Do You Need an Overgrip on a Tennis Racket? A Definitive Guide!

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Overgrip is a soft, padded, cloth-like tape wrapped around the tennis racket handle to get maximum traction and sweat absorption, control, and feel on the ball. Each tennis racket comes with a soft grip but do you need an overgrip on a tennis racket?

Using an overgrip is required or not, depending on your preference. But it is recommended to take off the previous grip that is worn out. Otherwise, the new grip can affect on grip shape of your racket handle. If you are fond of knowing about tennis racket overgrip, then stay tuned with our guide.

What is Tennis overgrip?

A Tennis overgrip is a type of soft, cushioned, and padded tape wrapped around a tennis racket’s handle. Softness provides extra comfort and control in the tennis racket handle. Also, the overgrip protects the player’s hand from unexpected blistering and various performance enhancements.

What is overgrip

Remember that the grip and overgrip are designed with the same functions, but the overgrip is more protective and expensive than the regular grip. In a word, an overgrip crosses the circumference of a tennis racket with added tackiness and enhances the performance.

Why do you use overgrip in tennis?

Overgrip is a thin, adhesive tape that is applied to the handle of a tennis racket to provide a more comfortable and secure grip. There are several reasons why players use overgrip in tennis:

  • Improved grip:

Overgripping can help players maintain a better grip on their racket, especially in hot and humid conditions when the handle can become slippery.

  • Enhanced control:

A good grip on the racket can lead to better control and precision in shots, especially when hitting powerful shots or making quick movements on the court.

  • Comfort:

Overgripping can make the handle of the racket more comfortable to hold, especially for players with sweaty hands or those who grip the racket tightly for extended periods.

  • Customization:

Players can choose from a variety of overgrip brands and styles, each with its unique feel and level of tackiness. This allows players to customize the grip on their racket to suit their preferences and playing style.

  • Durability:

Overgripping can help extend the life of a racket by protecting the handle from wear and tear.

Is It Necessary for Beginners?

Is tennis overgrip necessary for beginners? overgrip is not mandatory gear for tennis but can make tennis playing easier.

Overgrip is respectively good for better performance and control over the tennis ball. Besides, it provides comfort at hand, prevent blister at hand and prevent sweat.

Benefits of Using Overgrip

Overgrip has become popular among tennis players because of some significant benefits. Here we are mentioning those benefits.


Tennis Racket handles may come with very simple grips that may be uncomfortable for you. In this case, the additional cushioned and sticky overgrip will provide maximum comfort to your hand.

Better grip:

Using an overgrip provides more control over your tennis racket handle. It gives you full control over the ball hitting the tennis racket.

Prevent blister:

A tennis racket may turn around whenever it doesn’t fit with a solid grip. And you may get blisters on your hands from the friction of the racket. You must know how painful to have a blister at hand. Besides, a blister takes a few days to heal. In these cases, you can prevent blisters by using an overgrip.

Disadvantages of Overgrip

Overgrip has some downside too. Let’s know the disadvantages of overgripping before using it.

Difficult to replace:

Replacing the overgrip is tricky for tennis players. Even you need the expertise to install an overgrip around the racket handle.


An overgrip is much more expensive than a regular tennis grip. Due to the higher price range, many tennis players avoid using overgrip.

The faulty shape of the racket handle:

The wrong installation of a tennis racket can ruin the original shape of your racket handle.

Different Types of Tennis Overgrip

There are two types of overgrip that are used for several purposes.

Absorbent/Dry Grips:

A dry grip works great to absorb sweat from the hand. It is ideal for professional players who play in adverse conditions and high humidity. A dry grip prevents sweat incredibly and keeps the hand always dry.


Tacky overgrip comes with a maximum solid and secure feel with a sticky touch. But this type of overgrip is not good for dust and sweat


The perforated overgrip is designed with a nice combination of sweat prevention and cushioned support. That is, it will prevent your hands from sweating and provide comfort.

How to Apply Overgrip

You must follow four steps to apply an overgrip on a tennis racket.

Prepare the Overgrip:

Prepare the Overgrip

Take off the plastic covering from the grip. Remove the existing overgrip from the racket.


Starting overgrip

Remove the sticky tab and apply the overgrip downwards with a shorter angle. Remember to use a squared-off edge to add extra cushion and comfort.


Wrapping overgrip

Wrap the grip from the edge of the racket. Use a butt cap to cover the slopes. Overlap one or two centimeters in every wrapping.


Finishing overgrip

Do you complete wrapping around the racket? Then it is time to cut the tape with scissors.

When Should You Replace Your Overgrip?

There is no rule of thumb to replace an overgrip. However, replacing an overgrip is recommended as often as you use it in a week. If you use it twice a week, replace it twice a month. Also, if you sweat excessively, you can use the best tennis overgrip for sweaty hands.


Do all tennis players use overgrip?

Yes, all professional tennis players use overgrip. The overgrip is the most important arsenal of a tennis backpack. Even every tennis player keeps one pair of additional overgripes in their bag. Tennis grip ensures comfort for both beginners and professional tennis players.

Should you put two overgrips on a new racket?

It is expensive and tricky to replace the new grip with the previous grip. So, you can wrap two overgrips around the new racket. In this case, you don’t need to take off the previous grip of the new racket.

Can I play without overgripping?

You can surely play tennis without overgripping. Replacing the overgrip around the tennis racket might be tricky for you. In that case, you can use the built-in grip with every tennis racket. Also, note that some tennis players feel comfortable playing without overgripping.


So, finally, is overgrip necessary? Yes, it is a necessary item in tennis playing. But overgripping is not a mandatory thing. If any player wants additional protection at their hand and to improve their performance, then overgrip is essential.

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