential to be successful in tennis. That’s why everyone wants to have the highest level of grips. Adequate grip assists the players to deliver the shots perfectly.

However, when the hands get sweaty, the player’s focus can divert from their performances to the racquets. Moreover, sweaty hands get sticky very quickly which leaves players with less racquet maneuvering capacity. The result is poor delivery and match failure.

Arms pain:

When players’ hands get sweaty, they generally try to hold and move the racquet with force. It makes them tire quickly. If you play in such a manner for a long time, it can result in arm pain.

Tips for Dealing With Sweaty Hands in Tennis

For many tennis players, one of the most frustrating things can be trying to grip a tennis racket that is slick with sweat. While there are several ways to deal with this issue, one of the best is to simply try to keep your hands as dry as possible. Here are a few tips that can help you out:

-Although it is impossible to avoid sweaty hands, using wristbands can significantly reduce the sweat that drips from your arms to your hands.

Wash your hands thoroughly before you start playing. This will remove any oils or dirt that could make your hands slippery.

Use a towel to wipe your hands off between points. Make sure to use a separate towel for your face and body so you don’t transfer any sweat back onto your hands.


How do I apply an overgrip to my tennis racket?

First, remove the old overgrip from your racket. Next, unroll the new overgrip and apply it to the racket, starting at the bottom of the handle and working your way up. Be sure to apply pressure as you go to ensure that the overgrip is securely in place. Finally, trim the excess overgrip from the top of the racket.

How to wrap an overgrip?

An overgrip has to be wrapped properly to provide maximum effectiveness.
Unwrap the previously wrapped grip and clean the handle. Make sure it does not have remnants or stickiness from the previous one.

Hold the racquet in an upright position. The neck should be held in one hand and the handle in another.
Start from the bottom of the handle and go upward towards the neck. There will be a time when you have to overlap the grip as well. Keep the thickness 1/6 inch maximum.

How many overgrips should players apply?

It only takes one overgrip to seal a racquet handle completely. However, some players use multiple layers of overgrips to improve the thickness of the handle of the racquet. But the multiple layers make the handle round.

So, it becomes difficult for the players to deliver shots without twisting the racquet. Therefore, two layers of overgrips are pretty sufficient.

What is the difference between an overgrip and a replacement grip?

A replacement grip is directly installed on the racquet. It is a sticky inner surface that will get wrapped up with the handle without falling off.

On the other hand, an overgrip is wrapped over the replacement grip. It does not have any adhesive material on its inner surface. But its material is made in a way to stick to the replacement grip.

Is there a way to permanently stop sweaty hands?

According to some medical professionals, there is no permanent solution when it comes to sweaty hands; however, there are several ways to temporarily reduce sweat.

A variety of products such as powders and special grips have been created specifically for athletes with sweaty hands. The powders absorb moisture from the skin and allow for a better grip on the racket handle.

Special grips that are made from materials that can wick away moisture provide added traction so the player’s hand won’t slip during gameplay.


Any sport can get even more enjoyable if you have just the right equipment for it. One of the most exemplary things about heavy sports like tennis is that if you are using faulty equipment, there may be accidents.

To prevent such occurrences, we have brought you some top-notch reviews about the best tennis overgrip for sweaty hands. This article will help you as a guideline to buy the right one from professionals to amateurs.

Although many newcomer brands have been working great to make comfortable overgrips, the ones mentioned above have set the bar very high, to begin with. Buying these products will ensure the utmost safety of both your racquet and palm.