Cheap vs Expensive Tennis Racket: Which One Should You Choose? of 2023

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The price of a tennis racket varies from $30 to up to $1000 or even more. So, for a beginner tennis player, deciding between cheap vs. expensive tennis rackets is crucial. It is vital because choosing the right tennis racket will largely control your performance in the playground. It also controls how far you can go as a professional or an amateur tennis player.

Cheap and expensive tennis rackets differ in material, frame, string organization, performance, consistency, and comfort. Expensive tennis rackets are made-up lightweight yet durable material with better grip to help professionals for practice and play a long time. On the other hand, cheap rackets are often made up of heavy material. So, it’s not good for professionals who have been practicing for a long time, but it still does a great job for beginners and amateur players.

 So, let’s check the difference between expensive and cheap tennis rackets. We will also discuss their advantages and the factors you should consider while buying a tennis racket. Finally, you will know the possible presence of a tennis racket to begin your career.

 So, tennis freaks, let’s get into it.

Difference between cheap and expensive tennis rackets

When selecting cheap and expensive tennis rackets, you must consider their design, material, comfort, string, and weight. Also, beginners and amateurs may want a long-lasting tennis racket that can last a few seasons.

Depending on the budget, manufacturers have different materials, strings, power, and consistency for their tennis rackets. Before buying one, consider these differentiating points between cheaper and expensive tennis rackets.

The difference in their frame material:

The main difference between cheap and expensive tennis rackets is in there’s quality, performance, and holding comfort. All these come from the material used in the frame. You must carefully check the frame material when buying your first tennis racket.

Manufacturers use titanium or graphite to make high-quality and expensive tennis rackets. Hence, they are lightweight and have better balance. It improves control and power with every stroke. An expensive tennis racket made from lightweight materials also has other advantages.

They have more durable materials such as titanium or carbon fiber. These rackets often have a larger sweet spot, more power, and better control than a cheap racket, making them better suited for experienced players. Expensive rackets often have features such as vibration-dampening technology and improved grip. Therefore, players will find it comfortable to hold and play.

On the other side, cheaper rackets are made of aluminum, alloy, or graphite-composite. No doubt, these rackets are often more affordable. It makes them a great choice for beginners who are just starting out. Cheap rackets typically come with a smaller sweet spot and less power. So, they are better suited for slower swings or learning the basics of the game.

Nonetheless, these rackets are heavier, which reduces control and balance. As a result, you will not enjoy as well as accuracy and consistency with the shots.

One-piece and two-piece frames

While expensive tennis rackets have a one-piece frame, less expensive ones have a two-piece frame. So, the pricier tennis rackets offer more power for shooting the ball thanks to their one-piece frame. It happens because a single piece of the frame can handle the vibration better. Plus, it can transmit the power better with equal consistency in every string and part of the frame.

Thankfully, the best tennis rackets under 50 offer one-piece designs these days. So, it may be a great racket to give a try for beginners.

Weight of the tennis racket

Weight of the tennis racket

The weight of the tennis racket is interlinked with its power generation and playing comfort. Therefore, professional players want the perfect balance between lightweight and heavyweight tennis rackets. It helps them achieve maximum power with every stroke.

Considering this, expensive tennis rackets made of graphite composite or titanium work best for professional players. Thanks to its thoughtful and lightweight design and material, they can control the racket and their strokes better. It is also among the best tennis racquets for teenage girls with a lightweight design.

Nonetheless, beginners can get heavier tennis rackets weighing 350 to 400 grams. Although it is heavier, it still works well during the first few seasons. Also, amateurs who will occasionally play tennis for 30 to 40 minutes or even an hour can go with cheaper tennis rackets. The weight won’t be an issue for them.

The difference in string job

The tennis racket’s string comes in contact with the tennis ball and controls power and accuracy. So, the material used for the string is crucial for power and consistency with the strokes. Regarding this, expensive tennis rackets enjoy edges over cheap tennis rackets due to their natural gut or high-quality polyester string.

On the other hand, cheap tennis rackets often use synthetic strings. Unfortunately, it will start losing the tension soon. As a result, you won’t have the same power with it. Therefore, you may consider replacing it with natural gut strings for better accuracy, tension, and power.

Considering PointsCheap Tennis RacketsExpensive Tennis Rackets
Frame MaterialComposite-graphite, aluminum, or alloyCarbon-fiber, fiber, titanium
Frame designMostly two-piece constructionOne-piece construction
Sweet SpotSmallerLarger
String MaterialHigh-quality polyester and natural gut stringsSynthetic strings
Weight and balanceHeavier and less balancedPerfectly balanced with mid-weight manufacturing
Average price$30 to $100$250 to $1000, or more
DurabilityIt may last for one to two seasonsIt will last for several seasons with ease
ComfortOffers less comfortIt ensures maximum comfort

Which Type of Tennis Racket You Should Choose?

Now that you know the difference between cheap vs. expensive tennis rackets, it’s time to see which one you should choose. For this, you may consider the following facts:

  • First, decide your goal as a tennis player. Do you want to be a professional player to participate in competitive tournaments? If so, investing in an expensive tennis racket will be worth it.
  • On the contrary, recreational and fun players and even local club players can choose cheaper ones. It will offer enough power and consistency for their requirements.
  • You should check the head size of the tennis racket. The larger head size of the racket means you will have more space for the shot. Beginners will find it suitable since their accuracy in strokes isn’t good.
  • You should also check the grip and comfort of the racket. It should not cause you to sweat since you will lose control over the grip. It can be crucial during games. So, ensure your racket offers better grip and comfort.
  • Finally, check the stiffness and power of the tennis racket. The racket should not be too stiff but offer maximum power. If the racket lacks power, your strokes won’t be penetrating enough to beat the opponent.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you play tennis with a cheap racket?

Yes, you can confidently play tennis with a cheap racket. As long as you don’t compete in professional and competitive major tournaments, cheap tennis rackets are perfect for recreational play.

Does a tennis racket make a difference?

Yes, the right tennis racket will improve your playing strength and diminish weakness. With every stroke, it will provide you with better comfort, power, and accuracy. So, the right tennis racket will indeed make a considerable difference in your playing performance.

How long should I use a tennis racket?

A tennis racket will easily last for two to three years. After that, you should consider replacing it to enjoy better performance. Also, you may opt for more expensive rackets as your playing style changes, and you know better tricks.


Cheap vs. expensive tennis rackets will largely be responsible for your performance. You may kick off your tennis career with less expensive rackets. Also, they will be perfect for hobbyists and amateurs who play occasionally.

Nonetheless, if you want to be a professional player, you must choose expensive rackets. It will help you strengthen your grip and improve accuracy and power, which is the key to winning a tennis game.

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