Do Tennis Ball Pressurizers Work? you Should Need to Know in 2023

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While playing have you noticed that your tennis balls are not lasting so much? The balls are torn into pieces after playing for some time. In that situation, pressurizers can help you. Well, do tennis ball pressurizers work according to the situation?

You will find the pressurizer in the market and this special tool is necessary for tennis players. For competitive matches, the players want to pressurize the ball so that it contains the same pressure (PSI).

In this article, we will talk about pressurizing process and timing, Tennis ball PSI, and also know whether reviving a dead tennis ball is possible or not. Some FAQs will also be included. Let’s actually begin.

When Do You Think, You Need to Pressurize Your Tennis Ball?

Tennis Ball Pressurizer

If you are thinking of playing tennis racket then you should know about the pressurized tennis ball. It provides tension and shape to the ball to play it well. So, when do you think you need to pressurize your tennis ball?

When you see your ball isn’t performing as you wished it would be then you need to pressurize the ball with a pressurizer. You should also know how to use a tennis ball on the back which will allow you to know when it should be repressurized.

For reviving a ball you need to have a tennis ball pressure container that is available on the market.

How Does a Tennis Ball Pressurizer Work?

How Does a Tennis Ball Pressurizer Work

A tennis ball pressurizer is also known as the tennis ball saver which is used to pressurize the ball so that the two layers of the ball contain the same atmospheric pressure. So, how does a pressurizer work for a tennis ball?

  • A pressurizer can contain up to three balls and you need to insert your tennis balls there. It prevents the air from shipping out the ball and works like a sealer.
  • Before putting the balls you need to depressurize the container by using a valve.
  • After that- put the balls inside the container and set your optimum PSI.
  • Pump the air into the container so that you get the pressurizer working in it.

You can also DIY a tennis ball pressurizer at your home with a water bottle and a pressure-giving valve. It won’t cost you a lot, rather you will get perfect output if you can build it perfectly.

Research has been done after using a pressurizer over the tennis balls and the result is positive. We have seen that pressurized balls bounce more and they get a longer lifespan. So, you can go for the pressurizer if you think that your balls don’t act suitably.

Before buying a pressurizer for your tennis ball you need to see the review for that product

Tennis Ball Pressure PSI

If you search for “tennis ball pressurize” on Reddit and want to know the idle pressure for your ball then you will find different information about it. According to professionals and experts, a tennis ball needs to have 14 PSI to play it comfortably.

For practicing you can use multiple pressures for the new or old balls and to do this you need to use a pressurizer. Every professional player has their own pressurizer when they go to practice. So, as a beginner, you also need to have the pressurizer in your tennis bag.

How to Revive Dead Tennis Balls

Reviving a dead tennis ball is possible when you know the ball’s condition perfectly. For this, you need to be a professional. You can do the reviving work with a Homemade tennis ball pressurizer but the given pressure should be accurate otherwise the ball will die permanently.


1. Can you pressurize tennis balls?

Yes, if you have the best pressurizer for a tennis ball in your hand then it will be very easy for you to pressurize the ball. This is an easy task but you need to be careful about the given pressure and need to know what’s the standard pressure parameter for a tennis ball.

2. Is it safe to put a tennis ball in the microwave?

A microwave doesn’t do any good for a tennis ball and it can’t help to restore the molecule of the gas inside the ball. So, it will be harmful to your ball to put it into a microwave.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have understood whether the tennis ball pressurizes works or not and also learned how to revive a dead ball. For a professional tennis player, it’s necessary to experience the perfect ball pressure so that he can compete with other professionals.

You can follow the Gexco Tennis Ball Saver review to know about Gexco Tennis Ball Saver and how to use it perfectly as this is one of the best pressurizers for tennis balls.

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