Deep Tissue Massage For Tennis Elbow- explained top Two Techniques for 2023

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Tennis elbow is a common issue in most athletes. Tennis elbow (also known as lateral epicondylitis) is caused by repetitive strain or overuse of the forearm muscles. The symptoms include soreness, stiffness, swelling, tenderness, and weakness in the area where the tendon meets the bone.

In this case, deep tissue massage elbow therapy is effective for tennis elbow. This treatment helps reduce pain and inflammation associated with the condition. It involves slow strokes along the muscle fibers to relieve tension and restore proper blood flow.

In this post, you can learn more about deep tissue massage for tennis elbow, how it works, and how to get the therapy. Also, I have answered the relevant questions on this topic. 

Reasons for causing tennis elbow:

Reasons for causing tennis elbow

Tennis elbow (also called lateral epicondylitis) is a tendon inflammation that connects your forearm muscles to your upper arm bone. This can occur when you use your hand repetitively over time.

It is easy to blame this condition as being caused by playing tennis. But the conception is slightly wrong.  Well, playing racquet sports can develop the risk of tennis elbow. As players overuse their arm muscles when playing tennis, badminton, or squash. 

But many arm-based activities like playing golf, cricket, rock climbing, plumbing, typing, and many other exercises can result in tennis elbow. It is a result of repetitive strain on the extensor tendons of the wrist. 

Due to tennis elbow, you will feel a deep ache at the lateral epicondyle. Mild to moderate swelling and limitation of wrist flexion are also common symptoms 

How does Deep Tissue Massage Work?

Tennis elbow is such a disease that takes a long to recover. But deep tissue massage always works for instant pain relief. Moreover, it improves the range of motion, breaks up scar tissue, reduces muscle tension, and so on. I have explained some deep tissue massage for tennis elbow in the below section. 

Self-Massage Techniques

Self-massage is an instant way to reduce muscle tension. There are many self-massage techniques for tennis elbow that you can try. 

  • Thumb Finger Technique: This technique works the upper arm muscle which is the key point of the tennis elbow. Lift your invaded arm and grab the underside with your thumb or fingers. Start kneading the tender spot up to 15 times and it releases tension. 
  • Pressure Motion Technique: If you have anconeus muscle, then this technique will work. Just hold the affected arm in a sling-like way and place the fingers of another hand on the tip. Move your fingers and tighten your arm muscles. This motion will straighten your elbow. 

Professional Massage

Sometimes self-massage doesn’t work as they don’t know how to massage tennis elbow. So you require professional massage in this situation. There are many massages like

  • Effleurage:  It is a traditional Swedish massage that provides a sense of relaxation, increases blood circulation, and tennis elbow recovery. Here the professional uses the palms of the hands for long strokes before a deeper massage. 
  • Trigger Point Therapy: Tennis elbow trigger point massage is great for reducing muscle tension and pain. In this message, you get deep constant pressure to trigger the point of your affected arm.
  • Transverse Friction Massage: This massage works in the elbow joint and the surrounding muscle. It brings back the range of motion and muscles are tightened up. Friction therapy for tennis elbow is performed with a back-and-forth motion.
  • Sports Massage Therapy: This massage is ideal for players in different fields. It helps to restore the body and promotes relaxation and increases blood circulation.  
  • Tennis elbow massage tool: Massage tools are useful if you like to self-massage and they are very easy to use. There are many massage tools like massage balls, tens units, foam rollers, etc. available in the market. Especially, Cross fiber massage for tennis elbow massage gun is more popular for deep tissue massage. 

How to massage your tennis elbow pain?


Is deep tissue massage good for tennis elbow?

Yes, of course. The deep tissue massage is good for releasing tension. It is a safe and effective method for tennis elbow. So you can try them for effective results. 

How do you massage a tennis elbow for massage?

There are many methods to massage a tennis elbow. You can use the thumb finger technique or the pressure motion technique.

Where is the pressure point for the tennis elbow?

The lesser sea is the pressure point of most tennis elbows. It is located in the flexed point of the elbow. The acupressure points are also highly affected due to the reason. 

How do you do a deep friction massage for tennis elbow?

You can take deep friction massage with various massage tools. Also, you can consult a professional therapist to get a deep friction massage. 

Final words

Deep tissue massage for tennis elbow is a great way to tackle the problem. However, you may get instant relief with the massage but it can come back again. Tennis elbow requires a lot of time to heal. 

Tennis elbow may cause initial injury or unsafe conditions. If you take regular deep tissue massage then you can recover from the issue. It is a safe massage for players or all levels of people. You can take the massage multiple times a week which helps to release tension in muscles. It is always better to consult professional therapists to get suggestions.

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