what is the height of a badminton net

what is the height of a badminton net – (badminton court size in feet) for 2022

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You have a craze for badminton, but you doubt the dimensions of the net. Now, what will you do? As you will not find the best feeling and will face other different problems while playing if you do not set the badminton net at the perfect height and width.

And the net is one of the most important tools for playing badminton, and so its dimension is also important. 

 So, in this article, I will answer this question, what is the height of a badminton net? And I will explain the sizes in both meters and feet so that you can fix your measurement quickly.

What is the height of a badminton net size in feet

If you measure your court size in feet, then it is better to use feet when you measure your badminton racket net.


  • Width: 20 ft
  • Height at the posts: 5 ft and 1 inch
  • Height at the center: 5ft
  • Net height: 2ft and 6 inch

Here, you will find white tape at the top of the net as a cover. Its width is 1.5 inches on both sides of the net. And the thickness of the mesh would be in the range of 9/16” to 13/16’’.

Court size in feet

In feet, the court measurement is –

  • Width- 20 ft
  • Length- 44ft

These dimensions are for the full court (if you play double). If you want to play singles, the width will be 17 ft. But in both the length is the same. And according to the court width, the width of the net is also reduced.

Badminton net size in meters

Badminton net size in meters

This measurement is for the court, which is measured in meters.


  • Width- 6.1 meters
  • Height at the posts: 1.55 meters
  • Height at the center: 1.524 meters
  • Net height: 0.76 meters

And the total width of the white tape is 75 millimeters. This tape is doubled over the top. So, there will be 37.5 millimeters on each side. And the thickness of the mesh is 15 to 20 millimeters.

Court size in meter

  • Width- 6.1 meters
  • Length- 13.4 meters

These measurements are for the doubles play. If you want a court for singles, then the width will reduce to 5.18 meters, and the length will remain the same as before. And according to the court width, the width of the net is also reduced. 

  • Your net mesh color should be dark and should be made of a fine cord. Here, color is important because the difference in color with the perfect contrast will make the white tape easily and more visible. 
  • When you are attaching the net with the post, you should remind that there is no gap between them.
  • The posts should be perfectly vertical. And the post and the object which give support to it should not extend into the court beyond the side-line.
  • You can use sets according to the environment. If you want to play indoors, you can buy indoor badminton nets. This kind of net eliminates the effect of wind on the shuttlecock. Or you can use outdoor nets ( made from high-quality, heavy-duty, and durable material, and with this kind of net, you can play in all seasons) or portable badminton nets if you want to move your net frequently without sacrificing quality.

Different Types of Badminton Nets

Three types of badminton net:

Indoor Badminton Nets:

Outdoor Badminton Nets

These nets are intended for use in indoor badminton courts because they remove the effect of wind on the shuttlecock. It is more attractive because it is simple to set up. Guy wires are not utilized in the pole installation, and the accessories are easy to steady in the indoor court. It has a weighted T-bar mechanism for stability and may be set up on any level of the surface.

Outdoor Badminton Nets:

Outdoor Badminton Nets

Outdoor nets are comprised of high-quality, heavy-duty, and long-lasting materials for use on an outdoor court. To install the poles, place stakes into the ground and insert the posts into the earth. For your outdoor court, you should purchase an extra replaceable badminton set. Outdoor nets are the best investment for staying active and energized in all seasons.

Portable Badminton Nets

Portable Badminton Nets

These nets are designed to be easily uprooted and moved without sacrificing stability. Portable nets, like outdoor badminton nets, must be fixed onto the ground. The net is constructed of high-quality vinyl or nylon strands that are stable and durable in all seasons. The portable badminton set has two posts, a net, and weights or anchors to keep the net upright. The badminton nets are inexpensive and easy to set up and transport.

Are Badminton Nets and Volleyball Nets the Same Height?

No, the nets for badminton and volleyball are not the same size. To begin, the standard volleyball net height is 7 feet, 11 5/8 inches, or 2.43 meters (the same as for standing impaired men’s volleyball teams). This is in comparison to badminton, which requires only a little more than five feet of height. A volleyball court is also wider, which means the net is wider as well. See if you can play badminton on a volleyball court for additional details.


How long is the badminton net?

Ans: A badminton net is generally 20ft or 6.1 meters long.

What is the height of the net on the badminton court?

Ans: The total height of a badminton court is 44 ft or 13.4 meters

What is the regulation height of the badminton net in feet and inches?

Ans: The height of the badminton net is 5 ft and 1 inch and 1.55 meters. 1.55 meters.


In this post, you have cleared your confusion about the height of the badminton net. The height of the net is an important factor in this game. If you don’t set the height correctly, then you will undoubtedly face some problems while playing, especially when serving and smashing. So, for a game of perfect tennis overgrip game, you must ensure the dimensions. It might be best if you also took a durable, high-quality weatherproof badminton net for having a better game. 

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