Where Are Solinco Strings Made? Discovering the Location in 2023

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Solinco is one of the popular brands for racquet strings. The brand brings about some high-quality tennis strings for beginners to intermediate players

Solinco offers a good blend of control and power in its strings. It is suitable for maximum ball bite. Solinco Sports is the designer and manufacturer of these tennis strings. The Solinco strings are designed, engineered, and made in Los Angeles, CA. 

However, it is important to inspect the brand overview before buying. Read the article to know where are Solinco strings made and how is their performance.

Where Are Solinco Strings Made?

Solinco Sports is the designer and manufacturer of these tennis strings, and it is mainly a US-based company. The Solinco strings are designed and engineered in Loa Angeles, CA. The brand entered the market in 2011 and became one of the most popular ones in a short time. The products are ranked for their most innovative design and engineered performance. 

Solinco also produces and develops high-quality and technologically advanced tennis equipment in the market, including a Solinco racquet, grip, and other accessories. Its extensive technical team has experience of over 30 years. The brand focuses on breakthrough technologies and the development of high-performing products. 

SportMe and Co Pty Ltd of Australia and New Zealand are also part of Solinco Sports. They together make a privileged position to support tennis players who strive for their dreams. Solinco strings are made through a lengthy process of trial and error. In turn, a player can reach the utmost performance in every competitive situation. 

Are Solinco strings good?

Solinco is dedicated to providing premium strings in the market. The innovative design is the core reason for their success in this competitive market. Their cutting-edge tennis strings continue to provide high performance and help you to stay one step ahead of the competition. 

The Solinco strings are finished with a lot of research, development, and testing. They are perfect in square shape and have four grippy edges that are suitable for maximum ball bite. As a result, you get full accuracy on your full swings of the racquet. 

The strings are made of high-quality poly material that delivers a fast and considerable pace on your serving. They offer a good blend of control and power. Using the strings, you will get a positive impact every time you play. 

Types of Solinco tennis strings 

Solinco has a wide range of tennis equipment. In the strings category, the brand produces four types of strings.


This is the most selling category of the brand. The Solinco Hyper-G is the most popular string in the market. The strings feature a new chemical formula, a combination of high-powered polyester and filament fiber. 


This category is well-known for its high-performing and versatile usage. The strings have a unique construction where the core is Du Pont High Modulus polyamide multifilament with resin finish. This blend offers improved touch and control. 


: Multifilament strings are arm-friendly and provide a superior feel and control. They are designed to produce extreme power, bite, and intense spin.


These strings offer you unbeatable all-around playability. Their feel and durability of them provide enhanced and high permanence. The strings are designed with a central power core encapsulated, featuring multi-fibres for versatile combination. 


How long does Hyper-G last?

The longevity of the Hyper-G depends on your playing skill and condition. Mostly, the strings go 3-4 weeks or more. However, the strings provide the expected comfort that you always desire. 

Who uses Solinco?

Many professionals use the Solinco tennis accessories, including Kevin Kim, Cecil Mamiit, Lester Cook, and Leonardo Tavares. Players who focus on competition and high performance can adopt Solinco products to get the highest level of bite, spin, and power. 

What is the most popular tennis string on tour?

Polyester strings are the most popular type of strings on tour amongst professional players. They are strong, durable, and deliver the utmost control. Even a low-power swing can deliver a heavy topspin.  

Final Words

Strings are very important for high-performing tennis play. A serious player should replace the racquet’s strings regularly. Solinco is a very good option for replacing strings at an affordable price range. The durability, control, spin, and ball bite of the strings will improve your game. 

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