Lobster Elite Tennis Ball Machine Review: Take Your Game To The Next Level!

Last Updated on September 21, 2023 by Robert A. Foreman

The things I always consider for a Tennis ball machine are how many balls it can hold, battery support, flat, backspin, topspin, etc. Alas! I can’t even imagine getting all these features under one umbrella! Lobster Elite Liberty ball machine has made this wonder come true. 

Here in this Lobster Elite Tennis ball machine review, I’ll share my real-life experience and the features I think are worth having in this unit. I betcha you’ll get a crush on it. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Ball speed, Spin options, and Elevation have so many variations. Very few tennis ball throwers offer these features. 
  • Doesn’t damage the new ball’s life by pressurizing the ball. So, less investment is required for new balls. 

Lobster Elite Tennis Ball Machine Review

Lobster elite tennis ball machine 

I’ve had this ball thrower for a year now but believe it or not, I’ve improved all my shots range. This unit is not the only piece with all the features a tennis player looks for, yet Lobster has met my expectations. This machine has helped me become a better player. 


  • Ball speed: 10-80 mph
  • Ball spin: Top and Back Spin
  • Ball Holding Capacity: 150
  • Battery Life: 4-8 hours 
  • Weight: 44 lbs
  • Dimensions: 20 x 14 x 21 

Features at a Glance 

Triple Oscillation: The Lobster Elite Three can oscillate both horizontally and vertically. So it gives a total match play practice experience. Also, the dual setting two-line oscillation feature allows play in groups, families, etc. 

Spin Control: A top-notch tennis ball machine technology for advanced players. A dial knob at the back of the machine controls the underspin and topspin. It’s even possible to throw the ball completely flat. 

Lightweight yet Durable: Only 42 pounds weight of Lobster Elite Three doesn’t get any damage if it falls from your hand while carrying. Also, the shape is okay to load and unload in your car. 

Speed and Feed Rate:  This ball machine offers more speed than a slinger bag tennis ball machine. The top speed is 129 km. Also, the ball-throwing rate varies from 2 seconds to 12 seconds.

Like other Lobster Ball machines, it holds 150 balls, while slinger bag tennis holds 144 balls at once.  

Elevation Setting: An important setting for every ball machine. The Elite Three has a 0-50-degree elevation setting, and at the bag, there is a dial knob. Most of the time, I use 25 degrees of Elevation.  

                  Pros                     Cons
● Optional remote control through the app on an Apple device.
● There is a fast charger available to reduce charging time by 1-3 hours.
● It can take power from an external battery pack.
● All terrain wheels for easy moving.
● Remote prices are sky-high.
● The oscillation has no range, you have to be super fit to play all those backhand and forehand shots.

Can Lobster Elite Three Make You a Better Player? 

Some people say Lobster Elite Three is the best tennis ball machine among in the Elite section. I really agree with them. Until I calibrated this machine and practiced with it, this machine looked pretty similar to Elite Two. It’s exquisite timing of the ball drawing gives you the vibe of a tennis match. 

Here I am describing my professional way of training for improving a lot using the Elite three-ball machine. 

Step-1: Warm Up

No matter how much running you do before practicing, I suggest you start training with Elite Three by short deliveries to feel the balls on the racket. You can adjust the speed to 55 mph, Elevation to 25, spin +1, and feed 4. 

 Step-2: Variation of Features 

Now it’s time to increase your flexibility during practice. So you can adjust your speed up to 80 miles. Also, you adjust the ball trajectory using the levation range from 2 to 80 degrees. Also, adjust the top and back spin according to your preference during practice. 

Step-3: Two-Line Training

In a two-line training program, there are three options narrow, medium, and wide. So you have to select one option regardless of the speed; spin is manually changeable. This two-line program is good for footwork, requiring movement from side to side. 

Step-4: Net Training 

Only some of the players like to practice or play volleys during practice and matches. So, they should do net training. Maintain this setting for net training, two lines, medium, 50 mph speed, and feed-3. 

Step-5: Sweep

Finally, practice sweep; this program provides match situations by throwing the balls randomly across the width of the court. But you won’t guess earlier where the ball will go. 

These are the regular practices if you do every training session. You will end up finding yourself in a new shape. 

what to look for when buying a Lobster Elite Liberty tennis ball machine 

The requirement for finding the best tennis ball machine is the same for all kinds of heavy-duty tennis ball machines. Lobster Elite is offering almost similar tennis ball machines in different price ranges. So let’s see what to focus on before buying any of these ball machines. 

Ball Holding Capacity

All the Lobster Elites have the same ball-holding capacity. All of them can hold 150 balls. So we should stay within 150 balls capacity. 


At this Elite Three price range, I suggest that you look for a good oscillation system. Ensure the oscillation happens both vertically and horizontally. 

Speed, Spin, and Feed

Avoid machines with less than 50 mph ball speed and only one spin available. Ensure your tennis ball machine has both top and backspin. 

Suitable for All Ball

If a tennis ball machine is suitable for one brand of ball, then avoid that because you will have many balls which will have less air pressure, old balls. But the tennis ball machine must have to deal with them as Lobster does. 

versatile training:

with its programmable drills and random oscillation, the machine offers a versatile training experience suitable for players at all skill levels.

Portability and durability:

The Lobster Elite tennis ball machine is designed with portability and durability in mind.

It weighs just 44 pounds, making it easy to transport to different courts. Its built-in handle and large wheels further enhance its portability. The sturdy construction ensures that the machine can withstand the rigors of regular use without compromising performance.

Price and warranty:

The machine comes with a generous warranty, providing peace of mind and guaranteeing long-term satisfaction. Considering its durability, versatility, and advanced features, the price is justified for serious tennis players looking to enhance their skills.

 Noise level:

some tennis ball machines can be quite loud, which can cause distractions and potentially disturb others on the court.

Fortunately, the Lobster Elite tennis ball machine operates at a relatively low noise level, allowing players to focus on their training without unnecessary disturbance


How Long does it take to charge a lobster ball machine?

It takes 12-24 hours in regular time if you practice for almost 2 hours or more. But Lobster has an external battery option, so you can run the ball machine for a longer time. Also, the external battery requires separate charging.  

Does the lobster ball machine ball machine work on clay courts? 

This ball machine is not built for playing on clay courts; it has no feature for wiping the clay from the ball. So using this machine on the clay court may cause any malfunction of the ball machine. 

How Do I change the battery in my Lobster Elite?

Firstly, unscrew the six screws on the red case at the back. Now lift the red case, and you can see the battery now. SO remove the positive and negative wearing and velcro straps and take out the battery. Now place a new battery, tie up the velcro strap, and connect the positive and negative wearing. 


I think this is one of the best tennis ball machines I have ever played, Yeah, you can’t use it for carrying additional things, but the features are good for a ball machine. It will help to practice every kind of shot. 

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