Top 10 Best Tennis Racket Under 50 for Beginners: Budget-Friendly of 2023

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Are you looking for an inexpensive tennis racket with quality features? You probably don’t want to spend a lot behind the racket as a beginner. No worries, there are some best tennis rackets under 50 that can make you in tennis sports. 

We have listed the 10 best cheap tennis racquets for a comfortable, lightweight, and firm grip. Most importantly, these will allow you to play tennis in comfort.

You will get the right direction to buy the best tennis racket 50 and the right resources for the best tennis rackets. In addition, there are some essential tips for you to play tennis. So why the delay? Let’s check it out. 

Our Top Pick

Oversized head, lightweight, gripped the handle, open string pattern, and well balanced. 

Excellent in power, control, and stability, Aluminum construction, stop shock pad, well balanced. 

Excellent control in swing, vibration-reducing lighter head design, nano titanium construction. 

One all-weather tennis racket cover with two overgrips, and three vibration dampers, along with two tennis rackets come under the same package!

105 sq. inch is pretty rare for 27” beginner-level rackets. It ensures more meddling. 

It Looks wonderfully good and offers everything possible in this price range. Players who try it rarely say they face tennis elbow after playing with this racket. 

Compatible with kids and teenagers rackets, utmost comfort, easy and comfortable grip size

Lightweight and faster head speed, larger sweet spot, two-handed backhand design, and durable construction

Headlight balance and pre-strung features, better maneuverability and control, one-year warranty

Provides more precise shots, a larger sweet spot, radical elite built, and a headlight balance feature

Top 10 Best Tennis Rackets Under 50 Dollars Reviews

We have done complete research at the root level of the market on several ranges of tennis rackets. Our main purpose was to find the best cheap tennis racquet for beginners. And luckily, we have got the top four high-quality best tennis rackets under $50. So today, we are sharing that list with you and letting you know why these are the best.

1) Wilson Federer Adult Recreational Tennis Racket (Best for overall performance)

Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

Wilson Adult is an excellent overall performer for both junior and senior players. Due to having a lot of unique features, it has become the best-selling tennis racket under 50. You will get more feel, power, and spin because Wilson’s adult frame size is more significant than another regular racket. 

Apart from that, a wider frame ensures maximum power and control. As a result, you can control the groundstrokes to retain mobility. Besides, this recreational racket is comparatively lightweight. 

In addition, his racket has an open string design and aluminium composition that is very comfortable for a beginner tennis player. 


The dimension of Wilson’s adult racket is 27 x 11 x 1 inch. And the size is 4 3/8″ with a 5.3 hammer. Also, know that the style is Federer – Version 2. 

Key Features:

  • The oversized head design is suitable for power and control on a tennis ball
  • It is lightweight, and its soft grip ensures more extended performance in tennis sports
  • The open string pattern design provides maximum power and spin
  • The graphite and aluminium composite construction makes this racket durable

What customers are saying:

The Beginner and intermediate players have been praised for their easy and convenient functions. Besides, maximum existing customers are happy with the easy-to-handle function and well-balanced performance. 

The default string doesn’t seem durable to some customers. And a few customers have said that it is not perfect for heavier topspin. 

2) WILSON Tour Slam Adult Recreational Tennis Rackets (Best for beginners to experts)

Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racket

Wilson tour slam comes with a new twist within the classic rackets. It is similar to the Wilson Federer tennis racket that brings happy news for both beginners and experts with a new experience.

Also, the Slam tour wins the player’s heart with its delicate, unique features and functions. You will get an excellent combination of control, power, and stability in this racket. 

Furthermore, the Wilson tour slam has a specialized stop pad that can reduce maximum vibration and shock. Also the frame size is roughly wider to provide a sweet spot for the starter. In short, this racket is highly efficient and powerful and will help you keep pace while hitting a groundstroke.


The measurement of the tour slam is 27 x 11 x 1 inch, and the weight is 10.41 Ounces. Do note the grip size is 4 1/4 inches and the construction materials are aluminum. 

Key Features:

  • Aluminium construction will allow you to use it for a long time
  • Unique Volcanic technology in frame design increases the stability and power
  • The stop shock pad function reduces the vibration and shock
  • A 3-point headlight system provides strung balance when playing

What customers are saying:

Existing customers have said about best comfort and spin. Moreover, it is easy to handle and well-balanced. In addition, beginners have been praised for the more prominent sweet spot. 

The power of this racket is comparatively less than another racket. 

3) HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket – (Best for swing controlling)

HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket

We have chosen this fantastic racket for beginners from the most trusted brand, HEAD. It has come with a worthy name Conquest when compared with the features. You can pick it up for more control when swinging. 

The frame material is a highly durable titanium alloy. Therefore, you will get additional power and stability for every shot. Its versatile features help entry-level players. 

Moreover, Ti. Conquest has excellent headlight features that also control the vibration level. Overall, it is the best cheap tennis racket for intermediate players.


The dimension of the Conquest tennis racket is 27 x 9 x 2 inches, and the weight is 14.39 Ounces. Hence the head size is 108 inches whereas the grip size is 4 1/4 inches. 

Key Features:

  • A unique head performance is helpful for all levels of play
  • The oversized 108″ giant head provides a sweet playing spot
  • It is designed to reduce vibration and all kinds of shocks
  • The nano-titanium technology ensures racket durability

What customers are saying:

The existing customers are mostly praised for this racket head performance. Besides, they are happy with the titanium construction. 

Some customers complain about the false grip.

4. Senston Tennis Rackets for AdultsBest for package

Senston Tennis Rackets for Adults

Starting a new tennis game? Why not give a try to the Senston tennis rackets? They have been a very regular choice of many customers in the recent past. So, no doubt, the Senston adult tennis racket is offering something!

The package comes with two tennis rackets, three tennis balls, three vibration dampers, two overgrips, and one racket cover. Guess what! Pretty amazing package with the racket. 

However, this tennis racket is for beginner players who understand what design suits them. 

Senton 27-inch L features one-piece molding technology and developed itself as super strong and long-lasting. It allows the beginner player to hit the ball faster without sacrificing the control over short. 


 It has a dimension of 27” x 96”, and the carry weight is 280 grams. It is a unisex racket that comes in red and blue colors. The frame and shaft material are both made of aluminum. The grip size is 4 1/4 inches. 

Key Features 

  • Lightweight, tough, and sturdy design. 
  • Delivers powerful hits with minimal vibration and reduces wrist strain. 
  • For offering an improved and comfortable batting experience, it features high-quality shock absorption. 
  • The one-piece molded (aluminum only) makes it durable. 

What Customers Are Saying

 As most of the customers of this racket are beginners, they always think about the price first. So the price is good as we didn’t find any complaints about it and the quality of the product. But the package includes balls, grips, and vibration damper, all are pretty average in quality. 

5. Layway Tennis Rackets- Recreational for Beginners – Best as an Oversized Head Tennis Racket

Layway Tennis Rackets- Recreational for Beginners

Layway pre-strung tennis racket is pretty good for novice players. It comes with 8 in 1 value pack. 2 x 27” tennis rackets, 2x tennis balls, two handle grips, and one all-weather tennis racket cover. 

As I already said, the racket comes pre-strung, so the string’s tension is fine for beginner players at least. And it maintains the right amount of tension. 

Another Notable thing, the racket has a big head of 105 sq. inches, which helps beginner players meddle with the balls and gain confidence. 


 The 27” Layway tennis racket is built with one piece material, aluminum. It weighs 9.12 ounces and occupies a dimension of 27” x 11”. 

Blue looks good on every age people. 

Key Features 

  • Very lightweight, so hands don’t get tired after a long play. 
  • The overgrip makes our grip strong, soft, and shockproof. 
  • A big head size ensures more surface area for the ball to hit. 
  • Prestrung makes it easy for new players. 

What Customers Are Saying 

Look, this tennis racket won’t, or any racket won’t make you a professional form beginner. But combining it with the racket and your skills.

Most of the beginners start learning precision on shots. I found a guy who started his career with the racket, and now he is a pro league player. The verified customers are very happy about its performance. 

6. OPPUM Adult Professional Tennis Racket – Best for Great Value

OPPUM Adult Professional Tennis Racket

Don’t get confused. Oppum Adult is a professionally made tennis racket with almost no flaws, but it is for beginner players. Its main duty is to enhance your skills and help you to play skillful shots and powerful shots. 

The package includes two tennis rackets and a tennis bag. The lightweight of these tennis rackets assists the players in achieving an exquisite balance of power and control. 


The 27” inch Oppum tennis racket has a 4 ½ inches handle, and the whole racket is made of aluminum. It weighs around 1 lbs, and its dimensions are 27” x 27”. 

Key Features 

  • The handle diameter is good enough for comfortable holding. 
  • It comes pre-strung with classic strings. 
  • Reduced racket vibration. It feels so smooth on hand while playing. 
  • The Oppum 27-inch tennis racket consists of aircraft-grade aluminum. 

What Customers Are Saying

 New players who want to start with a great value shouldn’t look further. Most of the players of the intermediate level appreciated this racket, as they are now in the intermediate stage, but their skills were set by the Oppum 27” racket. So it will really exceed your expectations. 

7. HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet – (Best for kids)

HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

HEAD Speed Kids are designed for kids only two years old. This tennis racquet is ideal for kids as it is designed with the utmost comfort in mind. Its speciality is kids-friendly design and features.

Its grip, handle, and head sizes are very convenient for kids. Besides, it has a headlight advantage that helps to prevent vibration. Overall, HEAD Speed is an awesome racquet for kids.


‎This kid’s tennis racquet’s dimension is 19 x 9.6 x 1.3 inches in length, width, and height. And the weight is only ‎6 Ounces. ‎Also, note that its grip size is 3 5/8 inches, and its total height is 19 inches. You will get this green-color aluminium tennis racquet with a minimum of one year of warranty.

Key Features:

  • Head speed comes with a 3 5/8 inches grip size that provides super comfort at the kid’s palm when hitting on the ball.
  • It has headlight features that always reduce vibration. As a result, kids and teenage beginner players will feel the comfortable practice
  • The aluminum I-beam construction makes it more durable and stable
  • It is compatible with kids of all ages, and teenagers also feel comfortable using it

What customers are saying:

Maximum existing customers are happy with this kids-friendly tennis racquet. Especially praised for its comfortable grip and lightweight head size.

But some customers would like to be happier with its features. They have talked about the less durable head and string. Some have got their racquet string broken after a few days.

8. WILSON Adult Recreational Tennis Rackets – (Best for recreational use)

WILSON Adult Recreational Tennis Rackets 3 - 4 38

WILSON Adult already become super popular with tennis lovers because of its amazing features. It is designed with an electric outlook with easy useability. We mostly liked the lightweight and faster head speed that allowed us to play for hours without effort.

Besides, this tennis racquet provides extraordinary power because of its 100 square inches larger head size. Moreover, it has come with a two-handed backhanded design and enough balance on the ball hitting.


‎The item dimension of the WILSON adult racquet is 27 x 11 x 1 inch, and the weight is 1 pound. Also, note that the built material is aluminium and the grip size is Grip Size 3 – 4 3/8″. And this beautiful racquet is available in red and grey color combination.

Key Features:

  • The oversized but lightweight head design provides great speed in the player’s hand. As a result, the player will get extraordinary power to control the ball.
  • Two-handed backhand design can use both right-handed and left-handed tennis racket players.
  • The 3 – 4 3/8″ grip allows many crossovers for women’s and men’s tennis players.
  • A lightweight frame with AirLite Alloy construction provides durability and stability.
  • It also has a powerful string, stop shock pads and v-matrix technology.

What customers are saying:

Customers are fascinated with this tennis for its lightweight oversized head, powerful string, convenient grip size, and durable construction.

Very few customers have complained about the handle quality.

9. Head Metallix White Tennis Racket – (Best for better control)

Head Metallix White Tennis Racket

Head Metallix is another heart-winning eye-catchy tennis racquet. The cutting-edge design, engineering excellence, and durable construction make this head Metallix popular. Besides, it is far more popular for head performance, headlight balance, and pre-strung features.

Moreover, the Metallix white tennis racquet provides enough Control and Maneuverability in tennis.


The dimension of the head Metallix is 27 x 10.5 x 0.7 inches, and it weighs ‎9.5 Ounces. Also, note the construction is made of graphite, and the grip size is ‎4 1/4 inches. This racquet is of white and black combination with one year of warranty.

Key Features:

  • Metallix technology is used to make this racquet durable, lightweight, and powerful.
  • The 100 Square Inch Head size provides a large sweet spot, and the 27-inch-longer handle ensures comfort.
  • It has ½ inches of headlight balance with a 22 mm wider beam, reducing the vibration during hitting.
  • Head Metallix White Tennis Racket has a 16 by 19 String Pattern and is pre-strung with Synthetic Gut.

What are customers saying?

Most customers have said that   Head Metallix is the best choice for beginners. Even all beginner tennis player is highly satisfied after using this.

Some customers have been disappointed with the vibration felt at down arms. Besides, some customers think it needs to be priced more.

10. HEAD Ti. Radical Elite Tennis Racket – (Best for expert tennis players)

HEAD Ti. Radical Elite Tennis Racket

HEAD Ti is a specially designed racquet for hitting off-center with more control and stability. It has come with extreme grid technology. That is why the player will enjoy a larger sweet spot and extra stability.

Besides, HEAD Ti has a contour cushion covering handle that more comfort and ideal grip. Apart from these, Radical Elite is built with graphite composite, ensuring more durability.


Head Ti elite racquet measurement is 27 x 12.1 x 1.5 inches, and the weight is ‎0.68 Kilograms. Its construction materials are Aluminum and Titanium. And you will get a one-year limited warranty with this excellent orange tennis racquet.

Key Features:

  • The oversized 107″ head creates a larger sweet spot suitable for all ages and players.
  • It is ideal for those players who are practicing tennis for more precise shots.
  • The headlight balance features reduce the vibration and increase stability when hitting the ball.
  • It is made with nano titanium technology, and the construction material is composite graphite.

What are customers saying?

Existing customers have praised this racquet for its pre-stung feature, oversized head, lighter weight, headlight balance, and nano titanium technology. Some customers are unsatisfied with a broken string that they have gotten from the seller.

What to Consider Before Buying a cheap tennis racket under $50

Usually, a beginner does not keep high-end ideas about tennis rackets. That is why they often get so confused when they go to buy a racket. Today we will talk about some of the critical features of a tennis racket that need to be on the standard racket. It will allow you to find the right racket without being confused.

tennis rackets under 50

Head Size:

A larger racket head size is always a blessing for beginners because it provides a wider sweet spot and hitting areas. Besides, an oversized head is much more forgiving than a smaller racket head. Keep in mind that a smaller head is suitable for the expert-level tennis player. 

I would suggest something like that:

  • up to 97 in^2 – small heads (mid)
  • 98 – 104 in^2 – (mid plus) average most popular among both players and amateurs
  • 105+in^2 and more – (oversize)

Racket Length:

AgeHeightRacquet Length
4 years or younger40 inches or shorter19 inches
4-5 years40-44 inches21 inches
6-8 years45-49 inches23 inches
9-10 years50-55 inches25 inches
10 or older55 inches or taller26 inches
AdultAny height27-29 inches

An ideal tennis racket length is 27 inches that are a perfect fit for the adult player because it offers more power, reach, and leverage. But this length would be smaller for the kids. Even manufacturing companies have released several short-length rackets. 


It is essential to know that stiffness is related to racket power. Even stiffness has a significant impact on power. Keep in mind that. The higher the stiffness, the less the racket’s bending power. Similarly, a flexible racket or less stiff racket can return more power. 


There have been several controversies about Racket Eight. Is a lightweight racket always good? We would say that a lightweight racket is easy to move and swing. That is why most players are interested in using a lightweight racket.

But a lighter racket is tough to control and keep stable. On the other hand, a heavier racket provides more control and stability. Overall, a lightweight one is preferable for beginners, and a heavier one is preferable for the expert. 

Beginner Players8-9.5 ozLightweight
Intermediate Players9.6-11.5 ozMidweight
Advanced Players11.6-12.6 ozheavy


There are three types of racquet weight distribution:

  • Balanced: The weight is evenly distributed across the racquet.
  • Headlight: More weight in the racquet’s handle.
  • Head heavy: The racquet’s head has much more weight.

Headlight racquets are heavier than standard racquets, but they are easier to manage since the majority of the weight is on the handle. Head-heavy racquets, on the other hand, allow lower-weight racquets to gain more power by adding weight to the head – similar to a hammer.

Feel should again be your determining factor as a beginner. You can go deeper into the complexities of balance and how it impacts racquet performance as your skills develop. Balance


With some simple process, you can find out the grip size of the racket. A smaller grip can be uncomfortable in your hand, but you can adjust it with an additional one or two grips. 

On the contrary, you can’t quickly reduce the oversized grip. Due to over-grip, your racket may twist often. Not all kids’ racket grip size is 4 inches. 

Tennis Strings:

Most tennis racket comes with pre-strung, so you do have not to tense about the tension. String refers to such a function that you want to upgrade with your playing level. 

Frame rigidity:

The greater the vibration absorption, the longer the touch with the ball, and hence the control and precision of play, the softer it is.

  • soft frames – about 60RA
  • rigid frames – around 70RA

Is a lighter or heavier tennis racket better?

“Lighter and heavier rackets both are unique in different aspects. A heavyweight tennis racket is best for power and stability, but it is tough to move and swing. On the other hand, a lightweight tennis racket is best for mobility and swing tennis players.

Overall, a lightweight racket is appropriate for beginners, and heavier weight is appropriate for experts”

Unique tips to take care of tennis rackets

A little care can make your tennis racket last longer. Here we noted some efficient methods.

  • Pick up the best quality tennis racket that is made from durable material
  • Bag up your tennis racket when you are not playing this will help you to prevent damp place
  • Manage a perfect storage location for your tennis racket to save it from rain, sun, and dust
  • Replace the old string and grip if needed that make the racket live longer
  • Change the grip size if it is not adjustable with your hand
  • Always handle your tennis racket in the proper ways 


What is the best tennis racket for intermediate players?

Intermediate tennis players are more active and skilled than a beginner but less skilled than expert players.

So, some best-budget tennis racket for intermediate players is required to improve their skill. And a specialized tennis racket for the intermediate player would be helpful for those. Babolat Pure Aero and Wilson Clash 100 are the best rackets for the intermediate stage.

Is a cheap tennis racket good?

It is good to know that chip price does not mean low quality. They have some best-quality tennis rackets with unique features and functions. These rackets are available at a reasonable price. Not only at an affordable price, but these cheap rackets are also impressive in performance.

What should I look for when buying a tennis racquet?

A larger head size = More Power; while a smaller head size = More Control.
Lighter Racket = More Power; Heavier Racket = More Control.
Open String bed = More Power; Denser String bed = More Control

Final Words:

Finding out the best tennis racket under 50 with all the required features may seem harsh, but we have added a list of the top four rackets. All of the listed rackets are best performers from several aspects like string, weight, grip, length, and performance. 

You can get ideas from our enlisted best-rated rackets. However, we recommend checking out the buying guide. Although this factor we have mentioned for adult beginners’ rackets, it also applied to the expensive racket. 

You can share your experience with this guide. If it is helpful for you, then share it with your nearest person. 

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