Which side of Tourna grip to use for tennis? Latest Ultimate Guide for 2023

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Overgrip is an excellent addition to your racket. At present, the Tourna grip is accepted as the most prolific overgrips. If you visit pro tours, you can see it is endorsed by tennis legends like Dominic Thiem, John Isner, and a few more names.

If you are using it for the first time, you may be confused about which side of Tourna grip to use. Many beginner-level players often have this issue. In this post, you can easily crack this issue. Also, you can know about related question-answers on this problem.  

Which Side Of Tourna Grip To Use?

After buying a brand-new racket, you must want a true grip that won’t let you down when it starts to get sweaty. But which putting grip should I use? There are a few overgrip options out there, you can get a quality one from Tourna.   

The grips that have only one side to use come with a little adhesive tag on the end to ensure the side should be inside. Some overgrips are designed to use both sides, and some are not. So it gets misleading which side of the tennis grip goes on the racket. 

If you are using Tourna grip on your racket, then the side of the plastic covering strip is supposed to be on the outside of the racket. This is the quick answer for standard usage of the Tourna grip

Most overgrips have this rule. But in the case of this Tourna overgrip, players can use both sides and they work incredibly. You may ask which side Tourna grip is more effective and comfortable. Well, it depends on how you feel. 

Most pro players prefer the side that is designed for use on the outside. But if you feel that the opposing side is more comfortable. nothing can stop you. Go ahead with any side that you prefer.  

Drawbacks of using the opposing side

Tourna overgrip is a reliable option while playing tennis. This gear is so popular among players for its dry feel. If your hands get sweaty then this grip is an ideal option. 

There is another selling point that is that the overgrip is designed to use both sides. It is fine if you use the side that is designed for the outside. If you use the opposing side, certainly you will have some drawbacks. For example 

  • Both sides have a dry feel but they are not the same. Most people certainly notice a difference in feel. For instance, the opposing side is softer than the plastic-covered side. But the plastic-covered side gets softer after use and it becomes a true grip. 
  • If you wish to use the same grip by flipping over, it looks fairly new but you won’t have the same feel as a new grip. This feels more when the outside is already worn out. For a better feel, you need to buy a new one. 

Tourna Grip is not the most durable option and it tends to be worn out and torn. If you want to use both sides of the grip, then you should flip it sooner rather than wait for worn-out outside. If you flip the grip after falling apart from the outside, then the newer part won’t be very effective.  

Moreover, use a band rather than the sticky tape that comes with the grip. It will make it suitable to flip over well. Tourna grip always gives a dry feel when the handle of the racket becomes tacky for sweat. The grip has sweat absorption properties and works effectively. It is a great thing that whatever side you are using; you will get the maximum dry feel that will improve your game.  

Does It Matter Which Side Uses Tourna Grip?

Yes, it matters which side of the Tourna Grip you use. The Tourna Grip is a type of overgrip designed to improve grip and reduce sweat on a tennis racket handle. It is made from a thin, stretchy material that is applied over the top of the racket handle.

There are two sides to the Tourna Grip: a rough side and a smooth side. The rough side is designed to provide a more secure grip on the racket handle, while the smooth side is designed to be more comfortable and reduce hand fatigue.

When applying the Tourna Grip to your racket, it is important to determine which side is best for you based on your personal preferences and playing style. If you have sweaty hands or prefer a more secure grip, you may want to use the rough side. On the other hand, if you have sensitive skin or prefer a more comfortable grip, you may want to use the smooth side.

You Can Use Both Sides of Tourna Grips:

The two sides aren’t similar:

Both sides of the Tourna grip have a dry feel, but they aren’t quite the same in that respect. It’s doubtful that almost all people would notice a change, but for a few, it may be enough to cause concern.

Not the same as a brand-new grip:

When you turn the grip over, it will feel like a fresh grip, but it won’t feel like a completely new grip, particularly if the first side is quite worn.

Your replacement grip might be damaged by the dirty side:

If you flip the overgrip, the worn side will be pushed up against your new grip, which might cause some issues.

Flipping a Tourna Grip sooner rather than later is recommended if you want to utilize both sides. In my experience, Tourna Grips aren’t the most long-lasting grips on the market. Even the new side will be useless if the grip begins to break down.

The sticky tape included with the grip may not hold up well after two applications, so you may want to consider using a band instead. A band will make it simpler to turn the grip over.


Which side of the tennis grip goes on the racket?

The plastic-covered side of the tennis grip will be on the outside of the racket and the non-plastic side will go down on the racket. In the case of the Tourna grip, you can use both sides. 

Which pros use the Tourna grip   

Tourna grip has become more popular among tennis pros. For example John Isner, Brain Brothers, Pete Sampras, and Dominic Thiem. 

Why is Tourna’s grip good?

Tourna Grip is the preferred overgrip by the tennis legends. The main reason is its dry feel. It prevents slipping when your hand is sweaty. Moreover, you can use both sides of the grip, which is another plus point of the Tourna grip. 

Final Words

After walking through the article, you must understand which side of Tourna’s grip goes down. On the side where is attached a plastic cover, put the side on the outside of the racket. However, when you are using Tourna grip, it would be best to do an experiment and find out which side works for you.   

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