How To Squeegee A Tennis Court for in-depth guideline 2023

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Tennis courts are one of the most significant investments of a tennis club, so they must be maintained properly. As a tennis court owner, you must take proper steps to protect the court from the elements. After rainfall, moisture locks in the ground, no matter how good the tennis court water removal system is. Standing water is harmful as it damages the surface of the court.   

To keep the tennis court in good condition, you should utilize an appropriate squeegee system for drying the court fast. Here is the guide on how to squeegee a tennis court. Following the guide, you can remove standing water from the court efficiently and effectively. 

How to squeegee a tennis court?

There are many squeegee equipment available out there. Squeegee means the tennis court wiper. Most times, shuttle squeegee and rol-dri are used for this task. However, you need the best equipment to get rid of standing water. 

Many push the squeegee back and forth across the court. But it is not the proper way to do that. It removes standing water at turtle speed. We have described the rules below.  

Squeegee A Tennis Court
  1. Firstly, take the best tennis court roller squeegee for your court. Many use the tennis court rain shuttle, which is also suitable for removing a large amount of water from the court.
  2. Start rolling from the middle of the standing water. Or you can start from the junction and center of the service line.
  3. Always apply gentle pressure while using the squeegee because too much pressure can damage the surface. 
  4. Roll the squeegee in a circular motion. It is the most effective way and fastens up the drying process. Begin to roll in a small circle to the left or right. Once a circle is done, move to the second one. Gradually roll in a larger circle that helps to push water quickly from the center of the court. The process should be repeated until the court is completely dry. 
  5. You can see the dry court apparent immediately. During the moisture removal process,  first clean half of the court, then the other one. Then let nature be a part of this and dry the court surface fully. 
  6. Once you are done, hang the squeegee on a designed hook or keep it high and let dry the equipment. If you don’t dry it properly, flat spots will appear on the roller, and it decreases the ability for moisture removal. 

How to buy the best squeegee for a tennis court?

Whether you are playing tennis right now or not, drying the tennis court is important. A water removal squeegee is a cost-effective option for this removal process. But it won’t be effective enough until you have the right one. 

Now, you know how to roll a tennis court, but you require the best squeegee. Vermont rol-dri tennis court roller squeegee is the most popular one. Judge these points before buying a squeegee for a tennis court. 

  • Consider your court type hard or non-porous before buying the squeegee. 
  • Pick a squeegee made of high-quality materials so that you can use it for a long time. 
  • The squeegee should have a durable handle, made out of aluminum, stainless steel, or wood. 
  • Consider a rubber blade, PVA, or foam roller to remove a large volume of standing water with minimal effort. Some brands offer tennis court squeegee replacement rubber that is helpful when the older blade is worn out. 
  • Consider a lightweight squeegee to move around easily. 

How To Surface A Tennis Court Using a Squeegee

Frequently Asked Questions

How should a tennis court be cleaned?

Rinsing is the best way to clean a tennis court. Use a mild detergent on the surface, scrub with a soft bristle brush, then rinse thoroughly with water. Then just use a squeegee to remove standing water and dry the court faster. 

How do you dry a tennis court fast?

A water removal squeegee helps to dry the tennis court faster. It removes standing water on the court and you can see a drying appearance instantly.  

How do you use a tennis roller?

To get an effective result, you should use the tennis roll in the right way. We have described the rules in detail in this article. So get through it to know the process. 

Final Words

A water removal squeegee is a significant piece of equipment to keep the tennis court protected. It prevents incredible damage and keeps your investment intact for a longer time. However, having a squeegee is not enough, you should aware of the correct process. 

The method we have suggested is the most efficient way. In this way, the court begins drying much quicker. You can double the speed of removing water off the playing surface. And make the court eligible for playing tennis. 


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