Tourna grip xl vs XXL Review: Based on Expert Buying Guide for 2023

Last Updated on October 14, 2023 by Robert A. Foreman

With a sweat-prone hand, it’s always hard to find the right grip while plenty of brands are available. Even so, things get worse as you have to consider durability, comfort, dryness, and cost.

In this case, to make it easy and simple, we made the shortest list of Tourna Grip Reviews that covered the entire feature that should have the best tennis grip. 

Tourna Grip is the name that always remains at the top of the list of professional choices for its high performance and best sweat-absorbed grip. Today we will review the Tourna Grip XL vs. XXL, which are different in size so you can get the most suited one.

Tourna Grip Review (xl vs XXL) for a Beginner:

TOURNA Grip XXL Tennis Grips

TOURNA Grip XXL Tennis Grips

The US-based this best Tourna grip xl original dry feel is the most popular grip among professionals. At the same time, it is a highly effective grip that keeps your hand dry if it is prone to sweat. Most importantly, it will get tricky if you sweat more. 

The best part of this grip is made from proprietary technology to allow moisture to wick moisture through the grip rather than back onto your hand. So, it prevents creating slippages. 

If you seek a grip that allows you not only for tennis but also for other outdoor games, including Baseball bats, Pickleball paddles, and Ping Pong Paddles, it will still be the right option. 

Besides, it’s a durable grip that tends to shed with use. Manufacturers especially offer this grip packed in a vinyl zipper pouch to remain secure in the tennis bag. At an affordable price, this blue color tourna grip will boost your confidence. The blue color is a Registered Trademark that you most notice in magazines and on TV. So professionally finding yourself will give you a better experience. 

So, this Tourna grip original overgrip will be a suitable option both for beginners and professionals at an affordable price.


  • Packed in a vinyl zipper pouch to ensure safe transport.
  • The more you sweat, the tackier it gets.
  • Ideal for tennis as well as other outdoor games.
  • Most popular grip among professional, amateur, and college players


  • High-performance grip
  • Durable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Affordable price


  • A bit hard to unravel

Verdict: This tourna grip is made with proprietary technology that will allow the grip to become tackier if you get more sweat. It will greatly help you to focus on the game instead of moisture.

Tourna Grip XL Tennis Grip

Tourna Grip XL Tennis Grip

With a small size, this tourna grip will be ideal for those who don’t want to go for a large pack. Even if you are a beginner and planning for a grip first time, this XL-size tourna grip will be the right option for you. It will allow you to check the grip at a low cost.

However, after getting the grip, you won’t need to consider other brands as you will become a fan of them. It’s a professional-grade mostly used US-based grip in the market. If you are looking for something that will be perfect for a warm to a hot and humid environment, you should try this tourna grip tape. 

With an effective sweat absorption feature, it will offer you a tacky and smooth handle so you can enjoy the game. Most importantly, American player John Isner, Hall of Famer Pete Sampras, and top Canadian Genie Bouchard used this tourna grip.

Even the manufacturer is offering a blue color grip that is a Registered Trademark still at a low cost. So, let’s get this XL size tourna grip if your hands sweat more and you want to enjoy a smooth game. If you are afraid about how long tourna grip last? It will last longer than the average quality grip.


  • It will get tackier if you sweat more
  • Help to feel dry
  • Most popular grip among professional to amateur
  • Ideal for a range of use including tennis, Baseball bats, Pickleball paddles, and more


  • Low cost
  • Durable
  • Smooth
  • High-performance grip


  • Some find it short for racket handles

Verdict: this tourna grip allows moisture to wick through the grip rather than back onto the hand and prevent slippage. So, no matter how much your hand sweats, you will have a smooth and tacky grip to enjoy the tennis game.

Consideration when choosing the Tourna grip xl vs XXL Buying Guide

Let’s discuss some features that should have in the tennis grip to be high quality,


It should have some amount of tack to feel confident. It is sticky. But if you talk about the best tennis grip, it will be much stickier than other brands. Besides, high tack will be essential if you need more traction and grip. However, some don’t like high-tack grips, but it will be a more necessary feature if you are in a hot or humid area. 

Textured surface

Lots of tennis grips are available in the market that comes with a textured surface to help grip. When balancing with high tack, this feature can greatly add to the grip’s overall traction, although it can also work alone quite well. It will be extra supportive if you have sweaty hands. Most importantly, a textured grip doesn’t become a sticky mess. However, it may be painful if it’s not moisture-wicking.

On the other hand, if you have a dry hand, you will get the benefits of both textured surface and high tack feature.

Moisture absorbency

A moisture-wicking grip is a much-needed feature if you have a sweaty hand or are playing in hot or humid conditions. A grip with moisture-absorbent is made with a layer of cotton to absorb sweat. Simultaneously, it assists in maintaining the traction of the grip.


What is the best tennis grip size?

Usually, the tennis grip size should drop between 4 inches and 4 5/8 inches. It is offering you the starting point to find the ideal grip size.

How long is a tennis grip size used by a professional? 

Most male professional players choose four 3/8-inch grips as they feel comfortable on them. On the other hand, women use four 1/4-inch grips.

Do you put an overgrip over the original grip?

Replacing a base grip can be a bit costly and difficult. As a result, players go for an overgrip! Players usually use it over the original base grip to offer a brand-new racket handle experience. If it gets worn, you can remove it easily and then replace it with a new overgrip.

Can I reuse Tourna Grip?

No, Tourna Grip is not designed to be reused after it has been applied to a racket handle.

Final words

We made the shortest list of Tourna Grip Reviews among huge brands of grip to offer you the best. Considering your needs, these two sizes of tourna grip are ready to serve you for years. With the most stylish look and favorite blue color, the brand has already done half the job. 

Let’s pick one grip among these two and go out to the tennis court for a professional-level experience. It won’t matter how much you sweat; you will have nothing but a smooth handle to enjoy hours. Finally, if you have enough budget, we recommend you get 30 packs XXL size tourna grip.