Do Creams Help Tennis Elbow Treatment?: Stop Suffering from Elbow

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Tennis players are familiar with tennis elbow problems as they suffer extreme inflammation and pain. It affects their performance badly, and in the worst case, many players may even have to stop playing, at least for the time being. So, tennis players will look for a quick treatment for tennis elbow, and regarding this, you may have heard about creams healing tennis elbow.

So, do creams help with tennis elbow treatment? Also, what are the comprehensive elbow treatments for players?

Creams with vitamins and serum often help reduce the elbow’s soreness and numbness. Also, it helps heal the pain during matches to allow players to continue the game. However, sufferers must maintain proper physical exercise and therapy for complete treatment.

So, let’s dive into tennis elbow treatment with cream.

Do Creams Help Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis when people suffer from pain and inflammation at the outer part of their tennis elbow. Tennis players and other athletes involved in repetitive arm movement often experience tennis elbow problems.

But the question is, can creams help heal elbow problems, inflammation, and pain?

Yes, indeed, tropical creams help manage tennis elbow symptoms. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are widely found in topical cream form. Many players commonly use it to relieve pain and reduce inflammation in musculoskeletal conditions. A study named “Emerging Basic and Clinical Studies on Musculoskeletal Pain and Management” found that NSAIDs and topical creams, when used upon physician’s recommendation, were useful in healing the effects of tennis elbow problems to a certain extent.

American Journal of Sports Medicine had another study published where the author Koenig et al. (2013) claimed that topical creams help reduce the pain and numbness caused by the tennis elbow. Also, it significantly reduced pain while improving the functionality of the elbow without severe pain.

Another study published in the National Library of Medicine evaluated the effectiveness of topical diclofenac gel in tennis elbow treatment. The study found that the diclofenac gel was superior to placebo in reducing pain and improving grip strength. However, in all research, it is clear that creams don’t provide a complete solution to treat tennis elbow.

It only provides a periodic healing effect to lower the effect of numbness and muscle weakness. Of course, counterirritant creams contain ingredients that create a cooling or warming sensation on the skin. As a result, it can help you distract from underlying pain.

A better solution than oral medicines:

Experts suggest topical cream is a better solution to heal and relieve pain and inflammation due to tennis elbow than oral medications. It helps avoid physical complications that oral medications may include, such as gastronomy problems, insomnia, etc.

Also, according to Brandon P. Donnelly, modern-day pharmacists can examine the severity of your tennis elbow problem and prepare customized compounds or creams to treat it. Pharmacists often use lidocaine and gabapentin in particular ratios to create the perfect elbow treatment cream or gel for your need. It is indeed beneficial for reducing nerve pain.

A brief overview of tennis elbow, its treatment, and recovery time:

You found that topical creams and gels help treat elbow problems. However, for effective results, you must use the best cream for tennis elbow. Besides, you must also understand its recovery process and comprehensive treatment process.

Medical TermLateral epicondylitis
DefinitionPain and inflammation of the outer elbow
ReasonsRepetitive arm motions (e.g., tennis)
SymptomsOuter elbow pain and tendernessWeak grip strengthDifficulty with wrist and forearm movements
DiagnosisMedical history, physical examinationImaging tests (X-ray, MRI) may be required
Comprehensive treatmentOuter elbow pain and tendernessWeak grip strength difficulty with wrist and forearm movements
RecoveryVaries depending on severity and treatmentUsually, several weeks to months

As you see in the table, complete healing of tennis elbow takes time. Also, only topical cream can’t cure it completely. Instead, you must follow a comprehensive treatment program.

Comprehensive Treatment for Tennis Elbow Problem:

In most cases, you should use topical creams such as Penetrex Joint & Muscle Therapy – 4 oz Cream as part of your comprehensive healing program. You should combine it with therapeutic modalities to enhance the cream’s and lotion’s effectiveness.

  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy and targeted exercises are common alternatives for tennis elbow. The exercises and physical therapies aim to strengthen the affected muscles, improve flexibility, and promote healing. You may consult a physician and exercise specialist to find the exact therapies.
  • Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT): ESWT is a non-invasive procedure. It uses high-energy shockwaves to stimulate the healing process in affected tissues. ESTW treatment is helpful for quick recovery before tournaments.
  • Corticosteroid Injections: Corticosteroid injections occasionally provide short-term relief for severe tennis elbow symptoms. It is much like the painkiller sportsperson use during their games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tiger Balm help with tennis elbow?

Yes, Tiger Balm is also helpful in reducing the pain and inflammatory effect for now. It works well like creams and lotions you apply on the elbow to lower the pain and increase its functionality.

Does tennis elbow ever go away?

Yes, most people will recover from tennis elbow completely within six months to 1-year through the comprehensive treatment plan. It includes the application of elbow cream, exercise, and physical activities following physicians’ suggestions.

Is it OK to work out with tennis elbow?

It would help if you didn’t exercise for the first few weeks so your tennis elbow can rest and the muscle can heal faster. After that, you can slowly get into workouts that can help the muscles to strengthen and recover sooner.


Do creams help tennis elbow? Yes, creams will lower the inflammatory effect, relieve pain, and help the muscle recover faster. You must combine the creams with physical exercise and proper resting to recover faster from elbow problems.

Nonetheless, you must be patient since the recovery period for an elbow problem can take six months to 1-year or even more. So, during this period, use recommended creams and follow suggested physical exercises to see the improvement.


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