How Do You Stop Toe Dragging In Tennis Shoes? for 2023

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The game of tennis requires both skill and technique. Every aspect of the game has unique challenges, from serving to volleying. Therefore, players need to be technically sound on the tennis field to improve their performance and scoring chances.

Unfortunately, most beginners will find themselves bogged down due to toe dragging. It happens when the player’s toe drags on the court while executing a shot, causing a loss of balance and power. It can hinder the player’s ability to perform at their best and even result in injuries. And so, knowing how do stop toe dragging in tennis is crucial for your career.

You need to improve your footwork, choose the right shoes to stop toe dragging and maintain the perfect balance of your body and movement to prevent toe dragging. So, let’s see the reasons for toe-dragging and ways to stop it.

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Why Does Toe Dragging Happen?

Toe dragging in tennis can be attributed to various factors. So, you must understand all the possible reasons for it so you can take the correct initiative to stop it.

  • One significant cause is the footwork technique the tennis player employs during play. When executing quick movements or changes in direction, the foot may drag along the ground. It will happen primarily due to inadequate lift-off.
  • The drag takes place when players fail to generate enough force. Also, they sometimes don’t employ proper weight transfer during their strokes.
  • Additionally, fatigue or improper footwear can also contribute to toe dragging. It will further hamper your fluid motion on the tennis court.

Toe dragging happens mostly in grass and clay tennis courts since they have a sleek smoothness. So, stopping toe dragging is crucial to maintain proper performance.

How Do You Stop Toe Dragging In Tennis?

Now that you know the reasons for toe-dragging, it’s time to see how to stop it. You can get the right footwear to reduce the dragging effect. Also, the proper position of your body is the key.

Focus on footwork:

Enhancing footwork is crucial for eliminating toe dragging. So, you should concentrate on proper weight transfer and explosive push-offs during movements on the court.

It will be helpful if you train your muscles to generate sufficient power. It will allow your feet to lift off smoothly without dragging. Thus, you can engage in agility drills and practice quick steps to improve your footwork technique significantly.

Choose proper shoes:

The right footwear will play a crucial role in your tennis success. So, you must always choose the best tennis shoes for toe draggers. It will have deep lugs and traction to stop you from dragging. The shoes need to be comfortable and have adequate grip. You must invest in shoes that provide excellent support, cushioning, and stability.

It will allow you to move freely without dragging the toe as the grip keeps it firmly in position. Hence, you should look for tennis-specific footwear that features reinforced toe areas. It will protect against excessive wear and tear.

You should replace worn-out shoes promptly to maintain optimal performance and reduce the risk of toe dragging.

Maintain balance and body positioning:

You can prevent toe dragging by maintaining a balanced stance and correct body positioning. So, you must ensure that your body weight is evenly distributed. It helps in keeping your center of gravity low and centered.

It will help you enable smoother weight transfer and prevent your toes from scraping against the ground.

Strengthen your lower body:

You should focus on building strength in your lower body, particularly the legs and feet. It can enhance your ability to lift off the ground during movements. Thus, you can incorporate exercises such as lunges, squats, calf raises, and balance training into your fitness routine.

Remember that stronger leg muscles and improved balance will generate more power and agility. Eventually, it will be useful in minimizing toe dragging.

Seek guidance from a coach or trainer:

Lastly, you should consult with a tennis coach or trainer. Their observations and suggestions will be immensely beneficial in addressing toe-dragging issues.

They can provide personalized feedback on your technique and identify areas that require improvement. As they offer tailored drills and exercises to enhance your footwork and movement patterns, they will surely stop toe-dragging.

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Which toe is more important?

It would help if you always landed on your big, stronger toes to ensure proper balance. It will help you maintain proper body positioning and transfer weight for the most powerful strokes with good transitions.

Toe DraggingThe act of dragging one’s toes along the ground during a tennis shot, either intentionally or unintentionally.
Reasons for Toe DraggingSliding on hard court surfacesPoor footwork or techniqueIntentional use for changing direction
Potential Solutions for Toe DraggingWear specialized shoes to improve footwork and technique using orthoticsUse tape or other protective measures

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is toe drag good or bad?

Toe dragging will significantly drop your performance. Also, it is harmful to your recovery after an injury. So, be careful to stop toe-dragging to be a successful tennis player.


Toe dragging in tennis can be a frustrating obstacle. It will disrupt your rhythm and compromise your performance on the court. Thus, you should follow these suggestions on how to stop toe-dragging in tennis to avoid such annoyance.

The key is to wear the right tennis footwear, maintain proper body balance, and follow your trainers’ suggestions. Also, practice more to prevent toe dragging since it’s the key to perfection.

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