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vintage badminton rackets Review – pick by Expert anglers for 2022

If you are passionate about badminton but not on a professional level, these vintage badminton rackets would be a perfect choice. Its fine features offer the desired backyard badminton experience. The standard design maintains a unique style.

This wooden racket gives a strong nostalgic feeling. Great for family time as we almost get the same experience as our childhood while playing with these vintage rackets.

So If you’re planning to get a good badminton racket, then I’ll suggest this one from my top 5 list.

Vintage Badminton Racket Review :

Badminton is a classic sport played by people of all classes. Popularly played in the 1980’s it has a strong nostalgic connection. And a vintage wooden badminton racket is the perfect tool to give that experience.

There are many other vintage rackets available in the current market. But most of them are either for decoration or troublesome. But the Crown Sporting Goods Vintage Badminton Racket is exceptional.

The racket’s attractive appearance makes it stand out. The wonderful finish gives it an elite look. Its durability offers an effortless game with your loved ones.

Unlike other vintage rackets, this one is suitable for both playing and decoration. Its perfect balance between looks and performance will surely give other rackets tough competition.

Crown Sporting Goods Vintage Wooden Badminton Set

Crown Sporting Goods Vintage Wooden Badminton Set

As it’s already been stated, this classic badminton set is a perfect partner for non-professional players. Moreover, we can easily move this set with us because it’s a portable one. Because of its mobility, a friendly outdoor match can be easily arranged.

This racket’s handle is made out of mulberry wood. The curves are smooth, and it offers a good tennis overgrip. Also, the wooden handle is non-slippery. So it’s sturdy and comfortable to hold.

The low-tension gut strings have made this racket a flexible one to swish. The color seems to be long-lasting, so it’s guaranteed that the polish won’t fade away. So it can be said that the product materials are satisfactory.

This portable badminton set contains two nicely designed shuttlecocks. It comes with nice packaging. The finely crafted racket, the lightweight shuttlecocks, and the vintage box make the whole badminton set an amazing one.

If you’re planning to arrange a family get-together on a weekend or a fun afternoon with friends, this badminton set might come in handy. But in the case of professional matches, this vintage badminton racket won’t be the right choice.


  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Good grip
  • Comes with a nice packaging
  • Gives off a vintage vibe


  • Heavier than regular rackets
    • Water and sun exposure might affect the wood.

Consideration when choosing the vintage badminton rackets

You can find a huge variation of wooden badminton rackets on the current market. If you want more like a collectible piece, I suggest you go with this vintage wooden badminton racket, which is not for professional uses but ensures you have a fun and friendly playtime.

Before picking the right one, it’s better to have some knowledge about the product to make things easier. So, the information below would be a great help before buying the vintage wooden badminton racket.

Quality of wood:

The initial factor you seek in this wooden badminton racket is its wood quality, which has to be good. Water may cause damage to result in discoloration and breakage. Also, keeping it under direct sunlight or heat may result in wood damage.

The string material:

This product comes with nylon strings, which offer durability. If you’re a player who’s more into rough playing, you won’t find it durable, and it might get soft quickly too.

The grip:

This racket provides a standard-sized grip. The comfort may vary depending on the size of your hand. Also, Structural variation can make it heavy for you, so the sweet spot check is needed.


This wooden badminton racket has a considerable amount of weight for its customized designed body and handle. If you prefer a lighter racket, then it might not satisfy you with suitable performance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I’m just starting badminton, is this the right choice?

This is not a professional badminton set. While it looks and feels premium, it is more suitable for family-friendly games.

2. Is this item durable?

The handle is made out of firm wood, and the strings are fine nylon. The handle is non-slippery and has a good grip. Its materials seem well structured and long-lasting. Besides, wooden rackets are more eco-friendly than regular plastic ones.

3. Is this suitable for both children and adults?

As the racket is made out of wood, it may be too heavy for children. While on the other hand, adults can effortlessly handle their weight and enjoy playing badminton with this.


There are many concerns and confusions that may come to your mind when you think about vintage badminton rackets. But this very racket set will undoubtedly make your playing experience much more luxurious. Moreover, you can give this racket set as a birthday, graduation, or Christmas gift to your beloved. This gives you a chance to enjoy your family and friendly gatherings without your everyday devices. In conclusion, this racket will surely be a great choice if you are willing to experience old-school luxury in amateur badminton.

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