Why Are Female Tennis Players Fat? for 2023

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Why are female tennis players so big? Female tennis players may appear to be overweight due to differences in body composition, as they typically have a slightly higher percentage of body fat compared to males, which can make their muscles more defined. However, it is important to note that body fat percentage does not solely determine athletic performance.

Junior female tennis players who have good body shape may have more curiosity to know can tennis players be fat. Here we disclose the facts about why are female tennis players fat. Let’s find it out. 

Why Are Female Tennis Players Fat?

Female Tennis Players Fat

Overages, tennis, and its rules have developed. There are many changes in racquet technology and training methodologies. Now you can observe much improvement. The sport becomes faster, there is no denying that strokes and points are shorter. No doubt, players are trained to gain more power, and this is a big reason why tennis players are not skinny. 

Female tennis players are hit to racquets hard to be seen lifting weights to gain more strength and energy. Coaches are influenced to deliver short and explosive drills rather than long movements or slow runs. This training has brought a significant change in body types. 

There are many fat female tennis players like Jelena Dokic, Lindsay Davenport, Serena Williams, and Oder Perra Kvitova but they still earn grand slams. But the strength coaches refer to that fat weight as a “dead weight“. An overweight body cannot serve an excellent athletic performance. 

What is the typical body fat range for female tennis players?

Body fat percentage measurement depends on both required body fat and depository fat. Required body fat is the fundamental part of your body. This fat maintains the body’s functions properly, such as nerve materials, rib marrow, brain tissue, and other organs. 

On the other hand, storage fat means it is not essential, and it can be said to be an energy reserve. When people don’t burn the energy that they eat, the body reserves the excess energy. This energy can break down later when the body needs it. 

American Council on Exercise (ACE) has shown the most common body fat percentage where the essential fat range is 10-13% for females. There is also a measurement for female athletic players fat range, which is 14-20%. So you can see the actual reason why female tennis players are fat. To be athletic, the female player needs more fat than essential body fat. 

Though females need extra effort, it is not ideal for gaining excess weight. If the player has less weight, then they can move around the court more quickly. You can make more movements in a short time. 

However less body fat indicates poor joint health, and there is less capability of endurance of shock. In turn, poor health increases the risk of injuries. As accidents may happen in tennis sports, the player should have a flexible joint.

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What is the best height for tennis?

You will find height differences between men and women. For women’s tennis players, the best height is 5’8” – 6”. The best height for men is one or two inches above six feet. 

Are tennis players skinny?

Most of the time, women tennis players have more weight than men. But there are also skinny players like Ashleigh Barty who has a skinny body. 

Why Do Female Tennis Players Wear Such Short Skirts?

Female tennis players wear short skirts for comfort and freedom of movement on the court. The skirts often have built-in compression shorts for added support. They also wear specially designed shorts underneath to hold the tennis balls.


There are a lot of female tennis players who have fat bodies. Behind their body shape, the reason is players need to gain more power to make effective shots. After reading the article, you must satisfy your curiosity.

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  1. I asked why are tennis players so fat after retirement. Do they stop exercise and being fit. Helena jokovich is so fat. Why A?


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