How to overgrip a tennis racket for Beginners (6 steps to follow) for 2023

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The tennis racket grip is a significant feature that can help you grasp and control your tennis racket. When the base grip of your tennis racket starts to decay, you’ll lose ease and control.

So, you may replace it or apply an overgrip. But it is expensive and difficult to replace a base grip. Hence, you have to use an overgrip. You must know how to overgrip a tennis racket to apply the overgrip.

The overgrip is dispensed over the base grip, which feels like a brand-new racket handle. Moreover, you can easily remove this overgrip when it wears out. So, follow this article to know everything about how to overgrip a tennis racket.

How to regrip a tennis racket

When your grip is getting old, you may face many problems. Because this grip becomes too grimy, torn, and lost its absorbent qualities, anti-slip, and tackiness. It would be best for you to regrip your racket and use the best overgrip for you. You may use one of the best and top branded overgrip, and that is the Wilson overgrip.

Below, you can know the 6 steps about how to overgrip a tennis racket.

1. Removing old overgrip tape: 

Removing old overgrip tape

At the top of the handle, you’ll find a tight rubber collar. Unwrap your old overgrip by sliding it. Peel off the finishing tape and unwrap the overgrip.

2. Finding the tapered side:

Finding the tapered side

Remove the plastic covering strip from the new tennis racket overgrip tape and reveal it. But if you’re new, then a question must come to your mind, and that is, which side of overgrip to use? The answer is, that some overgrips are used on only one side, and some are used on both sides. On one side, the plastic covering strip mostly remains outside, and sometimes it remains inside.

3. Select the wrapping direction of your racket handle: 

Select the wrapping direction of your racket handle

To know the directions for wrapping the overgrip, follow the diagonal etching angles of your racket handle.

4. Start wrapping your overgrip:

Start wrapping your overgrip
  • Hold the overgrip and the racket in your left hand and right hand, respectively.
  • Keep the racket handle in the upward direction. Then, place the tape end over the bottom and make the first wrap-around handle’s base.
  • Continue the wrap from right to left in a downward direction. The wrapping must be at a slight angle.

Tips: If the overlap is extremely thick, the overgrip will finish before grabbing the racket handle. So, the overlap should be at about 1/8 inch in every rotation.

  • Maintain a certain tension while wrapping the overgrip for a smooth fit.

Note: For left-handers, the process will be the same, but wrap the overgrip left to right instead of wrapping right to left.

5. Finishing the wrapping:

Finishing the wrapping

Continue the overgrip wrapping until you arrive at the top of the racket handle. Most of the overgrips will perfectly match up with the racket handle. If not, then wrap the end part of the handle. Then, make a disc with a pen at the end of the handle. Cut the overgrip with scissors following the marked line. Now your overgrip will perfectly match up with the end of your tennis racket handle.

6. Securing your finished overgrip:

Securing your finished overgrip

To stick the overgrip around the handle, use the finishing tape. Half of the tape should be in contact with the racket. The other half should be in touch with the overgrip. To protect the tape from undesirable frictions, cover the connection point with a rubber band.

Tennis racket grip replacement

how to overgrip a tennis racket

Sometimes you have to replace the base grip because replacing your overgrip isn’t enough. Usually, the base grip is more durable and much thicker than an overgrip. See below to know the step-by-step procedure for tennis racket grip replacement.

Removing your old grip:

Remove the old base grip from the up to the down of the handle. There has an adhesive on the back of the grip to stick the default grip to the handle. Carefully unwrap the grip and clean the excess adhesive. To clean it, you may use a specialized product or a safe house cleaner.

Removing the staple:

When you reach the bottom of the handle, you’ll find the base grip is being stapled with the butt. Use a screwdriver or needle to uproot the staple from the racket handle.

Sliding on the rubber band:

After removing your old grip, slide on the rubber grip collar. Otherwise, it’ll be hard to slide on once the new grip is installed.

Wrapping the right amount in the right direction:

Place your racket upside down. Then line up the end of the new grip’s tapered to the bevel, where the previous grip remained. Wrap the new grip from right to left for right-handers. If you’re a left-hander, you’ll wrap left to right. Restaple the new grip’s tapered end to the butt of your racket.

Wrap the new grip tightly enough to lay the replacement grip flat on the handle. In every rotation, cover 1/16 inch to wrap the grip around. The process is running until you reach the top of the handle.

Finishing the wrap:

Snip the excess of the new grip by using scissors. Finally, around the grip, wrap the finishing tape piece.

How To Replace a Tennis Overgrip (proper installation)


Does the tennis racket come with Overgrip?

Remove the sticky label you have located on the lowest of the grip, beginning with the grip’s solid border from the lowest of the racket. It is higher to skin off the pores and skin of the palm.

What is the difference between a tennis grip and an overgrip?

Tennis overgrip vs. grip. Grips are either overgrip or replacement grips. You can directly apply a replacement grip onto the racket handle. It’s expensive and has a sticky backing. On the other hand, an overgrip is thinner and doesn’t have any sticky backing. But it can be used over the main grip for better performance.

Should I use a tennis overgrip?

Yes. An overgrip is necessary to protect your main grip and add more cushion. You can’t use your original grip for several years. Also, replacing the original grip is expensive and complicated. Moreover, it can absorb sweat and help you to hold the racket handle with your hand.

Final words

How to regrip a tennis racket? Now it is pretty easy for you. Overgrips are modified pretty frequently for aggressive gamers (as soon as every few sessions), at the same time change overgrips for informal gamers can close for numerous weeks. When consolation and tackiness lower significantly, it is time to ex-trade your overgrip again. Go dominate the courts!

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