8 Best tennis strings for tennis elbow: Most arm-friendly for 2023

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Tennis strings are one of the mandatory equipment for a tennis racquet that hugely impacts the players. There is a depth relation between string tension and tennis elbow. So, it is crucial to choose the best tennis strings for the tennis elbow.

Choosing the perfect tennis string is important for tennis players who already have passed the beginner level. Varieties of skills are at the intermediate tennis level. So, the player needs to ensure their comfort at the elbow with the right gear.

This guide reviews the best tennis strings that are very comfortable for a tennis elbow. So, stay with us to find what is the best string for a tennis elbow.

Our Top Pick

Attractive features, guaranteed power and comfort, best tennis performance, and comparatively lower price

the composite build-up, high-end technology, promising playability, better protection

Natural guts, good control, and speed, outstanding feel, elbow-friendly, and long-term playability.

Excessive power, compatible with a wide range of tennis, thicker outer protection

careful inspection, premium characteristics, organic construction material, and better tension maintenance.

Exceptional power, superior comfortability, great stability, protection, and durable

Budget-friendly, a great combination of power and control, lightweight, and available varieties of color.

Great shock absorption and power, available in different colors and sizes, 30% more elongated, and increases filament number

Top 8 Best tennis strings for tennis elbow Reviews:

We know that tightly strung strings are not recommended for tennis players. Also, extra loose strings are not good for the elbow. So, we have researched the perfect string size and quality. Most importantly, we researched in-depth before choosing each product. Here are the core results of our extensive research on the best tennis racket strings for tennis elbow. So, let’s start.

1. Wilson 17 Gauge Natural Gut Tennis String – (Best quality)

Wilson 17 Gauge Natural Gut Tennis String

The Wilson 17 Gauge Natural Gut Tennis String is for those who are tight on a budget yet crave the best shots. Along with attractive features, this string ensures a tennis player’s worth of choice and investment. 

This string is made of natural Serosa fibers and has a 17 gauge/1.25 mm gauge size. It weighs 10 grams and measures 40 feet/12.2 meters in length. 

Key features:

  • The material guarantees maximum power and comfort and the best tennis string tension for tennis elbow
  • Natural gut provides control, spin, and durability at its best.
  • It is an incredible product for bringing out the best tennis performance in any game duration.
  • With a great hold-up, the string allows the player to play nonstop for a long time.
  • Compared to other string brands, it costs competitively less.

What customers are saying:

It is a good tennis string in terms of price and features. With care and moderate playtime, this string can last up to 2 months without any issues.

This string is cheaper, less comfortable, and less powerful than the Babolat VS gut. Such lacking leads us to go back to the VS gut.41

2. Wilson Natural 16 Tennis String – (best string for tennis elbow)

Wilson Natural 16 Tennis String

Manufactured by Wilson, the Natural 16 is another best tennis racket strings for tennis elbow, with more unique features. This product has a composite build-up and high-end technology, enhancing energetic performance with promising playability. Also, the material ensures protection against external components in the long run.

This string comprises natural Serosa fibers, stabilizing chemicals, and a special outer coating. It weighs 0.06 pounds and measures 40 feet/12.2 meters in length, and 16 gauge/1.30 mm in gauge.

Key features:

  • Its composite material ensures an easier installation, better protection, and more powerful shots.
  • Powerful premium technology provides less pressure on the arm. And incredible control and feel.
  • Compared to the previous versions of the string, this version is 15% more durable. 
  • This string Delivers excellent tension maintenance for long-term games.
  • This tennis string is a great product for unisex adult users.

What customers are saying:

With 15% more durability and premium material and technology, this product works just as advertised. Without much string movement and slow hitting, the string undeniably ensures satisfactory performance for adult players.

Those who have used Babolat Natural Gut before finding Wilson Natural 16 string are less durable and non-resilient.

3. Wilson Champions Choice Duo Tennis String (Best for regular workouts)

Wilson Champions Choice Duo Tennis String

Compared to natural guts, the Champions Choice Duo string from Wilson blends power and control more efficiently to ignite the potential of tennis players. Also, this ‘duo’ doubles the fun of the game. 

The package contains two types of string – Natural Gut (16 gauge/1.30 mm) and Luxilon ALU Power Rough (16L/1.25 mm). Both strings measure 20 feet/6.1 meters in length and weigh 0.08 pounds together.

Key features:

  • Strings provide pretty good control, spin, speed, depth, and extra slice.
  • An elbow-friendly product that does not tear up easily and delivers long-term playability.
  • Along with the elbow, it satisfies the shoulder while playing tennis more than once a week.
  • Having Natural Gut in mains and Luxilon in crosses provides an unbelievably outstanding feel.
  • There is no shock or harshness while swinging volleys or hitting the ball close to the net.

What customers are saying:

This combo goes easy on the elbow and shoulder and is good for regular workouts. Even children are satisfied due to its faster spins without swings.  

The combo costs a bit high. Compared to the ALU string, the Natural Gut has less longevity, giving an unmatched feel after a certain time. 

4. HEAD Velocity MLT Tennis Racket String (Best for affordable price )

HEAD Velocity MLT Tennis Racket String

A multifilament string provides excessive power in the field; the Velocity MLT from HEAD also does the same. Its structure is carefully designed by keeping a player’s physical condition and demands in mind. Moreover, the string has proven beneficial for a wide range of games.

This racket string comes in two-gauge sizes – 17 gauge/1.25 mm and 16 gauge/1.30 mm, and a length of 12 meter/40 feet. It has synthetic gut material and weighs 38 grams.

Key features:

  • Its multifilament core with thicker outer protection transfers energy for harder shots.
  • The low-friction coating ensures high spin potential and string re-alignment after each shot.
  • MLT Tennis Racket String provides soft and control-oriented shots, good spin, and decent durability.
  • It is an arm-friendly and budget-friendly tennis string with modest control and power.
  • It is a great product for intermediate to advanced tournament and club players.

What customers are saying:

This product has outstanding features and is incredibly inexpensive—pretty good service with better spin potential and control. A perfect match, especially for a HEAD racket, is also not bad for other brands.

The only downside is, that it moves frequently and loses tension as it becomes older, approximately after 6-7 hours of play.

5. Luxilon 125 Natural Tennis String Set – (Best Overall Arm Friendly Strings)

Luxilon 125 Natural Tennis String Set

The Luxilon 125 is not just a string set, but rather a package of organic resources, careful inspection, and significant features. Moreover, in terms of playability, this string holds premium characteristics. When paired with a hybrid set-up, the potentiality of the string increases, and so does the output.

Originating in Belgium, the material of this Luxilon string comes from the intestines of organic and grass-fed cows. It comprises 9 Serosa ribbons, measuring 40 feet/12.2 meters in length and 17 gauge/1.25 mm in gauge. 

Key features:

  • Nine moisture-resistant Serosa ribbons deliver better tension maintenance.
  • It contains a higher collagen level, resulting in higher durability and a better feel.
  • Ensures premium comfort, control, and playability either strung individually or with a hybrid application.
  • Helpful for reducing existing shoulder and arm pain.
  • The low-friction coating ensures increased shot speed as well as a unique hold-up.

What customers are saying:

This tennis string is worthy of our investment. The best lexicon strings for tennis elbow with extra in everything – power, comfort, feel tension, etc. Great indeed for adolescent and elder players.

However, its price gives a little headache. And this string gets hairy soon when used every day for multiple hours.

6. Gamma Sports Live Wire Tennis Racket String (Best for better control)

Gamma Sports Live Wire Tennis Racket String

Gamma string is one of the favorite items of a vast tennis player. It is a standard 16-gauge package from the Multifilament Series. The key features of this string are the softer cushioned feel, exceptional power, and greater control.

Moreover, the Gamma best tennis racquet string offered years of superior comfort, durability, and stability. This string package is great for protecting a tennis player from injury and giving extra comfort to the elbow.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional control of the cheap tennis racquet improves players’ performances.
  • This leading-edge wire is available in 16, 17, and 18-gauge packages.
  • It provides great playability and durability for over-after-hours on the tennis field.
  • extremely softer cushioned feel at the player’s elbow.

What customers are saying:

Most of the existing customers are highly satisfied with this strong package. Customers even call this string unique because it has a much higher quality. Moreover, according to the quality, the price is much lower.

However, few customers have complained about the durability and outlook of this tennis string.

7. Wilson NXT 40-Feet String (Best for customer ratings)

Wilson NXT 40-Feet String

Wilson NXT 40-feet string is an amazing choice for a minimum budget. It comes from the iconic American Wilson brand. A great feel, power, and control are the main features of this NXT 40-foot string. There is also amazing grip support that increases the drops and spin on the player’s hand.

The overall dimension of NXT 40 feet is 5 x 2 x 1 inch, and the weight is 0.8 Ounces. You will get black and natural colors in 16 and 17-gauge sizes.

Key Features:

  • Micro Fibers with PU construction provide explosive power and a soft feel.
  • It is available in various colors and multiple sizes that are good for user preference.
  • The thinner gage design is good for topspin and greater pop on the ball.
  • An ideal grip ensures the best drop shots and volleying at tennis.

What customers are saying:

The modern consumer is happy to get this stringer string available in multiple colors and sizes. Additionally, its cheaper price wins customers’ hearts.

Few customers are less satisfied with the string’s durability.

8. Wilson NXT Soft Tennis String (Best for shock absorption)

Wilson NXT Soft Tennis String

Wilson NXT string comes from the world-renowned brand Wilson. This string comes with a good combination of comfort, power, and control. If you want to get great shock absorption and love to generate more power, this string is perfect because it is arm-friendly. The longer and softer filament will never compromise the user’s performance. The NXT soft string is compatible with any level of tennis player. The available size is 16-gauge, and the available colors are red and silver.

Key Features:

  • This string is updated and 30% more elongated than the regular NXT string for better ball dwell time.
  • The filament number is 26% more than the previous NXT string so that the player will get easy power.
  • Wilson NXT is made of an original PU combination that provides traditional comfort.
  • It can absorb the shock 9% more for added comfort to a tennis player.

What customers are saying:

Good to know that the NXT string has had no negative customer reviews until now. It gets popular due to having additional comfort and power well as it is available in two amazing blue and silver colors.

Some customers are disappointed because this NXT string has no different available size except 16-gauge.

What to look for when Buying strings for tennis elbow

A tennis player’s performance is mostly depending on the tennis string. So, good-quality strings provide comfort at the player’s elbow and increase performance. Here are some factors that help a consumer to buy the best string package for tennis elbow.


Like tennis racquet size and weight, tennis string greatly impacts when a player contacts the ball. Generally, a good-quality string should have enough power, control, comfort, and spin. Then the user can ensure their proper benefits from a string.


Spin refers to the number of rotations that can create a tennis string with ball contact. Good spin is important for competitive players. Generally, the spin is made of polyester string and designed with various textures.


Tennis string is made of natural gut or polyester material. Remember that the natural gut string is good for intermediate. But the best poly strings for tennis elbow are good for the expert player.


Thin-diameter polyester strands tend to not last as long compared to thicker multifilament polyester options that provide added resistance against abrasion caused by frequent uses of a racquet over time

Price point:

It is important to have an idea about the price point. String sets are available from $4 to $40. A higher price point offers more advanced features and quality. However, choosing a string set for a beginner is enough for 4 to 10 dollars. On the contrary, a $20 to $ 40 range tennis string would be best for advanced players. So, you can choose one string set as per your choice.


The playability of the strings refers to their feel and responsiveness. Softer strings, such as the natural gut or multifilament strings, are generally more arm-friendly and provide better comfort. Stiffer strings, like polyester, offer more control and durability but can be harsher on the arm.

Can tennis strings cause tennis elbow?

The tennis elbow is not directly caused by tennis strings. some research suggests that the type of string used and the tension it is strung at may contribute to the development of tennis elbow. For example, too tight or stiff strings may increase shock and vibration through the arm, leading to an increased risk of injury.

Conversely, polyester strings can offer more shock absorption and reduce the risk of injury.

Although user techniques and grip size are also responsible for an elbow, an older string can cause a tennis elbow. So, make sure about your tennis elbow quality.

What type of string should I use in tennis elbow?

What strings are best for tennis elbow? types of tennis string depend on the tennis player’s expertness level.

For example, natural gut and multifilament tennis strings would be best for beginner and intermediate players because of their power and comfort.

On the other hand, the polyester tennis string is best for the advanced player because of its stiffer features and better control.

multifilament tennis strings50-60 22.2-27.2
Natural gut50-6022.6-27.2


What are the symptoms of tennis elbow?

Knowing the symptoms of tennis elbow is important, but how to tell if it’s tennis elbow? Here are some common factors that help to know the tennis elbow.

  • Mild elbow pain can increase gradually.
  • The pain may spread from the wrist.
  • Elbow pain may increase when hands are shaking or squeezing
  • Feeling discomfort when lifting or opening something

What type of tennis string is best for tennis elbow?

There are different types of string-like natural gut, multifilament, monofilament, hybrid and synthetic.
But the natural gut tennis string is considered the best string for a tennis elbow. Note that the natural gut provides the best shock absorption and allows more ball impact and added power. The downside is that gut is more expensive than other strings.

Can arm-friendly strings fix tennis elbow?

Arm-friendly strings can potentially help fix tennis elbow by providing more cushioning and less shock to the elbow joint during play, But ultimately there is no surefire way to completely prevent it.

Final Words:

Tennis string is an important part of a tennis racquet that can reduce elbow pain and provide great performance. So, it is crucial to choose the best tennis string for the tennis elbow.

In this Best Tennis Strings for Tennis Elbow guide, we have reviewed on top eight best tennis strings considering the best customer rating, brand reputation, and product quality. So, you can check out the list to choose your required one.

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