Should I wear a watch while playing tennis? Everything you need to know!

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Tennis players usually wear various accessories like lead tape, sleeves, sweatbands, etc. Everything is considered as playing accessories, but one thing that doesn’t make sense is wearing a timepiece on the playing hand. 

You may ask why do tennis players wear watches, and should I wear a watch while playing tennis? To clear your confusion, you have to go thru this article about the explanations for using a watch by the top players and should you have one. Read more about the FAQs on this topic.

Do tennis players wear watches?

Due to sponsorship, almost all top tennis players wear watches. Some of the top watch brands, like Rolex, Rado, Richard Mille, Tag Heuer, etc., sponsor players because it is an excellent idea for advertisement. On the tennis court, players rackets. In turn, their arms get close-up TV angles, so it is great for a watch advertisement. 

Moreover, the audience has a plain view of the player’s wrist and gets a decent number of glimpses at watches. As a result, it manipulates the audience to buy the watch that their favorite player wore.

However, some players, like Roger Federer and Andy Murray, don’t wear watches on the court. The main reason is the adjustment. While playing rackets, a slight amount of burden can impact the game. So they think it would be best not to take risks in advertising. But they wear watches during on-court conferences, trophy presentations, and other times.

Should I Wear A Watch While Playing Tennis?

It is not a tradition wearing a watch while playing tennis. Not all players want to add gear during the match. Though money endorsements are always excellent, no one sacrifices their own playing career for this. Obtaining a watch on the courts basically has no motive whatsoever, it is just a piece of style.

When it is time to decide whether can you wear watch while playing tennis or not, it depends on your habits and playing experience. Well, it takes a bit of time to form the habit of using a watch while playing tennis. Many players still wear watches without any endorsement deals. 

Apparently, you won’t face any difficulty playing with a watch in a massive category. It is fine whether you are wearing a casual or sports watch. While playing tennis, it would be best if you wear the watch on the second hand. That ensures the watch won’t get in the way while serving, hitting forehand, and others. 

Whether you wear a watch while playing or not determines your mood. But before committing to having a watch while playing, rehearse with it for some time. Over time, you won’t have the exciting feel of a watch while playing.

Why Do Tennis Players Wear Watches?

It’s because they’re being paid to wear the watch by a sponsor, plain and simple. It’s not uncommon for a tennis player’s racket to be the focal point of a close-up TV shot, which means that his or her arms, as well as the wrist, become prime advertising real estate.
Most professional players don’t use wristwatches during a competition, for starters Sponsorship partnerships with watchmakers are common for some of the most high-profile players, including Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, and others.

Why Do Tennis Players Wear Watches

There are some athletes who don’t mind wearing their timepieces throughout the game. Rafael Nadal is the best example of this, having been signed to Richard Mille in 2010. During that year’s French Open, the Spaniard debuted the ultra-lightweight RM 027 Tourbillon watch on the court.

Do Tennis Watches Interact With Performance?

Tennis may be played at a high level as long as individuals wear timepieces on the right wrist. However, it is not so big of a problem for two-handed backhands that players cease wearing them completely.

Wearing a watch on the non-dominant hand is the correct method to do it. The same rule applies to sportswear as it does to street clothing. Since most strokes depend on timing, the watch won’t get in the way of serving, hitting forehands, or anything else.

It’s a good idea to wear a watch for a few days before making a long-term commitment to it. Some individuals will never be able to shake the feeling of a timepiece on their wrist while playing. It might be a psychological issue, or the watch may be too large and cumbersome to wear comfortably for certain people.

Can You Wear An Apple Watch Playing Tennis?

You may, of course, play tennis while wearing an Apple Watch or any other watch. Wearing a smartwatch during a match is not prohibited by any rules or regulations.
Speed, heart rate, oxygen levels, and other essential statistics should be easy to monitor with this device. This information may help you enhance your performance via further practice.

Players may find a wristwatch annoying and restricting, yet many of the world’s greatest players still wear them during matches. World-class athletes agreeing to endorse and promote a certain product in return for sponsored monies are one probable explanation for this.

Several well-known tennis players may be seen sporting wristwatches while participating in tournaments:

  • For Rafael Nadal, the most prominent example, see the 21-time Grand Slam champion: During his matches, Rafael Nadal wears a Richard Mille RM 27-04 Tourbillon that is ultra-lightweight and does not interfere with his playing technique.
  • Serena Williams, the 24-time Grand Slam champion, has worn a variety of wristwatches while competing.
  • This pink-strapped F.P. Journe Elegante is worn by Donna Vekic, the 28th seed in the Open.


Why do tennis players put on a watch?

Tennis players wear watches due to their habits or publicity stunts. Several brands sponsor the top tennis players, and that’s why they wear specific watches. 

What watches do tennis players wear?

Tennis players wear both casual and sports watches. Though it is a wise decision to wear a sports watch as they are designed for this purpose.

Final Words

Wearing a watch while playing tennis is nothing but a style. You can wear a watch due to your habit, style, or sponsorship. There is no remorse in wearing a sponsored watch and it also increases your publicity. 

Certainly, there are many considerations before wearing a watch. For example, always choose light-wearing gear so that the weight won’t impact your play. The bulkier watch is critical to deal with. Smartwatches are also an exceptional choice for wearing while playing tennis.

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