How To Install Tennis Net Center Strap – Easy 4-Steps Follow for 2023

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On a tennis court, you must see the center strap in the middle of a tennis net. It is an important piece of equipment for stabilizing the net and maintaining the same height. While playing any tournament, it is a fundamental rule to use a tennis net center strap. 

There is a wide range of manufacturers that produce these center straps. But you need to install it in the right way. Here is the tutorial on how to install a tennis net center strap. Go through the down to learn the full process. 

What is a net strap in tennis?

A net strap in tennis is a piece of equipment that attaches to the top of the net and helps to keep it in place during play. It’s attached to the net poles on each side of the court and is usually made of a durable material like nylon or polyester.

How to install a Tennis net center strap?

Tennis net center straps maintain the exact height of the net throughout the game. So it makes the game fair for both sides of players. Most straps have polyester or nylon material. They should be 2 inches wide and white in color

Most of them come with setup hardware that makes installation a breeze. If you buy Edwards tennis net center strap which is the most popular one, then you can see court marking for correct placement. 

Here is the guide to installing a tennis net center strap:

Step 1: Fold the center strap over the tennis net. 

Step 2: Now, attach the net clip or install hardware to the anchor base.

Step 3: Pull the strap through the clip and close it with a velcro strap around the net.

Step 4: It’s time to measure net height. The tennis net height should be 36”. Make some adjustments until the height reaches the correct position. 

That’s it, it is now all ready to play tennis. Installing the center strap is simple and precise using the guide. 

How do you install a tennis court net?

Follow the steps below to install a tennis court net: 

  1. Remove the older tennis court by cutting the twine. 
  2. Attach the net’s loop end to the dead side cleat and the other side of the net to the crank side. 
  3. Keep cranking the net until it is set over 3’ (feet) from the playing surface. 

How To Install a Classic Net Strap

Frequently Asked Questions

How high should a net be with the strap?

The center of the tennis strap should be 36 inches. To maintain the height, a center strap should be used in the center. 

Is a tennis net supposed to sag in the middle?

The tennis net should not be so tight or too loose. It would be better if the net sagged in the middle. However, the center strap should be attached for the perfect height. 

How do you lower a tennis net for pickleball?

The tennis net can be used for pickleball. But height is not the same as tennis. If you are using the tennis net for pickleball, you need to move the center strap 2 inches lower and this height will be 34 inches from the ground. 

Final Words

The center strap is an important piece of equipment for tennis sports. It makes sure the tennis net is exactly above 36” from the playing surface. So this guide will be helpful for you.  

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