Do Tennis Pros Use Overgrips – The Ultimate Guideline for 2023

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A common curiosity among tennis lovers is, do tennis pros use overgrips? Yes, most tennis pros use an overgrip to get extra cushioning and prevent sweating at hand, which makes their performance better.

Overgripping is easy and faster to replace the existing grip. Besides, the overgrip provides extra comfort at hand, absorbs sweat, and allows you to play tennis for longer. When you compare an overgrip vs grip, overgrips are relatively more affordable than standard tennis grips.

So, let’s jump on to the next section. In this guide, we will discuss why pros use overgrips. What overgrips do tennis pros use, what different types of overgrips, and what personal experience of tennis pros have with overgrips?

What is an Overgrip?

An overgrip is a thin tape of synthetic material wrapped around the handle of tennis rackets. Overgrip plays a great role in enhancing the firmness at hand, absorbing sweat and moisture. Using an overgrip with a tennis racket helps to maintain the player’s control of the ball. Besides, overgrip ensures comfort when playing for a longer time.

Different types of Overgrips?

Different types of Overgrips

Overgrip is used to absorb sweat and maintain the tackiness in tennis sports. There are three types of overgrip; Absorbent over grips, tacky overgrips, and textured over grips.

  • Absorbent over grips:

Absorbent overgrip designed to absorb maximum sweat and moisture. It is considered the best tennis overgrip for sweaty hands. At the same time, an Absorbent overgrip comes with a more non-slip structure and protective grip.

  • Tacky over grips:

A tacky overgrip helps to increase the player’s stability on the racket. It is well-known for retaining the grip incredibly. It is durable, long-lasting and affordable.

  • Textured over grips:

Textured overgrip comes with a little bit of grove that provides added comfort. This overgrip is more powerful than absorbent overgrip but less powerful than tacky overgrips.

Why do Tennis pros use overgrips?

Pros use overgrip to enhance their performance in tennis. Here are some specific reasons why pros use overgrip.

  • Overgrips are easy to replace in the mid-game. It is because pros use overgrip on the standard tennis grip
  • Pros use Tourna dry overgrip to absorb excess sweat when playing.
  • Overgrip comes with preferred customization to suit the various thicknesses and textures
  • Pros use overgrip to get added protection for their racket and hand
  • Overall, pros use overgrip to get added comfort when playing for longer period

What Overgrips Do Tennis Pros Use?

Famous tennis players usually use 4 types of overgrip. Here we will mention that popular overgrip. Similarly, we will also tell you which pros use which overgrip. You may get a lot of pro users who use another overgrip.

  • Tourna overgrip:

Tourna overgrip has become popular among tennis pros because of the racket’s incredible moisture-absorbing power, tackiness and stability. Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras and David Ferrer uses tourna overgrip.

  • Wilson Pro overgrip:

Wilson Pro Overgrip is another great choice among tennis players. It comes with a comfortable feel, enough tackiness, and an enhanced grip. Roger Federer and Serena Williams use Wilson’s pro overgrip.

  • Babolat overgrip:

The Babolat overgrip is designed to provide a soft and cushioned feel to the player’s hand. Tennis pros need a soft handle when they are playing for a longer period. Rafael Nadal, Amanda Anisimova and Fabio Fognini use Babolat overgrip.

  • Yonex Super overgrip:

Yonex provides stability at hand and prevents sweetening. Similarly, Yonex has become popular for its durability. Lloyd Harris, Elena Rybakina, and Stan Wawrinka use Yonex overgrip.

How Many Overgrips Do Pros Use?

It depends on the player’s comfort and preference. The majority of pros use a single overgrip. But fewer pros may use a double overgrip to get their desired comfort and grip.

Can you put two overgrips on a racquet? Yes, you can put two overgrip but many tennis lovers want to know whether it is possible to play tennis without overgrip. Yes, of course, you can play tennis without using an overgrip. For example, the legendary player Augustin Calleri doesn’t use overgrip.

Why Do Pros Use White Overgrips?

Why Do Pros Use White Overgrips

Tennis pros often have been seen to use white overgrip. Here is some logic of why they use white grip.

  • White overgrip has an aesthetic and classy appearance that perfectly suits the tradition of tennis sports.
  • Certain tennis tournaments, like Grand Slam events, often give some restrictions on using tennis accessories. Sometimes, they may make rules for using white overgrip.
  • White color overgrip can prevent sun heat and keep the racket handle cooler. As a result, players can sweat less and play longer on hot days.
  • Sometimes some pros can use Overgrip to comply with sponsorship rules.

Why Do Pros Use Blue Overgrips?

Like white color overgrip, blue overgrip is also good for preventing sun heat and light. That is why pros can use blue overgrip. But there are many more reasons. First, tennis pros may use a blue overgrip to maintain the sponsorship lineup.

Second, a blue overgrip is the best option for increased visibility to the viewers. Psychology suggests that the blue color is a sign of calmness, focus, and confidence. So, some pros use blue overgrip to create a positive, calm mind during playing.

Personal experience of tennis pros with overgrips

We analyzed the personal experiences of some popular players to find out their feelings about overgripping. Tennis players research several branded overgrips and choose one that suits their playing style. They practiced with grip in training sessions or off-season periods to determine which was best.

They give importance to the sweat-absorbing power, tackiness, stability on the racket, and comfort of the handle. Pros customize their overgrip depending on the thickness, size, and comfort level. So that they can adjust their racket with comfort and safety. Do note that professional tennis players often replace their grip for better performance.

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How long do tennis overgrips last?

Tennis overgrip lifespan depends on a few factors. The most common reasons include frequency of use, intensity of use, weather conditions, maintenance, care, and Personal Preference. On average, a tennis overgrip may last a couple of hours, a few days to a few weeks, depending on the mentioned factors.

Does Federer use overgrip?

Yes, the most iconic tennis player Federer uses an overgrip to perform better. Overgripping helps to increase the grip and absorb moisture. Federer use overgrip to customize their playing style and performance. However, Federer may use different branded overgrip as per his personal choice.

Final Words:

So here we end the guide “Do Tennis Pros Use Overgrips.” We hope you already know that tennis pros use an overgrip. Most tennis pros use overgrip to increase their playing comfort with added cushioning and grip. As well as overgrip helps to prevent sweating.

However, the rare case is that fewer pro tennis players use less than overgrips. But the number of pro players who don’t use overgrip is very few.

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