Top 6 best tennis shoes for toe draggers – Most durable tennis shoes in 2023

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Toe dragging can be a big issue while playing tennis. If you have a toe-dragging issue, then your tennis shoes are supposed to be durable. Because the outsole gets worn out due to toe drags. A worn-out sole never gives the stability and grip that you require while playing. Moreover, you need enough toe space; otherwise, you will feel discomfort all day long. 

Finding the right-fitting shoes can be a real headache but it will be gone by reading the article. We have enriched this article with the best tennis shoes for toe draggers. You can get suitable shoes according to your needs. Also, read our complete buying guide for the best tennis shoes. 

A Quick View with Comparison Table:

Every person has a unique foot pattern, so it is hard to get the right pick. Since shoes are an important component in tennis, you should choose only the best one. The tennis shoe market is really very wide. So it may be hard to get the perfect one minding the toe dragging issue. That’s why we have brought the most suitable choices that offer incredible durability and comfort.    

The advanced technologies of the shoes make them the best choice for tennis players. 

The toe guard of the shoes provides excellent support against the toe dragging serve. 

Breathable covering and padded midsole provide extra comfort during playing tennis. 

The technology of the shoes provides an extreme level of stability.

The features and build quality are spot-on for playing flawless tennis sessions.  

These shoes weigh only 2 pounds that is very lightweight as well comfortable.

Image Product Title Top Feature Price
ASICS Men's Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoe Sole Material:
Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Outer Material:
Faux Leather
Check Latest Price
Screenshot_5 K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express  Sole Material:
Outer Material:
Synthetic Leather Upper
Check Latest Price
Babolat Men's SFX 3 All Court Tennis Shoes Babolat Men’s SFX 3 All Court Tennis Shoes Sole Material:
Closure Type:
Check Latest Price
ASICS Men's Court FF 2 Tennis Shoes ASICS Men’s Court FlyteFoam 2 Tennis Shoes Sole Material:
Closure Type:
Check Latest Price
ASICS Men's Court FF 2 Tennis Shoes ASICS Men’s Court FlyteFoam 2 Tennis Shoes Rubber sole & Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Technology Cushioning System Check Latest Price
ASICS Men's Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe Outer Material:
Closure Type:
Check Latest Price

Top 6 Best Tennis Shoes For Toe Draggers Reviews:

Tennis shoes should give ample grip and support. Actually, the blend of comfort, speed, and support makes the best tennis shoes. On the top, the players who have toe-dragging issues always look for new shoes as the shoes are worn out quickly. So here are reviews of the best tennis shoes so that you can get only the perfect one.   

1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes (Best Overall)

ASICS Men's Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes

The ASICS men’s Gel-Delicate 6 is specially designed for tennis players. It features the most advanced technologies that offer ultimate comfort and support. This is the top choice of pro tennis players as the front toe area is big enough for toe draggers. Its tennis toe guard protector enhances durability and stability. The upper side has mesh material that increases breathability and allows you to wear the shoes for a long time. 


  • Dimension: 13.1 x 8.6 x 4.9 inches
  • Weight: 2.1 Pounds
  • Color: White & Blue
  • Material: Synthetic & Mesh 

Key Features 

  • Features EVA midsole for absorbing shock and increasing the rebound
  • GEL technology in the forefoot offers cushioning and comfort. 
  • Molded TRUSSTIC system under the midfoot area gives extra stability and control torsion. 

What customers say: 

ASICS Gel-Delicate 6 is a stylish and comfortable option for players. Its comfort and extra stability make you ready to see off any competition. You can make smooth transitions on the court. 

But many toe draggers have problems with sizing and fitting. 

2. K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express  (Best For Tennis Toe Guard)

K-Swiss Men's Hypercourt Express 

The K-Swiss Hypercourt Express is the best tennis shoe for toe draggers. You will get a combination of advanced Swiss technology and a classic look. There are available multi colors to match your profile. The shoes are composed of leather and provide excellent performance. The unique OrthoLite foam liner makes an amazing moisture management system to keep your feet cooler, drier, and healthier. 


  • Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Material: Leather
  • Color: White & Navy

Key Features 

  • Features Aösta 7.0 rubber outsole that provides great durability from heel to toe. 
  • A 180-degree thermal plastic Plantar Support Chassis Is used for mid-foot stability. 
  • Draggurad and Dragwrap are located in the high wear area and defense against toe-dragging.

What customers say:

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express is a good pick if you want durability and a stylish look at the same time. The build quality and modern technology make the shoes more supportive and extra comfortable in the game. These tennis shoes are suitable for long wearing without sweating. 

The upper is made of leather, and it gets wrinkled after some time.

3. Babolat Men’s SFX 3 All-Court Tennis Shoes (Best For Comfort)

Babolat Men's SFX 3 All Court Tennis Shoes

Never compromise with your comfort, as it contributes to in-game improvement. Babolat SFX 3 is another perfect tennis shoe with toes. They provide the expected stability and comfort in the court. SFX 3 offers a good fit for wide feet. The shoes have a flexible rear end, perfect for toe draggers. When the heel drags on the ground, the shock is absorbed by the foam and rubber elements. Thus, you can restore your foot strength. 


  • Sizes: 8, 12.5
  • Weight: 13.9 ounces
  • Color: Dark Blue

Key Features 

  • It contains an ergonomic insole made of dual-density memory foam for providing comfort. 
  • Double-layer mesh with synthetic detailing ensures breathability and smooth movement. 
  • The outsole is made of premium-grade rubber, giving optimum grip and stability. 

What customers say: 

Babolat SFX 3 features a protective toe shield. The tennis shoe toe guard adds an extra layer to safeguard the tip against abrasion while toe dragging and serving. Moreover, the supportive fit and comfort are also top-notch.  

But the shoes are pricy which is a drawback for some users. 

4. ASICS Men’s Court FF 2 Tennis Shoes (Best For Stability)

ASICS Men's Court FF 2 Tennis Shoes

ASICS Court FF 2 is the first tennis shoe that comes with mono sock construction. This feature gives you more comfort and holds your heel and toe in place. That’s why many pro players loved these toes tennis shoes. They have a wave design looks very unique and you can get them in various color schemes.


  • Dimensions: 12.76 x 9.76 x 4.88 inches
  • Weight: 2.03 Pounds
  • Color: White & Green 

Key Features 

  • The shoes feature FLYTEFOAM technology for the lightest midsole and it provides more cushioning from start to finish.
  • The TWISTRUSS system of the shoes gives extra flexibility and allows the foot a full range of movement. 
  • The shoes are spacious from all sides and much adjusting. 

What customers say: 

ASICS FF 2 tennis shoes offer a secure fit that enhances your grip. It ensures stability all around your feet. The shoes are light and not clumpy at all while serving. However, the color and design of the shoes are incredible. 

You should order the actual size otherwise it will create problems. 

5. ASICS Men’s Court FF 2 Tennis Shoes (Best High-end Shoes

ASICS Men's Court FF 2 Tennis Shoes Black

ASICS FF 2 becomes a good chunk in the performance. Its durability and cut-out weight increases faster response time and a court-hugging feel. These shoes feature a MONO-SOCK construction and FLYTEFOAM technology that makes them incredibly capable shoes for tennis. It features an organic super fiber construction making a perfect blend of speed, support, and comfort. 


  • Dimension: 12.76 x 9.76 x 4.88 inches
  • Weight: 2.03 Pounds
  • Color: Black

Key Features 

  • The elastic internal sleeve holds your foot securely in lieu of tongue construction. 
  • The PU-covered upper provides form-fitting comfort without a reduction in support.
  • The durable rubber outsole with toe protection reduces abrasion during toe drags. 

What customers say: 

ASICS Men’s Court FF 2 is a high-end tennis shoe. The advanced features and build quality are spot-on providing comfort, and speed. These newly engineered tennis shoes satisfy every need of tennis players. 

Since the shoes have lots of modern spaces, the price is higher. 

6. ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe (Best For Lightweight)

ASICS Men's Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe

Our last pick for toe draggers is the ASICS GEL-resolution 7. Because these tennis shoes have a special Ahar Plus outsole that is strategically positioned in critical areas so that you can get more exceptional durability than ever. Moreover, the PGUARD Toe Protector and high-abrasion rubber also ensure security against toe drags and serves. 


  • Dimensions: 13.1 x 7.7 x 4.6 inches
  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Color: Mid Gray & White

Key Features 

  • The trusstic system decreases the weight of the sole unit, providing better performance. 
  • The Flexion fit upper gives a form-fitting comfort without compromising support. 
  • The sole and toe guard enhanced the toe’s durability. 

What customers say: 

ASICS GEL-resolution 7 is an amazing pair of tennis shoes that offers sturdiness, support, and comfort. They are specially made for tennis players minding their necessities. The flexibility, stabilizing support, and premium cushioning is perfect for enjoyable gameplay. 

They tend to give the perfect fit for those who have wider feet. So it will be roomy for players with narrower feet.

Buying Guide For The Best Tennis Court Shoes For Toe Draggers 

You can buy suitable tennis shoes if you maintain some factors while buying them. So here is the complete buying guide for the best tennis shoes for toe draggers. 

best tennis shoes for toe drag

Shoe type:

There are three main types of tennis shoes – court shoes, clay court shoes, and grass court shoes. Each type of shoe is designed for a specific type of surface, so it is important to choose the right shoe type for the surface you will be playing on.


Perfect sizing is the most important factor when buying tennis shoes. You should order the actual size according to your feet. Larger or narrower shoes can give an awkward feeling all the time and can have a bad impact on the game. Ensure the exact size of your tennis shoes. 


Choose a durable outsole for tennis players. The outsole provides the required grip and stability. So it is necessary to have good quality. Moreover, toe dragger’s shoes get worn out quickly. A durable outsole ensures long-lasting wearing. 

Toe Guard:

Toe draggers must look for this feature in tennis shoes. Because the toe guard gives ultimate protection to that area where it faces excessive abrasion. The toe protector prevents wear. 


Nowadays, famous shoe brands have brought advanced technology to make them suitable for each situation. The cushioning, light, and stable midsole are preferable for tennis shoes. If the midsole is padded enough you will feel comfortable all day long. 

Shoe uppers:

The uppers of tennis shoes are made of either leather or synthetic materials. Leather uppers are more expensive, but they are also more durable. Synthetic uppers are less expensive, but they may not last as long. Toe draggers should choose a shoe with uppers that are durable and comfortable.

Shoe construction:

The three main types of tennis shoe construction are canvas, leather, and synthetic. Canvas shoes are the least expensive and the most breathable, but they are also the least durable. Leather shoes are more expensive, but they are more durable and provide more support. Synthetic shoes are made of a variety of materials, and they fall somewhere in between canvas and leather shoes in terms of price, durability, and support.

What are the characteristics of tennis shoes for toe draggers?

Toe draggers are players who tend to drag their toes along the ground while playing, often as a result of poor footwork or technique. This can cause excessive wear and tear on the toes and soles of the shoes, so it’s important to choose a pair that can withstand the extra wear and tear.

Here are some characteristics to consider when looking for tennis shoes for toe draggers:

Toe box shape and width:

Toe draggers need a wider and more spacious toe box to accommodate the extra movement and wear on the toes. Look for shoes with a round or square toe shape, rather than a pointy or narrow one.

Outsole durability and traction:

Toe draggers will benefit from shoes with a durable outsole that can withstand the extra wear and tear on the toes. Look for shoes with a high-density rubber outsole or other material that is designed to resist abrasion and provide good traction on the court.

Arch support and stability:

Toe draggers may also need extra support and stability to help improve their footwork and technique. Look for shoes with good arch support and a stable platform to help keep the feet aligned and balanced.

Cushioning and shock absorption:

Toe draggers may also benefit from shoes with extra cushioning and shock absorption to help reduce the impact on the feet and ankles. Look for shoes with a padded insole, midsole, or heel cup to help absorb shock and reduce fatigue during long matches.

Why do tennis players drag their toes?

Tennis players may drag their toes to generate more power and spin on their shots. When hitting a shot, a player’s weight should be transferred from their back foot to their front foot. Dragging the toes can help a player maintain contact with the ground for longer, which can allow them to transfer their weight more smoothly and generate more power and spin on their shots.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is a toe guard necessary?

While buying tennis shoes for toe draggers, it becomes an essential feature in the shoes. Shoes with a toe guard protect the rear end from abrasive due to toe drags. This feature increases the lifespan of the shoes. 

How to choose tennis shoes for toe draggers?

Toe draggers should choose slip-resistant tennis shoes for the best performance. However, we have included a complete guide in this regard that helps you to choose the perfect tennis shoes.   

Why do toe draggers have trouble finding shoes?

Toe draggers often have trouble finding shoes because most shoes are designed for people who do not drag their toes. This can cause pain in the toe area for toe draggers.

Are there any downsides to wearing tennis shoes designed for toe draggers?

The main downside to wearing tennis shoes designed for toe draggers is that they can be more expensive than traditional tennis shoes. However, many players feel that the extra cost is worth it for the added support and comfort.

Final Words

Reading this review, you can make a worthy decision while buying tennis shoes. We have compiled those tennis shoes that can satisfy your expectation. They are sported by pro tennis players. 

At a reasonable price range, you can check out ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes or K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express and enjoy great value. We have also included the premium on ASICS Men’s Court FF 2 Tennis Shoes (Black) for the optimal experience in the game.

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