Can Badminton Players Play Tennis? for 2023

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Badminton and tennis are both racquet-based games. Since both sports seem similar but there are many differences. So it is an obvious question can badminton players play tennis? 

Yes, badminton players are likely to achieve the techniques of tennis quickly. But they need a lot of adjustments. Some badminton techniques are related to tennis, like footwork and some serving shots. This is the reason a badminton player can adopt tennis techniques much quicker than a newbie.

When badminton players want to play tennis, they consider the below facts. Let’s hop into the content.

Can Badminton Players Play Tennis: Key Differences

Equipment Differences

Players use a racquet in both badminton and tennis but there is a big difference in their racquets. Further, there are also weight differences between the shuttle and tennis balls. 

Tennis racquets weights about 285 to 300 gm, while badminton racquets weights about 80 to 95 gm. So a badminton racquet is more than 3 times lighter. When badminton players hold the racquet for the first time, they cannot use it properly and firmly. 

Obviously, a shuttlecock used in badminton is much lighter than a tennis ball. If you compare the weight, it will be about 4.74 to 5.5 gm for a shuttlecock and 56 to 59.4 gm for a tennis ball. 

A badminton player will find it hard while start tennis, so a tennis player. Because their arm and muscle memory are built to hit the shot in a particular way. 

Strength and Stamina

Whatever the sport is, you will require stamina to thrive. For instance, you will need more arm and forearm strength to play tennis. On the other hand, badminton players use more wrist strength. Each game requires stamina in its own way to last the whole game. 

Many think that badminton requires less stamina than tennis as the equipment is lighter. But this mindset is wrong. Players need to hit hard to fly the shuttle faster, and they get less time to rest, which is about 5 seconds. On the other hand, tennis also requires arm strength.  


Both games have some similar footwork, but there is still variation in most cases. Players make short bursts of chasse in badminton, live jumping, and some running. Mostly, tennis players need to run, slide and do some chasse movements. When badminton players transitions to tennis, it will take time to adopt footwork. 


Badminton and tennis have similar shot names, and they have the same purpose. However, the way of hitting is not identical. When you serve a tennis shot, you need to focus on your forearm movement. You must hold the racquet with enough grip and stroke quickly, and accurately with enough power. This is the hardest part of adapting when a badminton player starts playing tennis. Further, a badminton player needs to learn some new shots like forehand/backhand. 

On the contrary, if you ask whether tennis players play badminton, we will say of course, but they need to know the wrist usage for precisely hitting the shuttle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is tennis easy for badminton players?

Since there are many differences between tennis and badminton, it won’t be that easy for badminton players to play tennis. They need to practice properly and gain tennis game’s skills and techniques.  

Can you play both tennis and badminton?

You can’t play both tennis and badminton because you can’t maintain a good balance over your hand. Badminton players use their wrists the most. Due to the heavy weight of the tennis racquet, tennis players need to keep their wrists firm. 

Should I play tennis or badminton?

No matter whether you choose tennis or badminton, you need to learn various techniques, serving, various strokes, and practice to improve in the game. Both games require speed, agility, and explosive power. But tennis is a more popular sport than badminton in the world. So you better choose one of them according to your passion. 

Do badminton skills transfer to tennis? 

Some skills like smash touch in badminton can transfer to tennis. Otherwise, footwork, hand movement, and shots serving are different in each sport. 

Final Words 

Badminton players can play tennis, but that’s not mean they will be experts quickly. They must go through proper practice and learning processes to be experts in the game. It is true that badminton players can easily adapt to the techniques.  

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