Should I Use Tennis Overgrip for Better Performance? The Ultimate Guide!

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Tennis is largely a game of skill, finesse, agility, and strategy. It requires players to have excellent hand-eye coordination and the ability to make precise shots accurately. The right grip on the tennis racket can significantly impact a player’s performance.

Tennis players often choose standard grips, but many also opt for the overgrip option. But, there’s a strong debate between overgrip and regular grip among players. So, before you use it, you may ask, “Should I use tennis overgrip?”

Yes, you can use a tennis overgrip, especially for a moist, sweat-free, firmer grip on the racket. It also provides an enhanced gripping surface, and the overgrip is relatively easy to replace and customize. On top of it, most tennis players at the recreational level will use overgrip.

So, let’s explore if you should use tennis overgrip. Also, we will discuss the quick difference between the regular and overgrip so you can decide which one you should choose.

Should I Use Tennis Overgrip?

Yes, you should use a tennis overgrip to improve your grip and firmness over the tennis racket. Professional players like Roger Federer and Stefanos Tsitsipas used Wilson Pro overgrip, while Andy Murray used Tourna Grip on his tennis racket. Also, about 55% of recreational players prefer overgripping over regular ones for easy replacement and cost-effectiveness.

Henceforth, you should try overgrip to see the outcome. Once you get used to it, you will surely love the increased grip and protection with the overgrip racket.

Better Grip:

With the overgrip racket, you will instantly experience an improvement in your hand grip. To begin with, overgrips are designed to absorb moisture and moisture. It creates a better gripping surface and prevents the racket from slipping from your hand.

This feature also helps to keep your racket firmly in your hand. It is handy, particularly on summer days and in tropical regions when your hand can often get moist. Also, many people sweat faster and will find the overgrip on the racket a better choice. You should choose the best tennis overgrip for sweaty hands to get the best outcome from it, anyway.


Overgrips are typically thinner than regular grips. It allows players to have better control over their racket. The cushioning layer will also provide extra comfort during long matches or practice sessions.

Moreover, the protective cushioning offers better comfort while playing. If you have been facing pain in your hand, the added cushioning of the overgrip can release the pain significantly. Also, you will find it helpful during competitive games when you have to hold your racket firmly for quick returns.


Overgrips can protect the underlying grip from wear and tear, extending the life of your racket. You will typically apply the overgrip over the regular grip of the racket. So it won’t get damaged due to sweat and moisture from your hand.

It will enhance the lifespan of your tennis racket too. You may expect the racket to last a few months more with the right overgrip on its handle.


Overgrips come in various colors and designs. It allows you to add a personal touch to your racket. You may design the overgrip just as you want, from different color accents to shapes. It will give your racket a unique touch and help you stand out on the tennis field.

Moreover, the customization is easy and quick. So, you don’t have to spend hours customizing your favorite overgrip tennis racket. If you play games in a crowded space, quick customization of the racket with overgrip will also prevent it from getting lost.


Overgrips are relatively inexpensive compared to replacing the entire grip when it wears out. When you compare overgrip vs. replacement grip, you will find the first one more cost-effective.

Its cost is almost half the replacement grip for the standard ones. Therefore, beginners and recreational players will find it more useful. It will help them use the same grip for an extended period.

Also, it improves the overall longevity of the racket. It will save money on both grip and racket replacement. You can use the saved money to upgrade your gears and experience better playing strategies.

To better understand the differences between a regular grip and an overgrip, let’s compare them side-by-side. It will help you further know why you should choose the overgrip racket over the standard one, particularly during beginner days.

Comparing PointsOvergripRegular Grip
Grip SizeThinnerStandard
Moisture ControlAbsorbs MoistureLimited
ComfortAdded CushionBasic
ProtectionProtects GripNone
CustomizationWide VarietyLimited

The comparison chart shows that the overgrip is better at absorbing moisture and has a thinner layer. It also improves cushioning and has more customization offers than a regular grip. You should choose overgrip over regular grip for better gameplay.

Can I use a tennis overgrip on top of my existing grip?

Can I use a tennis overgrip on top of my existing grip

You can use a tennis overgrip on top of your existing grip! In fact, this is the most common way to use an overgrip. First, remove any tape or wrapping from the racket handle. After that, wrap the overgrip around it, starting at the bottom. Finally, secure the end with the adhesive strip to ensure proper gripping.

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Why Use Overgrips On Tennis Racquets?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tennis overgrip, and why should I use one?

A tennis overgrip is a thin material used on the tennis racket. It is usually made of synthetic or natural materials. It provides a better grip on the handle to help improve your control and accuracy when hitting shots.

How often should you replace your tennis overgrip?

Many players opt to replace their overgrip after every 6-8 hours of play. Or, they will replace it whenever it becomes noticeably worn or dirty. The replacement frequency will also depend on the sweat and moisture during the game time.


You will elevate your tennis techniques and shot accuracy with an overgrip handle design. It eliminates sweat and moisture from the grip and helps you play comfortably for extended periods. Also, during the early days of your tennis career, an overgrip handle with more longevity and cost-effectiveness will be a better choice.

And with players like Roger Federer and Andy Murray using overgrip, you don’t need to doubt its effectiveness.

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