How To Hit A One-Handed Backhand for Beginners – 6 steps follow of 2023

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One-handed backhand was the top stroke type in the last decade. You may already discover that a one-handed backhand is more effective than a two-handed backhand.

One-handed is a combination of power, depth, angle, and topspin. But there are many passionate players who consistently struggle to nail the one-handed backhand. 

If you are also the one and don’t know how to hit a one handed backhand, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will teach the way of executing the one-handed backhand technique. Also, read related FAQs on the topic. 

How to hit a one handed backhand

If you compare tennis one-handed backhand vs two-handed, most players vote for a one-handed backhand because it gives the ball more reach. When you are the master of this stroke, you can hit the ball more easily and the ball will have more reach.

Moreover, you can confuse your opponent in guessing as this backhand hides a slice better. 

To become a master of the one-handed backhand technique, break the technique into smaller chunks. Then utilize the movements of the chunks.

In the end, put together all the chunk’s movements to have a smooth backhand stroke. Executing a one-handed backhand requires stroke mechanics and perfect timing. 

Here are the key checkpoints to keep in mind to hit a one-handed backhand: 

One-handed backhand Grip

The Grip

To consume a successful one-handed backhand, it is necessary to have the best one-handed backhand racquet. The best racquet offers you a better grip which is the fundamental thing on the one-handed backhand.

To get a better grip, place the knuckle of the index finger on top of the grip. If your hand is perpendicular to the handle, then rest your thumb between the index and middle fingers.  

For a one-handed backhand grip bevel, hold the racket with your non-dominant hand facing it to the ground, and hold the top of the handle with your dominant hand. Thus, you can get your one-handed grip. Use Eastern one-handed backhand grip or Beckham’s grip tennis, to get a better feel.

The Footwork 

Footwork is important to get enough power while delivering a one-handed backhand. Before making this stroke, you need to split the steps correctly to get the right position. You need a close stance, so step slightly across the body for the shot. As you step, your turn should be around 90 degrees or a bit more. But be sure you can still keep facing the ball. 

The Backswing

The backswing will have a smooth continuity of your stance. Many players keep the backswing short, just like they backswing on the two-handed and forehand strokes. But one-handed backswing is different from other strokes. 

It would help if you took a full swing as most pros do on the one-handed backhand. When you take a big swing, it creates massive speed on the racquet head and hits the ball with more power. 

One-handed Backhand Stance

Many players bring their back legs around while they swing and get into trouble. But you need to step back with your back foot while swinging for this stroke. Leaning a little back gives you a great balance on your shot. Thus, you will take your stance without leaving your core position and you won’t rotate. 


The left index finger of the left hand should be placed on the strings. It is important to raise the left elbow and bend it backward. Keeping the racquet face toward the ground will assist prevent it from opening up and facing the sky, as well as shortening the backswing.

So that your striking shoulder is facing your opponent from behind, you should pivot quite a little. When the ball is bouncing, the racquet should fall to roughly your knees, allowing you to swing up to the rising ball and snatch it.

The swing’s direction should be reversed. It is important that your racquet is near your body in order to swing out from your body and make contact with the ball.

One-Handed Backhand Finish

At this point, you need to combine all the chunks to hit a perfect one-handed backhand. Get access to the grip, fix the racquet position, swing, and balance. We prefer to give the most attention to your balance because it helps the most to hit a perfect shot. When you understand how to get your balance at the end of the shot, you can adjust easily with this technique. 

If you want to get more of the ball, you need to hit the ball flatter. When the ball contact is flatter, more power is transferred directly to the ball. Resulting in, the ball will reach forward rather than impacting more spin. So hit the ball flatter to get more power and stretch out to the target. Thus, you can improve your ball contact. 

Follow Through

Follow Through

If you’ve been following our posts, you’re likely aware of how important it is to follow through. As a result, even after you’ve hit the ball, keep moving your hand upward. Allow it to naturally slow down rather than forcing a stop and rushing to the next shot.
That concludes today’s discussion. We’ll be back with new blogs and additional tips to serve you.

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Pro Tips:

Always practice getting on your front foot and try to shift your weight all the way onto it. This position will help you to transfer your weight into the ball and hit the ball with more power. You won’t lose your balance at the end of your swing. If you move backward, step in, or step to the side, you won’t be able to get the power.


How do you hit a perfect one-handed backhand?

To hit a one-handed backhand, first, get the right grip, make a unit turn, get your balance, and hit your shot. When you put together all the steps, you can make a perfect one-handed backhand.   

How do you hit a one-handed backhand for beginners?

Going through the article, you can understand the way of hitting a one-handed backhand. Here we have enlightened every movement to make a perfect one-handed backhand. 

What is the one advantage of hitting a one-handed backhand?

Modern tennis players prefer the one-handed backhand. The biggest benefit of stroke is to get more reach. A one-handed backhand transfers more power to the ball and gets better reach.  

Should I have a one-handed backhand?

If you are an intense player of tennis and want to improve your game, then you must have a one-handed backhand. Well, it is not crucial in the game. This stroke is all about ball reach. It gives more energy to the ball to hit forward. 

Final Words

Learning tennis backhand techniques is quite challenging. But when you are a master of it you can carry your game to the next level. We have explained in detail how you hold the grip, your stance, hand movement, and ball contact in the one-handed backhand. However, to become a pro-one-handed, you must do a lot of practicing.

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