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best Tennis Shock Absorbers – Top 5 tennis dampeners for 2022

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Last Updated on October 5, 2022 by Robert A. Foreman

Beginner tennis players may wonder if they need a tennis shock absorber or not. Well, if you want to know the real facts, While you are hitting the ball with your racquet, there will be a high vibration on the strings, which leads to your wrist and elbow. Sometimes the vibration causes injury to your body.

Thanks to advanced technology, you have shock absorbers or dampeners to absorb the shock. It is placed on the strings and absorbs the shocks. When you feel improved while hitting the ball, it lays for a good gaming session. So you need the dampeners to enhance gaming performance. 

In this article, we will provide a review of the 4 best tennis shock absorbers. You can get the right accessory right here. We also added a buying guide and FAQs for your ease. 

If you are in a hurry, scroll down to our top picks.

Image Product Title Top Feature Price
adv Sorbz Tennis Dampeners ADV Sorbz Tennis Dampeners Durable and long-lasting cushioned feel & Quick installation for dampeners Check Latest Price
ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener Choose Your Perfect Feel & Lifetime Guarantee Check Latest Price
ALIEN PROS Performance Tennis Racket Dampeners Alien Pros performance Tennis Dampeners Unbeatable Feel at Each Shot Check Latest Price
ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener Built From Long Lasting Engineered Poly-Silicone Check Latest Price
Vibra Worm Tennis Racquet Vibration Dampener Vibra Worm Tennis Racquets Vibration Dampener Gel Filled Vibration Dampener
Covers 5 or 6 strings for more vibration reduction
Check Latest Price

Top 5 Best tennis shock absorber Reviews:

We have picked tennis shock absorbers that are tested by experts and get positive reviews. It is hard to get the best dampeners from numerous brands. To eliminate your confusion, you go through our review and you will make a worthy purchase. 

1. ADV Sorbz Tennis Dampeners

adv Sorbz Tennis Dampeners

ADV is a popular brand for producing high-quality shock dampeners. Many expert tennis players pick ADV tennis vibration dampeners for improved performance. It is a set of 12 pieces of Sorbz dampeners, and they all come in fun colors and shapes. The designs of the Sorbz are unique, and you can show more variety on the field. 

These shock absorbers have a durable build quality and a long-lasting softened feel. They instantly absorb shocks in every shot. Moreover, it looks beautiful on the racket, and you can even give this cute gift to your friends. 

You can easily snap the dampeners on the racket. It is quick to install and stays tightly on the place. So you don’t need to worry about losing the dampeners. After installing, there will be less vibration on the string. 


  • Brand Name:   ‎ADV Tennis
  • Package Dimensions:  ‎4.25 x 3.62 x 0.67 L x W x H) inches
  • Weight: ‎0.04 Kg
  • Piece of set: 12 

Key Features 

  • The shorbz dampeners have unique and attractive designs.
  • Made with durable material and lasts for years.
  • Quick installation and stick on the place.

What do customers say?

The shorbz dampeners have cute designs that all users love. They are durable and very effective. The installation is also faster.

But sometimes they pop off from the racket and many lose them. 

2. ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener (Black)

ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener

At present, ADV has brought the best tennis dampener for professionals, beginners, or coaches. This is a package of 3 pieces of dampeners that have different features. They have unique shapes, sizes, and densities for ultimate performance. You can choose between the pieces for better dampening, stiffness, and feel according to your playing style. 

These shock absorbers are durability engineered that give precise absorbs shocks in long play. That is why many expert players recommend these dampeners for satisfying absorbing ability.  

You will be impressed to see the tough construction of the dampeners. They have a grooved locking system that connects with the cross and main strings. This prevents moving and popping off during playtime. It won’t snap, or chip during a long playing session. 

A tennis shock absorber is used to reduce injury on the elbow and wrist. When you are playing legal tournaments, the ADV absorber will save you from wear and tear to your body. 


  • Brand name: ‎ADV Tennis
  • Package Dimensions: 5.47 x 3.39 x 0.24 (L x W x H)
  • Weight‎: 0.02 Kilograms
  • Piece of set: 3

Key Features

  • The shock absorber is available in many attractive colors. 
  • 3 pieces have unique features to match perfectly with your gaming style. 
  • The robust build gives premium performance. 

What do customers say?

The users are very satisfied with the texture of the dampeners; they are soft, durable, and smooth. The unique design meets every tennis player’s needs. They stick to the strong and don’t move during play. 

But the installation process is not too easy and it needs time. 

3. ALIEN PROS Performance Tennis Racket Dampeners – (Perfect Tennis Shock Absorbers)

ALIEN PROS Performance Tennis Racket Dampeners

Alien Pros brings the best tennis dampeners in 2022. It reduces string rattles and absorbs shocks. So you can lessen the chance of injury during play and it boosts your tennis performance instantly. 

Each Alien dampener covers 2 strings vertically and 4 strings horizontally to absorb the shock for the best performance possible. In turn, it does not move from the strings and you don’t get any disturbance during mid-play. It gives an unbeatable feel that ensures a smooth shot. 

The dampeners have a special design that offers hassle-free installation. With 1 push you can open the slot into 1 string every time, so you need to pull the dampeners firmly around the rest of the strings. After installation, it will never fall from the strings. 


  • Brand name: Alien Pros
  • Package Dimensions: 3.4 x 3 x 0.7 (L x W x H) inches
  • Weight: ‎0.02 Kilograms
  • Piece of set: 3 
  • Colour: Black

Key Features

  • Ideal shock absorber for beginners to expert players
  • The hassle-free installation ensures easy usage
  • The smooth and tough texture gives an unbeatable feel

What do customers say?

The dampeners are an excellent choice to reduce shocks in the racket. Its unique design makes it effective and does not pop off while playing. 

But many experts say the dampeners are good enough for the mid-range player style. 

4. ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener (Red)- (Premium Quality, Durable)

ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener

ADV offers a wide range of cool tennis dampeners. The brand brings the best product so that it can solve the player’s everyday problems. You will get 3 pieces of dampeners in a package and they are all varied from each other. The different size allows customizing your feel according to your playing style. So it is the ultimate choice for the players.  

The grooved locking system is great to eliminate fall-off and helps to stay connected with the strings. This effectively eliminates vibration and saves your wrist, shoulder, and elbow from being injured. 

Many players pick the ADV dampeners to improve the game. The vibration-eliminating ability is excellent and it won’t snap or fall apart. So if you want to irritation-free tournament, then try these awesome head dampeners.


  • Brand name: ‎ADV Tennis
  • Package Dimensions: 5.47 x 3.39 x 0.24 (L x W x H)
  • Weight‎: 0.02 Kilograms
  • Piece of set: 3
  • Colour: Red

Key Features

  • These high-quality dampeners reduce shock and vibration from the racket.
  • You can choose from 3 different pieces of a dampener to customize the feel.
  • It has a very durable build for long-lasting usage. 

What do customers say?

The users call ADV dampeners the best vibration dampeners. Actually, they are in high demand in the market. They offer a great feel to the players. Moreover, the dampeners don’t fall off the racquet. 

But it is quite a hassle to install the dampeners on the strings.

5. Vibra Worm Tennis Racquet Vibration Dampener-(Premium Quality)

Vibra Worm Tennis Racquet Vibration Dampener

In our guide before the reviews, we discussed worm dampeners like the Vibra tennis racquet vibration dampeners. As a result, they cover a greater number of strings – between 5 and 6. However, don’t anticipate any gains in terms of tennis elbow or other problems as a result of this.

There are six worm vibration dampeners in one bundle, and they’re reasonably priced. These dampeners are a terrific deal, but they’re flimsier and may not last as long as more costly tennis dampeners as a result of their reduced price.
Simply slip the Vibra dampeners between your racquet strings, and you’re ready to go. They won’t grip the strings as tightly as the ADV Max Sorb dampener we evaluated at the start, but they should be good.

When it comes to tennis vibration dampeners that are easy to install, the Vibra dampeners may be the best option. Keep in mind that their level of quality isn’t the best.


  • There are six vibration dampeners included.
  • Cover 5 to 6 strings.
  • It’s a great deal for the price.


  • It’s a little on the flimsy side

What do customers say?

The user says he enjoys using this dampener on his racquet because it gives him more control. To begin with, it’s an excellent deal when compared to similarly priced alternatives. When it comes to getting things done, this program excels. It’s a good design for absorbing stress

A Buying Guide for the Best Tennis Shock Absorber (Vibration Dampener)

tennis shock absorbers

Since there are plenty of tennis vibration dampeners on the market, you will get confused trying to find the right one. Here are some features to consider that will lead you to buy the best one. 


The best tennis shock absorbers effectively reduce vibrations and shocks from the racquet. Consider the performance of the dampeners as they are really working or not. 


A durable dampener is needed to have a great outcome. The quality also ensures the long-lasting usage of the product. Moreover, strong dampeners don’t move from the strings and fall off while playing on the field. 

Easy to install:

Pick a dampener that is simple to install on the strings. Some dampeners are complicated to install, and many have not succeeded, resulting in their inability to get the result. That is why ease of installation is an important feature to consider. 


When the dampeners are attached to the tennis racquet, they are usually not visible. However, the players wish to select a different option. There are dampeners with emojis or other graphics printed on them.

Shape or Style

If you want a button-style dampener, you can obtain these in both rectangular and circular shapes. You may always select the one that best matches your preferences.

Number of shock absorbers (Dampeners)

Simple two, four-, and six-string guitars may all be equipped with shock absorbers or dampeners. You may purchase many dampeners in a single bundle. Different sizes of dampeners may be used together, or a pack of the same size can be used.

They may be easily misplaced due to their tiny size. The shock absorbers or dampeners may potentially be damaged if the tennis ball strikes them.

Should You Get Tennis shock absorbers?

You may want to consider using shock absorbers (vibration dampeners) if your racquet doesn’t feel right when it hits the ball. Your racquet’s sound should be softer with shock absorbers (vibration dampeners), which some people like, while others don’t.

You could be disappointed, tho, if your goal is to prevent tennis elbow or alleviate an existing issue.

If you want to limit the amount of shock that your arm receives when you strike the ball, look for racquets with a high degree of flexion.

Tennis shock absorbers (Vibration dampeners) may be sought by some in an attempt to improve their game, but this is not a certain way to become a tennis great.

Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Serena Williams are just a few of the tennis giants that utilize a tennis dampener. As a result, it’s safe to say that tennis absorbers aren’t necessary for success in this sport. As a result, the decision to add shock absorbers to your tennis racquet is mostly subjective.

What Does a Dampener Do On A Tennis Racquet?

If you asked 100 players why they use vibration dampeners or what they do with them, you’d receive a variety of answers, including altering the way it feels, treating tennis elbow, lowering vibration, and injury prevention in general.

Most players, on the other hand, utilize vibration dampeners to modify the “ping” sound that occurs when the ball collides with the racquet.

The rubber dulls or muffles the sound, and most players use it more for mental/auditory comfort than for physical protection.

They definitely make a difference in sound, in my experience, and if you’ve ever had one come out during a rally, you’ll know it’s not in there when you hear that pinging sound on the following ball.

How do tennis dampeners or shocks work?

Tennis racquet dampeners or shock absorbers are little pieces of rubber that may be attached to or sandwiched between the strings.

They are primarily used to lessen racket string vibration since many players dislike the sound and sensation that is produced when the ball strikes the racket. Using a shock absorber or dampener may help with this by distributing the ball’s energy as it hits the racket, absorbing some of the stress.

As a result, the racket’s pinging loudness and vibration are reduced when it makes contact with the ball.

Our Recommendation Tennis Vibration Dampener

Our 1st recommendation is ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener is our top pick. All rackets may be used with the grooved channel locking mechanism and poly-silicon material construction.

ADV Sorbz Tennis Dampeners is our second choice for the best value in tennis dampeners. The finest silicone used in the construction of these three tennis vibration dampeners has an eye-catching neon pattern.

How to install tennis shock absorber

Tennis Shock Dampener Functions And Reviews


1. What is the best tennis shock absorber?

The best tennis shock absorber effectively reduces vibration while serving shots. In our review, you can find the best tennis shock absorbers. Among them, ADV vibration dampeners are the best shock absorber on the market. 

2. Are tennis shock absorbers any good?

The tennis shock absorber is a small and cheap accessory that can make huge improvements in the game. It reduces vibration while hitting the ball and save your elbow and wrist from injury. It is a necessary attachment to the tennis racket

3. Do professional tennis players use shock absorbers?

At present time, many top players in the world add dampeners to their rackets. Even successful tennis players like Serena Williams and Roger Federer use dampeners in their racquets

4. What is the best vibration dampener for tennis?

ADV brand is a well-known brand for producing the best vibration dampener for tennis. Its vibration dampener offers a great feel and is durable enough. Players of any level can use the best vibration dampeners.

Final Thoughts

Some fat tennis players cannot play without the shock absorber. Whether your gaming level is, a shock absorber truly improved the game. For your safety, you should consider this small tool. You can get the best dampeners from our review that will meet your expectations.

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