Can you put two overgrips on a tennis racquet? ultimate guideline in 2023

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An overgrip is an important piece of accessory that gives you control over the tennis racquet. It provides the necessary grip to hold the handle and feel comfortable. Also, many players use it when the original grip is worn out. 

Typically, tennis players use one overgrip. But can you put two overgrips on a racquet at a time? Yes, you can. Actually, you can put as much as you want until you feel comfortable. It is beneficial for those who prefer a larger handle. Also, it makes the handle more comfortable to use. 

Using 2 overgrips completely depends on you. It is not necessary, but you can get some advantages. So here you can learn more about putting on 2 overgrips on a racquet and how to do it. 

What is an Overgrip?

What is an Overgrip

An overgrip is a cloth-like ribbon that is soft and padded. It is wrapped around the handle of a racket, and this is why it’s called an overgrip. It is usually placed from the bottom of the handle. 

Mainly, overgrip provides two benefits. It increases the handle’s grip and adds more padding for sweat absorption. Players of all levels get benefit from using an overgrip.  

You can find many types of overgrips in the market. They have different materials, colors, and patterns to meet each player’s style and personality. On the pro tour, players use a new overgrip every time for the most secure grip. 

Benefits of Putting Two Overgrips on a Racquet

All tennis racquets have a handle with a standard grip. The grip is enough for playing. But if you put overgrips, you will get some benefits. For example 

  • Tuning tennis racquet grip: After putting two overgrips on a racket, the size and shape of the handle change. The handle also gets larger and rounder. If you are not comfortable with a narrow handle, two overgrips will help you to tune the handle of your tennis racquet. It is an affordable way to get the standard grip size rather than buying a new racquet. 
  • Better grip: Two overgrips make the handle larger and smoother. Using an extra overgrip provides you better feeling and control of the racquet. If you are wondering how to put a racquet grip, this is the best way. You will get a better grip, and the racquet won’t slip or fly.
  • Extra cushioning: When you buy a tennis racquet, everything doesn’t come perfectly. Sometimes, you don’t get suitable grips. By using two overgrips, you can add extra cushioning, and you will feel comfortable. 
  • Sweat Absorbing: Sweating is a common problem while playing tennis. You can lose your grip on your racquet. The original grips don’t handle it perfectly. Putting on two overgrips can better handle the sweetness. It provides very effective results in hot conditions. So always choose the best tennis overgrip for sweaty hands while playing in different conditions. 
  • Mental boost: Some players like the new grip on the handle. It gives them confidence that they can maintain steadiness and that the racquet won’t fly. A more stable feel gives players more control. 

Can you put two overgrips on a racquet?

As I explained, you have a better understanding of the benefits of putting two overgrips on a racket. If you prefer a more stable and comfortable feel, tackiness, and dry hand, you should put two overgrips on your racket. 

Well, many players want to experiment with different grips and handle sizes to find the right size. Typically, using two overgrips depend on the player’s hand size. Two overgrips can make the handle too large for small hands and cause it uncomfortable to hold. 

Also, two overgrips slightly add some weight which may also affect performance. So using two overgrips or not depends on the player’s capability. You should experiment with overgrips. If you are comfortable with two overgrips, you should use them. 

How to Put Two Overgrips on a Racquet?

It is crucial to know how to put grip tape on a racket to get its advantages. A lot of players do it wrong the first time. So here is the guide to do it properly:

– Step 1: Remove the Old Grip Tape

Remove the Old Grip Tape

First, remove the existing grip on your racket handle. If you don’t have one, then simply start to prepare the overgrips. Almost every overgrip has a plastic protective cover. Unravel it by removing the plastic off 

– Step 2: Apply the First Layer of Overgrip Tape

Apply the First Layer of Overgrip Tape

Now, it’s time to add the first layer of overgrip. Place your racket upside down; the handle will be facing upward.  Your overgrip may have a tapped end. Remove the sticker. Stick the end of the overgrip on the top edge of your racquet handle. You can start from any side. 

Hold the top edge of the tape tightly and rotate the racquet clockwise. As you rotate the racket, the tap starts to wrap around the handle. Put some gentle pressure on the overgrip to lay it flat. Avoid overlapping the tap, or you won’t have enough length to wrap the whole handle. Finish the wrap and cut the excessive tape.

– Step 3: Wrap the Second Layer of Overgrip Tape Around the Handle

Wrap the Second Layer of Overgrip Tape Around the Handle

Then, wrap the second layer. Start from the top edge and rotate clockwise. Follow the same rules as you wrap the first layer. 

– Step 4: Secure the Ends with Tape or Glue

Secure the Ends with Tape or Glue

Add a new tempered to the edge to secure the grip. Wrap it all the way around. Apply enough tension to avoid wrinkles. 

Pros and Cons of Putting 2 Grips On A Racquet

By putting two overgrips on the racket, the shape and size get changed. The changed form has advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Increase traction and prevent slipping. You will get a more stable feel while serving. 
  • It is challenging to play with sweaty hands. Two overgrips absorb sweat well. 
  • It feels more comfortable to hold the handle because two grips add more padding. 
  • It is the best alternative to recover the tennis when the base grip is worn out. 


  • Two overgrips make the handle larger and less defined. If you have a small hand, it will be difficult to handle the racquet with two overgrips. 
  • It makes the racquet a bit heavier which influences the balance of the racquet in your hand. 

Different Types of Grips For Your Racquet

Grips and overgrips are two different things. The base grip is padded and cushioned. The overgrips are the top layers that players add additionally. You can find different types of overgrips like:

  • Dry grip: Dry overgrips are a great choice for players with sweaty hands. In humid conditions, these grips prevent perspiration of your handle and give a stable feel in a relaxed way. 
Dry overgrip
  • Cushioned: Cushioning overgrips are excellent for a comfortable and plush feel while holding the racquet. The size of the grips is a little thicker. So it adds nice padding. 
Cushioned overgrip
  • Perforated: It is a mix of dry and cushioned overgrips. They have nice padding with little holes that enhances breathability. It helps to absorb sweat and gives a drier feel while holding the racquet. 
  • Thin grips: These grips are very thin in size which minimum changes to the thickness of the original grip. For smaller hands, these grips are the best choice. With an extra layer of protection and durability, you will get a better definition of the handle. 
  • Tacky grip: Players who prefer a tacky grip on the handle can choose this grip. It feels very sticky to the touch. It offers a solid and secure feel that doesn’t slip out from your hand. 
Tacky overgrip

Tips for Choosing The Right Grip For Your Needs

There are a wide array of options when choosing overgrips. So you can consider some factors to get the right overgrips for your needs


Firstly, understand what size grip should I use. Because the size of the overgrips changes the shape and size of the handle. The average size of the overgrips is about 0.4 mm to 2.6 mm or higher. So consider the size of your hand and consider the thickness of the overgrip. The thin type overgrips typically don’t change the size of the handle. 

Sweat absorption:

If you have a sweaty hand, then you must get overgrips with high sweat absorption ability. However, sweat-absorbent overgrips are great for humid or hot conditions. Or you can get a tackier one for colder conditions. 


Though overgrips come at cheaper prices, durability isn’t that much of a bigger factor. Still, your overgrips should last at least three or four matches. 


Overgrips should have enough tackiness so that you get a stable feel. A tacky texture tends to provide more grip to the handle, and you have better control. 

Why Use Overgrips On Tennis Racquets?


Can I put an overgrip over an overgrip?

Yes, you can put an overgrip over an overgrip. Doing so, you will get stability, padding, sweat, and absorbing-like benefits. 

Can I use an overgrip instead of a replacement grip?

The overgrip is different from the replacement grip. If the base grip is worn out, you can use an overgrip instead of a replacement grip. It will provide perfect texture. 

Does overgrip increase grip size?

Yes, overgrips increase the grip size of the racket. It can increase by the size of 1/16″ of the racket. 


You can put two overgrips on the racquet, but should you use them or not depends on personal preference. If you want a more stable and consistent hold on the racket handle, then you must use two overgrips. 

Or if you feel uncomfortable holding with two overgrips, you can avoid them. Using two overgrips has some benefits. With some practice, you will have better adjustment. 

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