Do I Need a Heavy Racquet to Hit Hard? – Pros & Cons for 2023

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As you know tennis is a game of power and you need to choose the best racquet to perform better in this sport. But, choosing a heavy racquet is not the only solution to hitting the ball hard. So, you may ask- Do I need a heavy racquet to hit hard?

Well, for playing tennis you must need a racquet and it should be a quality one. The grip and other body parts should be good so that you can play comfortably. If you are thinking the heaviest tennis rackets can improve your shot power then you are wrong rather you should know the techniques to hit hard.

So, in this content, you will get to know about the techniques that will help you to hit the ball hard. Again, you will know about the racquet weight selection with some FAQs. Let’s get started.

Why Is Tennis a Hard Sport?

From someone who has participated in a variety of sports throughout the years, I believe tennis is more difficult in general for the following reasons:

  • Physically, you must be in excellent form.
  • Tennis needs mental toughness and a positive attitude.
  • To compete at a high level, you must have a great overall game with no flaws.
  • Tennis needs exceptional coordination.

Do You Need a Heavy Racquet to Hit Hard?

Do I Need a Heavy Racquet to Hit Hard

Though there are Benefits of a heavier, cheap quality tennis racket, you should not choose a racquet with excessive weight. A quality racquet can make your game more comfortable. You should not be a busy builder to play tennis. The main factor in playing well is knowing all the techniques for hitting a ball in tennis.

If you want to hit hard, then you need to know about the tennis racket balance point, which will help you to balance your shot on the opponent. The grip of your racquet should be comfortable so that you can hold it firmly. Some professional players love to go with a bulky grip so that they get a decent hold.

You should also use the best string and strong tension in your racquet. In that case, you may ask, how much weight does string add to a tennis racquet? It depends on the string quality you are using. The best string tennis racquets come with lightweight and extreme durability.

When tightening the string, you should check the metal body of your racquet so that you can get the perfect tension according to your racquet’s quality.

So, it is not necessary to have an extremely heavy racquet in tennis to hit hard.

In Tennis: When You Should Hit Hard

In a tennis game, you should not hit hard every time. You can hit it hard when you think your opponent can’t get to the ball easily. This is the game of hitting the ball hard and slow combined.

When it’s time to serve the ball through the opponent, you should hit it hard as the other player can’t have any chance to get a move.

Suppose, the opponent player is up to the net and flicks the ball slowly and then you should hit it hard back to the opponent player so that he can’t reach it. 

I hope you have got my point that you should hit the ball hard so that you can secure a point for yourself. Sometimes, hitting the ball slowly can also make a difference in the game. For winning a game you should make a good combination of every possible hitting mechanism. 

Top 4 Heaviest tennis racquets ever

As a final note, these are the top five most expensive and heavy tennis racquets on the market today.

top 4 heaviest tennis racquets:

Volkl C10 Pro98 in12.2 Ounces3308 pts HL
Wilson Pro Staff RF9762.6cm
0.34 Kilograms
3359 pts HL
Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid98 sq. in.12.0 ounces3227 pts HL
Yonex VCORE Pro 97 33097 in²
625.81 cm²
‎0.06 Pounds3327 pts HL

If you’re looking for something with more weight, you may choose an earlier model. For the sake of simplicity, we’ve only included models that are currently available and offered by well-known merchants.

Of course, racquets are always evolving, so do let me know if you come across something that is no longer current in the comments section.

Lighter vs Heavier Tennis Rackets

Lighter Tennis Rackets

Lighter tennis rackets may allow you to respond more quickly. When you’re playing near the net or against a speedy opponent, this added capacity to move swiftly might be beneficial.

If you’re having trouble reacting quickly enough with a heavier racket, you might want to try a lighter one to see if it helps.

You shouldn’t become as tired from simply holding and using a lighter racket as you could with a heavier one. Keep in mind that lighter rackets create less power on their own, so you’ll need more forceful swings to return shots with the same force as a heavier racket.

Furthermore, because your body will have to absorb more of the ball’s impact, you may be more prone to experience stress injuries.

Heavier Tennis Rackets

The impact stress will be absorbed more by a heavier tennis racket. Some players argue that this has the advantage of reducing the amount of shock your arm receives. Heavier rackets often allow you to return shots faster and more powerfully with less effort.

Even though it may seem counterintuitive, a slightly heavier racket may allow you to play for longer periods of time without experiencing aches and pains.

If these are important factors to you, you may want to try using a heavier tennis racket. Of course, while considering the weight of the racket, you should also consider your arm strength.

If you need to make a transition in the future, having more experience can help you make smarter judgments. If you’re a bit more frugal, though, Tennis Exchange has some fantastic bargains.

How to determine if a heavy racquet is right for you

Choosing the right tennis racquet can seem overwhelming, especially when deciding if a heavy racquet is right for you. Fortunately, there are ways to determine if a heavy racquet suits your playing style.

Firstly, practice different techniques with both a heavy and light racquet to see which one you feel more comfortable with.

Secondly, work on strength and conditioning so you can handle the extra weight of a heavy racquet.

Finally, proper technique is essential when using a heavy racquet, so take time to learn proper form and footwork.

It’s important to note that a heavy racquet might not be suitable for everyone. If you have any chronic injuries, using a heavy racquet might put additional strain on your wrists and arms.

Proper technique when using a heavy racquet

When using a heavy racquet, proper technique is crucial to maximize its benefits and avoid any potential drawbacks. The key is to use your body weight and legs to generate power, rather than relying solely on your arm strength.

Start with a proper unit turn and use a shortened swing to take advantage of the racquet’s mass.

As you swing, focus on getting your body weight into the shot and use your lower body to help generate power. Timing is also important when using a heavy racquet, so make sure to prepare early and get the racquet back well before the ball arrives.

By practicing these techniques, you can harness the power and stability of a heavy racquet while avoiding any potential arm fatigue or loss of control.


Do I need a heavier tennis racket?

-If you think that you can hold the weight that is suitable to lift up by you then you can definitely go for a heavier racket. If you don’t know How to choose a tennis racket, then you can randomly pick a Racket and try to lift it up. If you think that’s comfortable then you are ready to go with it.

Do heavier rackets give more power?

In many situations, a heavy racket gives more power. But, if you are well known for the hitting techniques then a quality racket with high-tension string can provide you with more power.

Why do pros use heavy racquets?

Professional tennis players often use heavy racquets for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that heavy racquets can provide more power and force behind each shot. This can be especially beneficial for players who are looking to hit hard and fast serves, or for those who want to add extra power to their groundstrokes.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have got your answer that you need a heavy racquet to hit hard or not. Choosing a tennis racquet is difficult for the beginner and that’s why you are recommended to follow a buying guide to choose the perfect one for you.

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