Are Badminton Good for Tennis: Head-to-Head Comparison

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Thinking of switching from badminton to tennis to get better physical exercise or for any other professional purpose? If yes then you should know whether is badminton good for tennis or not. Though these are the same types of games, there are a lot of differences when you play them on the ground by yourself.

There are differences between badminton and tennis and the difference comes with the difficulty or difficulties to play. Playing badminton is good for health as well as tennis. You can develop your tennis skills by playing badminton and many more.

In this article, we will share with you information about tennis and badminton and the differences between them. You will know how badminton is good for tennis and some FAQs will help you to know the batter. So, without further we do, let’s begin. 

Is Badminton Good for Tennis?

As you know you will need to have more skills and power to play tennis and badminton can help you to achieve stamina and skill. But, playing badminton only can’t improve your skill playing tennis at all. You have to practice tennis more and more to improve your gameplay.

Badminton or tennis for weight loss? Well, tennis can help you to lose more weight than badminton as it requires more power and strength. But, if you are a badminton player and want to play tennis also then you are one step ahead of the consecutive beginners.

So, it is badminton which is good for tennis. There are many other sports like squash which are also good for tennis. It improves your hitting power.

Head-to-Head: Tennis vs. Badminton

Well, tennis and badminton both games are played with rackets and the highest four players can participate. Though there are similarities, you will find some major differences too. Tennis vs. badminton Reddit also has differentiated both of these sports.

1. Tennis is played with tennis balls.1. Badminton is played with the shuttlecock.
2. The ball is heavily weighted and made from rubber.2. The shuttlecock is light weighted and made from feathers.
3. The ball has an extreme velocity.3. You will experience less velocity in the shuttlecock.
4. You need to touch the ball on the ground to play tennis.4. Touching the ground will cost you a point in badminton.
5. Hard to play and need to have strength.5. Easy to play and doesn’t require so much strength.

Badminton vs. tennis calories– Tennis helps to burn more calories than badminton. So, you can choose tennis to play

Tennis vs. badminton racket– the best badminton racket is lighter than the tennis racket.

Which One is Harder to Play?

What do you think – Is badminton harder than tennis? Well, according to professionals both of the games are hard to win but playing badminton is easy for a reason. The weight of the badminton racket is low as well as the shuttlecock.

On the other hand, the tennis ball and racket are heavy and require more strength to play. The size of the tennis court is also bigger than that of badminton. So, we can say that playing tennis is harder than badminton.

Are Badminton Shoes Good for Tennis?

This is the most asked question- Can we use badminton shoes for tennis or are badminton shoes good for tennis? Well, if you are thinking of playing professional tennis then you should not use badminton shoes as they have fewer grips.

But, badminton shoes are more flexible than tennis shoes and come with jumping features. So, if you are a beginner then you can use your badminton shoes for tennis.

But, we will recommend you start with a new pair of tennis shoes before playing tennis at the beginning.

Badminton shoes are not that good for tennis. As we said earlier if you want to have comfort and flexibility as a beginner then you should definitely go for badminton shoes.


1. Does playing badminton help with tennis?

Yes, it helps a lot when you are a badminton player and you know how to play well. It helps to acquire minor skills which are the basic need of starting to play tennis.

2. Should I play badminton or tennis?

It depends on you. If you think that you are playing sports for maintaining your fitness and entertainment then you can go with both of them. But, if you have a passion for a certain game then you should start grinding with that.

3. Can playing badminton help improve my tennis skills?

No, playing badminton will not help improve your tennis skills. As stated before, the two sports require different techniques. In addition, badminton is played with a different type of racket and shuttlecock, which can make it difficult to adjust to playing tennis.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have understood that badminton is quite an impressive way to acquire tennis skills if you are ready to play tennis. You can ask – Is badminton better than tennis? Well, you can’t say that because every game has its own perspective and way of playing style which may encourage you to continue with it.

If you are passionate about playing tennis then you shouldn’t think about badminton to get some skills. Just keep practicing to improve yourself day by day.

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