Yonex astrox 99 review

Yonex astrox 99 reviews (4u) full Specification Expert buying guide for 2022

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Yonex astrox badminton racket is a blessing for worldwide badminton players. It is the most updated version of this brand, and it is designed with advanced technology.

Yonex astrox is the most reliable racket for professional players. It comes with everything you may require in Badminton. Besides, Yonex astrox 99 is budget-friendly. But how to get details on it? Don’t worry. My Yonex astrox 99 reviews can help you to get a real racket.

In this guide, you can find out the advantages, disadvantages, and great features of the Yonex racket. Read this guide to the end to know more secrets.

YONEX Astrox 99 Badminton Racket Review:

YONEX Astrox 99 Badminton Racke

Yonex is a premium badminton racket that can face all challenges. Its construction style and design are admirable. Likewise, Yonex is credible for several years’ durability. Also, its features will fascinate you. So, let’s know what I feel about this top-rated Yonex astrox 99Icw.

At the very first, I would say about the impressive look. There has a nice black and orange colour combination around the racket head. An orange colour shaft goes into the black, and then the black moving into the orange. Also, the shiny finish around the racket, head, and handle make it excellent.

Hence, Yonex has great power. However, the user should be used to operate this racket. You have to provide enough strength. Also, good to know the swing methods. When we compared the astrox 99 vs. 88d, the Yonex head can provide a more nice and crispy shot.

The racket head comes with more flexibility. Because there has less carbon in the shaft construction. As a result, Yonex can control the speed best as well as it can perform best. Then there have 3U/G5, 4U/G5 weights available. But the most popular is 3U/G5.

Overall, I am thankful to the Yonex brand for this nice racket. And I strongly suggest it for the expert level player.


  • A new racket shape provides the best flexibility in the shaft to reduce the twisting.
  • The rotational generator system distributed the weight through the frame, top, grip, and joint.
  • The nanometric system can increase carbon fiber bonding to increase strength.
  • Black and silver combined color through the frame increase beauty.
  • It has an energy boost cap to ensure a wider and flexible shaft.
  • The isometric racket head ensures a more efficient shot in the larger sweet spot.
  • Built-in T-joint comes with more stability and durability.
  • The solid core can create vibration and reduce player activity.  

Yonex astrox 99 specifications:

  • Dimension: 26.77 x 9.06 x 1.18 inches
  • Weight: 5.29 Ounces
  • Grip size: 4 5/8 inches
  • Material: Graphite
  • Color: sunshine orange and sapphire navy


  • Included a full-length and nice-looking racket cover
  • It is 60% less weight than a general racket.
  • Available different size of grips
  • It has high tension support.


  • You may require a long time to operate it correctly.

Why you should buy a Yonex astrox 99 racket

Although Yonex is a trusted racket for best performance, you need to know why to buy a Yonex Badminton racket. Here I figure out some crucial points for you. You can get more ideas to buy the right Yonex racket.


It is a new technology that is created from the combination of graphite fibre and resin. As a result, the shaft can be flexed and can store energy. So, you will get huge energy during the shuttlecock. So, having a Named technology is a unique sign of a good product.

Solid feel core:

A solid feel core is a solution for reducing vibration. And when the shuttle comes to the touch of a racket, then it slightly vibrated. But the solid feel core can reduce the frame vibration. As a result, user errors reduce. Likewise, it increases the better performance.


Stiffness refers to bending ability. More stiffness means less flexibility. It is recommended to pick up a Badminton racket with lower stiffness. In this case, Yonex is providing standard stiffness. So, it would help if you went with it. You can compare the astrox 99 vs z force 2. The main difference is that astrox 99 comes with flex stiffness. On the other hand, the z force 2 comes with additional flex stiff.


If you compare the astrox 99 racket price with a traditional racket then you will be amazed. Because Yonex astrox 99 price is very reasonable.

yonex astrox 99 review


1) Is Astrox 99 good for doubles?

No, it is quite good for a single person attack. But it is difficult for doubles. From the Yonex astrox 88d review, I learn 88d will be a good choice to attack from the court’s backside.

2) Is Astrox 99 good?

Yes, it is good when you will go for hitting the clear. Then it will provide a nice and crisp shot. However, you need to apply more strength to hit with astrox 99 whereas the 88d is easier to hit with less strength.

3) Which is better 3u or 4u?

Both are better from different aspects. For example, 3u is better for easier operating and defending. On the other hand, 4u is better for solid construction and power.

4) Is Yonex made in China?

Good to know the low-quality Yonex are made in china. On the other hand, the mid-quality Yonex racket is made in Taiwan. And the high-quality Yonex rackets are made from Japan.

Final words:

Lastly, I would say astrox made my pleasure on the playing field. Considering all of the unique features, it is a powerful racket. However, only one thing to keep in mind is that you would take a few times to adjust to it. I hope you have gained an over idea from this Yonex astrox 99 review. I recommend this for expert badminton players because it would be a tricky task for the beginner.

Also, follow the buying guide when deciding to buy this racket. Do you want to know more? Or want to suggest anything? Let me know to update my review.

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