Paddle tennis vs. Pickleball

Difference between Paddle tennis vs. Pickleball for 2022

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We often see sports enthusiasts people think about paddle tennis vs. Pickleball. But ever wondered what the difference between them is? The similarities end with being a racket, but there are significant differences.

 Despite whichever sport you prefer, both of them can provide a lot of excitement and fun for you, your family and friends. So, in this article, you will get honest reviews of the best paddle tennis vs. Pickleball, and then hopefully you are ready to make your choice. So what say, let’s get started right now!

what is Paddle tennis?

Paddle tennis is easier than tennis. It combines action with fun and social interaction. People of all genres and age groups can surely play this sport. The equipment which comes along the paddle let-in tennis set contains a solid paddle like a strong racket and a depressurized tennis ball. The paddles have to be completely smooth and comfy to hold.

what is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a paddle ball game, where 2 or 4 players use paddles that are solid, and the pickleball paddles are created of composite materials or wood for hitting the Wiffle ball. The equipment for this game reminds me of my childhood.

 Generally, the graphite paddle for Pickleball is used, which provides great control. The balls we get from this set have holes and are normally quite lightweight.

While we’re talking about paddle tennis vs. Pickleball, let’s have a sneak peek of the best equipment out there for these games.

Paddle tennis vs. Pickleball Product reviews:

1. GRANDCOW Tennis Paddle Racket Carbon Fiber

GRANDCOW Tennis Paddle Racket Carbon Fiber Power Lite Pop EVA Foam Paddle Tennis Paddleball Racquets

If you think about getting a paddle and Grandcow Tennis Paddle doesn’t pop up in your mind, you are missing something here. The Grandcow Tennis Paddle is a fine product with a lot of amazing features. This set contains two paddles, colored black.

The paddle comes with a carbon fiber composite surface, which ensures you have excellent performance. For better control and speed, it has nicely distributed holes on it. Those holes are perfect in size, which helps you have a smooth play. Also, it has a sweat-resistant grip handle for a good grip.

Grandcow Tennis Paddle’s packaging weight is 1 kilogram. It has a suitable amount of weight, which makes your gameplay easier. With its customized design and gorgeous black color, it provides a nice appearance. A very light weighted paddle with these benefits is all you need.


  • Smooth paddle texture.
  • Very light weighted.
  • Sweat-resistant grip handle.
  • Carbon fiber composite surface.


  • •Enhanced large size grip, which some of you might find huge.

2. Wilson Sporting Goods Xcel Lite 84-inch inches Tennis Paddle

Wilson Sporting Goods Xcel Lite 84 inches Tennis Paddle

Are you searching for gorgeous-looking yet durable paddle tennis? Then it would help if you go with this one. This paddle racket from Wilson gives full control to the players. Also, it happens to be in two different colors: Black and orange.

Wilson sporting goods Xcel lite 84 ensures you get faster performance and accurate movement. It comes with a grip, which is 4 inches in size. It gives you a comfortable playtime because giving you a nice experience is their priority. Plus, you get a good grip too.

The product material is composite, giving you enough durability and a gorgeous appearance. Size variations are unavailable for this product. It’s in a standard size, which gives easiness while playing. This paddle tennis offers the exact power one need.

All over, Wilson Sporting Goods Xcel comes at an affordable price with a lot of benefits in it. I bet you will love smashing tennis balls with this paddle. Ensuring you have a fun, playful time with your family and friends.


  • Light weighted.
  • Strong enough, which increases durability.
  • Comfortable grip


  • As it’s available in only one size, which might not match yours.

3. Rally Flare Graphite Pickleball Paddle | 2 Player Pack with Pickleballs and Paddle Covers 

Rally Flare Graphite Pickleball Paddle  2 Player Pack with Pickleballs and Paddle Covers

If you are a complete beginner and have no idea about pickleball paddles, your priorities must meet with this amazing and reactive pickleball set. Because of its high-quality tournament, players can also use it.

This set contains amazing features that will take your game to another level, and the beginners will also be able to intensify their skills by using it.

The rally flare pickleball set has two paddles, one is blue, and the other one is red. The rally flare is well-balanced, lightweight, and causes less wrist stress. The package normally weighs 0.97 kilograms.

The polymer core of this paddle is so comfy that players can give utmost performance by using it. The lightweight and soft grip help to maintain agility and feel less jostling during play.

Four yellow outdoor Pickleball is also needed to fulfill this set. The balls are specifically designed and optimized. It’s also light, which runs properly for long plays.


  • Offers a high level of control
  • Smooth and comfortable grip
  • Perfect for longer play
  • Contains protective edging


  • Sometimes, chipping issues can cause a problem like hazarding effective shots

4. TICCI Pickleball Paddle Set 2 Premium Graphite Craft Rackets

TICCI Pickleball Paddle Set 2 Premium Graphite Craft Rackets

The pickleball sports enthusiasts often satisfy their purchase by collecting this Ticci pickleball paddle set. This is one of the most popular sets in the market. Its manufacturing techniques have set a benchmark in the sports field. This set will be a perfect company for both beginners and immediate players. People of all ages can have a ton of fun playing with this. You will be able to maintain your balance and power while performing.

The Ticci pickleball set contains a polypropylene honeycomb core and a premium fiberglass surface. The high-quality grip reduces wrist stress and enhances the match’s comfort, regardless of gender and age, or skill level. This set is especially known for its good striking performance. The grip is a good example of sweat-absorbent materials, and it also decreases slipping. This good-looking package weighs 0.93 kilograms.

The set comes with two paddles and four indoor balls. There is no net with the package. Such good quality paddle and ball will help you to win or have fun in an enjoyable way


  • Sturdy and strong
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold
  • The fiberglass face offers great energy to spin the ball
  • Has a large sweet spot


  • Though its very light, sometimes the handle might get destroyed

The Ultimate buyer’s guide for paddle tennis vs Pickleball

As I have mentioned before, you might find paddle tennis and Pickleball extremely similar. But they are two different games with a lot of common traits. The equipment used in both of these games quite looks like too. So, here I am with a complete buyer’s guide for you, which can make your shopping easier.

Grip size:

Paddles come with different grip sizes. Make sure the grip size of the paddle matches yours. You can know your size if you look up the size chart.


Your comfort and performance depend on the weight of the paddle. It depends on how much weight you prefer. So, check if you are comfortable with its weight.

Paddle texture:

Paddle texture plays an important role in paddle quality. A paddle tennis racket is textured and sometimes has holes. Too much texture causes disadvantages.

On the other hand, pickleball paddles contain a completely smooth texture. Less smoothness ruins its quality. Give the texture a sneak peek before buying.


Here comes the top thing because without the ball, you can’t play the game. Paddle tennis uses rubber balls, and pickleball is made of plastic with several holes.

In both cases, the product’s durability depends on its material. So, you should check the rubber or plastic quality before buying one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a good workout playing paddle tennis?

Paddle tennis is a fun game, which is also good for exercise. It is an excellent total-body workout, and this game is quite friendly to your health.

Can you play Pickleball on the grass?

We often find people playing Pickleball in yards or on the beach with family and friends. But the answer is basically ‘no’.It would help if you had a solid outdoor surface or an appropriate place to play the game.

What age groups play paddle tennis?

This game has no specific aged players. Yeah, it’s true. Paddle tennis is popular among elders, and even kids love playing it. It’s an enjoyable sport for individuals of all ages out there.

How long do pickleball paddles last?

You can easily get 2/3 years out of composite or graphite paddles if you’re a non-professional player. Usually, professional players use their paddles for a year or so.


I bet you have often got confused and mixed paddle tennis and Pickleball altogether. Well, it’s a fun fact that most of us face this uncertainty with these two games. The similarities between both games are confusing indeed.

But the more you know about paddle tennis and Pickleball, the more difference you will find between them. The equipment which is used in these games is almost the same.

We notice variations in pickleball and paddle tennis rules. So, there are a lot of similarities and even a lot of differences between them. I believe you can find a different feel to each of them.

If you’re still on paddle tennis vs. pickleball and can’t choose which one you will go with, then I suggest you try both of them. If you are a fun-loving person, these two sports can satisfy your choice and give you quality time with your friends and family.

Every game has a different level of intensity. Playing each of the games is the best way to pick one up. But you never know, you might fall in love with both of them.

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