Best Tennis Replacement Grip – [A complete In-Depth Buying guide] of 2023

Last Updated on September 21, 2023 by Robert A. Foreman

Embarking on a quest to discover the perfect tennis racket grip, I soon became punctured, realizing that not always premium grips support my playing style demands. Then, I delved into the world’s best tennis replacement grip and tried many. 

Here I’ll discuss the replacement grips and review some of my top priorities. Thickness and tackiness are variable for every player, so I kept different grips for different purposes in my list. 

Our Top Pick 

  • Best Leather Tennis Racket Grip: Tourna Leather Grip
  • Best for Moisture Elimination: Babolat Syntec Pro Tennis Replacement Grip 
  • Best Grip for Sweaty Hands: Tourna Pro Thin Tennis Replacement Grip
  • Best for it’s Tackiness: HEAD Hydrosorb Pro Tennis Racquet Replacement Grip
  • Well Balanced, Not so Dry or Tacky: WILSON Sublime Replacement Tennis Grip
  • Suitable for Almost any sport’s Racket: Gamma Sports Tennis Racquet Replacement Grips
  • Made of The Best Stretchy Material: Wilson 2015 Contour Tennis Racquet Replacement Grip

Top 7 Best Tennis Replacement Grip Reviews: 

Here, I’ll let you know in detail about the replacement grips I used and found excellent in quality. Here you’ll see grips made of leather, synthetic, plastic, and many more and from various thicknesses. All have their own convenience. Let’s learn from them. 

1. Tourna Leather Grip

Tourna Leather Grip

Tourna has been making tennis grips for the last 40 years, so this grip is popular among tennis players. The amazing thing is, that you can use it for both overgrip and replacement grip. This grip feels soft and requires more stretch to have a tight-ish fit. 


  • Color: Tan 
  •  Material: Leather
  •  Thickness: 1.25 mm

Features at a Glance 

  • The beveled edge helps to have a seamless fit. 
  • Doesn’t require any glue to attach it to the handle. 
  • Premium synthetic polymer material ensures its durability and tacky feel.
  • Pretty easy to install both one over a grip or directly on the handle. 
                      Pros                           Cons
❖ Good cushion and insulator.
❖ No issues with the adhesive.
❖ The thick cushion layer absorbs the shock. 
❖ The grip is not perforated.

Tester Review

This grip looks good on any racket because of its color. I loved its durability, even into my rough palms, and so much practice couldn’t make it wear a bit. 

2. Babolat Syntec Pro Tennis Replacement Grip 

Babolat Syntec Pro Tennis Replacement Grip

Grips that are not too thick and always keep the shape of the handle visible are my favorite. Babolat replacement grip is thin, and its moto is “reduced half a grip size.” 


  • Color: Black 
  •  Material: Plastic
  •  Thickness: 1.9 mm

Features at a Glance 

  • It is considered the base grip of a few popular tennis rackets. 
  • Multiple colors are available. 
  • It absorbs moisture from the hand but keeps the grip tacky. 
  • The grip may get dirty but it never stains in the hand. 
                      Pros                           Cons
❖ Long lasting.
❖ Very tacky.
❖ The cushion layer is thinner than the leather made grip.
❖ It is not latex-free.

Tester Review 

I put this grip on my 4 and 3/8 size racket, and it felt thinner than my other 4 and 3/8 racket. But it felt a lot thicker on my four-and-a-quarter racket. 

3. Tourna Pro Thin Tennis Replacement Grip

Tourna Pro Thin Tennis Replacement Grip

Tourna Pro is a game changer in the replacement grip market. It has perforations on the grip surface, that’s why it is among the best tennis replacement grip for sweaty hands


  • Color: Black
  •  Material: Synthetic 
  •  Thickness: 1.25 mm

Features At a Glance

  • The black grip is perforated all over the grip. So hands get enough air to stay dry. 
  • The adhesive on the grip ensures tight and secure wrap on the handle. 
  • The beveled edges of the grip make it easy to wrap seamlessly. 
  • It reduces grip size from 4 3/8 to 4 ¼. 
❖ Super thin and after a few weeks it feels very comfortable.
❖ Grip that is worth the cost.
❖ Cushion and tackiness level is topnotch.
❖ The perforated surface catches dust. 

Tester Review

Tourna Grips has shown their experience for so long in the grip industry. The perfect thin I desire and still very much tacky in high humid Florida. 

4. HEAD Hydrosorb Pro Tennis Racquet Replacement Grip

HEAD Hydrosorb Pro Tennis Racquet Replacement Grip

The Head Hydrosorb Pro replacement grip is the most premium one among the Hydrosorb family. Pretty easy to install the grip and not much thinner but also not so thick. 


  • Color: Black
  •  Material: Synthetic 
  •  Thickness: 1.755 mm

 Features at a Glance

  • This grip is made of tacky elastomer material that offers additional gripping. 
  • It features a twin-channel system for better cushioning and airflow. 
  • More perforated than previous Hydrosorb grips. 
  • Comfortable Touch, sweat absorption, and tackiness are its main priorities.
❖ Excellent sweat absorption.
❖ Comes with many colors.
❖ Restore the perfect feel of the racket.
❖ Thicker than other Head tennis replacement grips.

Tester Review

It is the number one choice for a Head tennis racket. On other rackets, it doesn’t fit exquisitely. 

5. WILSON Sublime Replacement Tennis Grip

WILSON Sublime Replacement Tennis Grip

Nothing much to say about Wilson’s replacement grip; this brand has kept coming with new grips for tennis players for a long time. So their grips are for championship fights, no compromise with the quality. 


  • Color: Black
  •  Material: Polyurethane  
  •  Thickness: 1.8 mm

Features at a Glance 

  • It gives great balance, and embossed edges increase traction to your racket. 
  • As the entire grip is perforated, it absorbs a good amount of moisture. 
  • The grip feels balanced, not too dry, and not too tacky. 
                      Pros                           Cons
❖ Easy to install.
❖ Suitable as both replacement and overgrip.
❖ Makes the tennis racket feel light. 
❖ Attracts dust.

Tester Review 

Wilson’s replacement grip makes our tennis life easier. I felt so good with my tennis elbow after wrapping this grip. Surely it releases some extra pressure from the elbow. 

6. Gamma Sports Tennis Racquet Replacement Grips

Gamma Sports Tennis Racquet Replacement Grips

Gamma Sports has been leading the tennis sports sector from its beginning and is popular for its high-level gear. This grip is suitable for badminton, archery, pickleball, racquetball, squash, etc. 


  • Color: Black
  •  Material: Polyurethane  
  •  Thickness: 1.8 mm

Features at a Glance 

  • The perforated grip doesn’t allow moisture to build up. 
  • It absorbs shocks and generates less vibration. 
  • Made of absorbent material and tacky gripping surface. 
❖ Tacky and cushy.
❖ The tape is sticky too, but unwrapping is not a problem.
❖ Not overly tacky to attract dust. 
❖ Not very durable.

Tester Review 

Very lightweight grip and makes the racket stick into your palm all the time. It made me feel like every shot was under control. 

7. Wilson 2015 Contour Tennis Racquet Replacement Grip

Wilson 2015 Contour Tennis Racquet Replacement Grip

Over the last eight years, this has been a staple grip for tennis overgrip for sweaty hands. The Cushion-AIre Classic is made of thin, stretchy felt, so gripping it gives a premium vibe. 


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Thin, Stretchy felt
  • Thickness: 1.8 mm

Features at a Glance 

  • The ridge allows an increased grip sensation. 
  • Enough perforations to stop palms from getting sweaty.
  • A raised edge ensures better gripping. 
                      Pros                           Cons
❖ Suitable for any racket game.
❖ Slim to mid-diameter fit.
❖ Adequate amount of tacky. 
❖ It has a kind of bulky profile.

Tester Review 

I have had this grip for a couple of weeks and found it very comfortable and durable. But don’t try it as an overgrip. 

How to Choose the Best Leather Replacement Grips

How to Choose the Best Leather Replacement Grips

Replacing your grip with a new one depends on a player’s personal choice. Every player has a different demand for gripping, and an imperfect gripping experience may hamper their playing skills. So there is no right and wrong for choosing a replacement grip. However, some basic values may differ for different grips to serve different objectives. 


Some players always look for the best leather grip tennis because they prefer a thicker and more cushy feel from the grip. But the leather grip has no moisture-absorbing ability, so you must change the grip frequently. 

In contrast, synthetic grips provide maximum comfort and come with perforated designs, so for sweaty hands, synthetic grips are considered good.  


Leather grips have more thickness than synthetic grips. But it doesn’t always happen. Some brands come with special models of synthetic grips that are tucker than usual. Usually, 1.2mm to 1.8 mm thick is good enough for most players. 

Raised Edges

Raised edges help our palms to grip the handle, and also, while installing the grip, it gives a better idea if your wrapping is good. 

Tackiness and Adhesive 

Tackiness means the tennis handle doesn’t slip out or spin into your hand due to very dry or sweaty palms. Usually, leather grips don’t have tackiness, that’s why for tackiness, you must add an overgrip on the leather grip. 

These are common things every tennis player must look at before purchasing any new replacement grip. As a player, you must find out which type of grip you like most. 

Replacement Grip vs Overgrip

Replace grip and overgrip are two popular terms for tennis rackets. But many of us don’t know the difference between them. There are very few differences, but you must still identify which one is a replacement grip and which is an overgrip for your convenience. 

    Replacement Grip                    Over Grip
ThicknessThicker (1.2 – 1.8  mm)Thinner ( about 0.65 mm)
CushioningAdequatePretty cheap
AdhesiveOn the whole length of the grip.Only to the two ends.
UsesDirectly over the handle.Wrapped over a replacement grip, foam grip or manufacturer’s grip.

How to Change Your Tennis Racquet Replacement Grip


What is a replacement grip in tennis? 

The replacement grip is a thicker grip that we wrap directly over the tennis racket handle. Usually, a replacement grip has good cushioning, better moisture absorption ability, and excellent tackiness. 

Can I use an overgrip as a replacement grip? 

Overgrips are thinner, have less cushioning, or no cushioning. They are usually made for wrapping over a replacement grip. So it only offers good tackiness, but if you want durable service, Overgrip is far away. 


Hopefully, now you understand what’s the value behind researching so much about replacement grips. It may sound like a small thing, but this small thing has a huge impact on a player. Also, there is a process to install the replacement grip. So don’t try it randomly, otherwise, you may end up losing a grip before using it. Better take help from an expert at first and learn from him. 

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