Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty Review – Best Tennis Ball for You

Last Updated on November 3, 2023 by Robert A. Foreman

Penn balls are one of the champion contenders if you consider their durability. Pro Penn extra duty tennis balls are no different, excellent for hard pitch. So, the name Marathon has validity with performance. 

As a tennis player, I think it’s my duty to do a Pro Penn marathon extra duty review and let other tennis players know about the bounce, durability, consistency, etc. Hopefully, my experience will pay off here. 

Key Takeaways

  • True bounce continues for more than a couple of practice sessions.
  • LongPlay felt makes Marathon balls good for hard outdoor surfaces.
  • Doesn’t lose its shape due to soft and hard spots on the same ball.

Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty Review: User’s Perspective

User’s Perspective Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty Review

The “Extra Duty” designation means this ball is primarily for outdoor hard courts. Hard surfaces have more impact on tennis balls than clay surfaces or soft surfaces. That’s where the extra duty felt works out. It ensures stable bounce and less wear and tear. 


  • Material: Felt
  • Color: Yellow 
  • Court: Hard
  •  Weight: 12.34 lbs
  •  Balls per Can: 3

Features at a Glance  

True Bounce and Response:  The bounce is totally consistent, not like other tennis brand balls; I don’t feel like the bounce gets lower after 1 or 2 hours of practice. The shots on the rise look straightforward to me because of consistent true bounce. 

Late hits and off-center shots satisfy me; the ball comes to the bat with a consistent pace and predictable bounce. 

Designed for Outdoor Play: Soft court, clay, grass, and carpet surfaces are not for Marathon balls. The ball comes to the bat consistently on a hard surface. It uses a LongPlay felt to make the balls durable. 

Even after hours of play, I don’t need to take any forward steps to lay a shot. 

Optimum Visibility:  The Extra Duty balls have Smart Optik felt that has 19% more brightness than any standard felt. This ultimate radiant color pops up in my eyes in any court or backdrop, even in dim lighting. So I see the ball much better. 

No Soft Spots and Hard Spots: Unlike other cheap tennis balls, if I squeeze in my palm, it feels soft spots and hard spots on the same ball, which can cause tennis elbow. But by squeezing Pro Penn, I didn’t find any soft and hard spots. 

I can differentiate these things from other balls; maybe there are differences between the felt and rubber they use, but I don’t know. Lastly, I must say some words about the ball tube; the golden cap and blue tube will catch my attention in the store. 

                    Pros                           Cons
● The darker the light gets the brighter the ball shines.
● Felt doesn’t fluff up.
● Excellent durability.
● Justifies the Higher price.
● It offers less spin.


Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty got approval from the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and the International Tennis Federation (ITA). It’s the official ball of the USPTA and PTR organizations for its guaranteed quality. 

What to Look at for Buying a Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty Tennis Ball

I always want to verify any new gear or equipment I use for tennis. A tennis ball is the kind of item I never want to consider quality. I talk with others who are using or have used the balls before, and if possible, I try a Ball taken from them. That’s my process, but here I am going to mention things that you must look at and research before getting committed to a new brand of tennis ball.  


All the standard and high-end balls have durable rubber and felt. Tennis balls are costly, so I never want to waste my money on something that is not durable. No matter how much you love the bounce and spin, the short life span of a tennis ball will waste so much money. 

Power Generation 

Premium quality tennis balls have that premium feel where I don’t feel like over-pressuring for power shots. It’s easy to generate power on Pro Penn Marathon Extra duty; the thick layer of felt does not hamper the shot speed. Doesn’t get much slower after a bounce. 


I have to know how the Smart Optik feature works on tennis balls, but the visibility increases. So ensure it the tennis ball you want won’t get invisible in dim lighting. 

Pro Penn Tennis Ball vs. Penn (Regular)

The difference between Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty and Extra Duty is minimal. The regular duty has a thinner felt portion on the ball because the surface is softer. Like clay, grass. So the clay can’t penetrate through the felt and gets stuck there. 

In contrast, the Extra Duty balls are for hard surfaces, and thin felt will wear down quickly there. That’s why to make the ball more durable, they use thicker felt woven tightly around the rubber core. Thus the ball lives longer. 

Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty Tennis Ball test report

Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty Tennis Ball test report

Is it Okay to Use a Pro Penn Marathon in a Ball Machine?

There are Pro Penn 3 tennis balls in one can. As soon as I open them, I can feel the sudden air release. So they maintain proper pressure.

Usually, I use 1 can of new balls in every practice and use them in the ball machine. I guess they work great in a ball machine because of the perfect air pressure inside the can. 

Does it spin? 

The Extra Duty Marathon has a 22% longer-lasting core and it’s hard. So the ball can’t grip the surface like other clay or grass-suitable tennis balls. Balls can’t spin if they can’t grip the surface. The average spin of this ball is much less and more of a control-based ball. 


Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty tennis balls 24 can case hold 72 balls, I must suggest you have one case of balls every time you buy because it will cost a little less. You can have Wilson US Open or Wilson Prime All Court because they are also good but the unique bounce of Penn’s Marathon is not comparable at all.  

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